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Southeast Loop By Motorbike – Ho Chi Minh Escape Loop

Southeast Loop By Motorbike

Introduction This is the Southeast loop by motorbike you want to do if you want to get away from the congested major routes and visit mountains and beaches close to Saigon. Both Dalat and Mui Ne may be reached through calm, picturesque backroads that travel along barren areas of coastline and then ascend towering mountain […]

No Route Like Mekong Motorbike Loop

Mekong Motorbike Loop

Introduction Mekong Motorbike Loop is a lifetime experience for any motorcyclist who loves the great rural landscape in Asia. Like rice paper sheets, the Mekong Delta is mostly flat. However, the western side near the Cambodian border, our favorite part of the area, is fortunate to have some high land.  A little mountain range in […]

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike

Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike

Introduction “Why travel Vietnam by motorbike” is likely a catchy title every time summer comes. Speaking of Vietnam, do you think about visiting the gorgeous pagodas, enjoying the street cafes, entering street markets, and taking a stroll around the lake?  With your motorbike, you can do everything and go anywhere you like. The locals are […]

Hai Van Pass Motorbike Route: Stunning and Poetic Landscape

Hai Van Pass Motorbike Route

Introduction Hai Van pass is a unique and stunning tourist site on the north-south national route. It is best known as the highest pass in Vietnam. No wonder Hai Van pass motorbike route is a hot potato regarding motorbike travelling to-do list.  However, there are probably many people who have not heard about Hai Van […]

The Best Motorbike Rental In Hanoi – A Full-Detailed Guidelines

Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

One of the most interesting things to Hanoi’s travelers is to discover the locals’ pace, beautiful alleys, spectacular sightseeing, etc., by motorbike. Ideally, many agencies offer motorcycle services to fulfill visitors’ needs. In reality, thanks to the diversity of this service, it leads to a more competitive and affordable price for the customers. In this […]

Off-road Saigon to Dalat- Detailed Guide For Enjoying Life!

Off-road Saigon to Dalat

Introduction Are you a lover of adventure through challenging off-road rides? Are you passionate about exploring the poetic natural landscape of Vietnam, but your vacation time is only two days? Don’t worry because we will provide you with an off-road Saigon to Dalat motorbike tour with the most specific route!  Once you join this Southern […]

Should We Drive Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh?

ho chi minh to hanoi or hanoi to ho chi minh 3

Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi Or Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh Overview The most well-known motorcycle trip route in Vietnam is probably driving from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi or from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. It is well-liked for a reason. You will travel hundreds of kilometers on highways between these two locations, traversing […]

Saigon Loop Motorbike Tours – Suggest The Ideal Route

Saigon Loop Motorbike Tours

Intro Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon (Vietnam) is the political, cultural, and economic center. With both ancient and modern beauty, this 300-year-old city is an attractive destination for many tourists, especially backpackers. So what will be in Saigon loop motorbike tours? Scroll down to get the answer. Saigon Loop Motorbike Tours Highlight Saigon is […]

Off-Road And Enduro Motorbike Riding In South Vietnam

Off road

Intro All of the off-road motorcycle trips I took in Vietnam’s South are detailed in this blog. After years of route research, hopefully, these maps will encourage more people to see Vietnam’s magnificent land outside the usual tourist destinations.  If you find it hard to tackle these maps, we are here to provide you with […]

Ho Chi Minh Road Motorbike Guide- 2 Ideal Travel Plans For You To Follow

Ho Chi Minh Road Motorbike Guide

Introduction If you are looking for an ideal road to challenge mixed terrain driving, the Ho Chi Minh road will certainly be an ideal choice to satisfy your passion. Due to its no specific “beginning” and “end” points, this road promises to bring you exciting experiences through interesting history and poetic scenery. However, traveling on […]