Da Nang Motorbiking To Hanoi – The Best Route

Da Nang Motorbiking To Hanoi

Da Nang Motorbiking To Hanoi – The Best Route

This region of the S-shaped land is the greatest in the nation when considering the scenery, the climate, and the general exhilaration of riding a motorcycle on a lonely mountain road. 

It keeps its status as one of the greatest roads in the world, earning fame from TV programs like the BBC program, Top Gear: Vietnam Special.

When it comes to Da Nang motorbiking to Hanoi, there are two major motorways: the Ho Chi Minh Trail and The Hải Vân Pass. The sector includes four destinations regarding tourism:

  • Hoi An: One of the most popular destinations in the nation.
  • Danang: Vietnam’s most worthwhile location for a home.
  • Phong Nha: The place where the largest cave in Vietnam and the world is located.
  • Ninh Binh: An inland recreation of Ha Long Bay. Inland Halong Bay.

In addition, the route has Mai Chau, a rare yet worthwhile town that is a decent substitute for Ninh Binh.

Da Nang Motorbiking To Hanoi - The Best Route
Green Summer ride in northwest Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh trail is listed on Vietnam’s Riding Da Nang to Hanoi Best routes for the typical motorcycle rider. 

A spectacular mix of off-road riding, breathtaking scenery, dense woods, and amazing straightaways that span mountains. Most of the route is made of concrete and has enough room for one automobile to travel down it. 

A staggering variety of road sizes, hairpin turns, and far straightaways make for a ton of fun. For the cultural enthusiast, there is enough activity value to be found as you ride through the breathtaking countryside and observe the minority settlements going about their everyday lives.

Ho Chi Minh Trail
Amazing Vietnam Coastal ride along HCM trail

Hai Van Pass, Top Gear Vietnam Special Part

The Hai Van Pass connects Hoi An and the historic Hue city, which is the most well-known motorcycle route in S-shaped land.

Plus point

  • Simple and approachable (about 4 hours)
  • The Hai Van Pass was highly advertised on the BBC program, Top Gear: Vietnam Special.
  • Rental agencies offering incredibly low rates who only operate along this route
  • A beautiful landscape with mountains and sea on either side.

Minus point

  • Overrated. The other route, which is detailed below, is significantly more picturesque.
  • Plenty of non-driving tourists (including Vietnamese). 
  • Risky road because there are trucks over the mountain pass too
  • Highway access from and to the pass is abundant.
  • Short distance
Hai Van Pass, Top Gear Vietnam Special Part
Da Nang beach near Hai Van pass mountain in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

A Substitute For The Hai Van Pass

QL14H – the connection between Ho Chi Minh Route to Danang. The road prepares the motorcyclist for a desolate portion along the Hai Van Pass that runs near the Laos boundary. The route is a two-lane highway in excellent condition. 

You will unlikely encounter another vehicle on the route for the whole of your trip, as it’s almost absurd that most visitors overlook this area of perfection to observe the relatively ordinary Hai Van Pass. To be honest, it is a much better option than the Hai Van Pass.

A Substitute For The Hai Van Pass
US Army Chinook Helicopter at Khe Sanh Combat Base – Quang Tri, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Trail – The Road Connects Khe Sanh And Prao

Hue/ Hoi An should be the point of departure or end of this stretch of road. To link the shore to the highlands, follow the path of Ql49 or the Ql14G. 

It is crucial to seek to use Khe Sanh regardless of the chosen route. The location will be the overnight spot connecting point to Phong Nha.

Most people choose not to follow the route of Khe Sanh, as they normally turn around at areas like Prao. In particular, the distance between the popular tourist destinations of Hoi An and Phong Nha would take too long.

With a primarily two-lane expressway, this portion of the Ho Chi Minh route offers a wonderful and constant ride. 

The villages and towns on this path make for fantastic viewing with the volleyball and soccer fields right next to the route – it is indeed the nicest route for admiring rural the S shape of land’s life.

Ho Chi Minh Trail - The Road Connects Khe Sanh And Prao
Hanging bridge with a view of green water stream in Phong Nha, Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Trail – The Road Connects Phong Nha And Khe Sanh

It is a long trip of about 220 kilometers and 8 hours since there are no rest stops along this road. 

Riding one of the world’s greatest highways effectively, though, is the prize. The scenic single-track route is most clearly intended for adventurous travelers. 

Hundreds of curves will wear out the arms and shoulders of even experienced motorcycle riders when you finish the road. 

In fact, few people have the guts to complete one of the most challenging Vietnam Motorbike Routes. Some will struggle and retreat to the close and narrow roadway and shore.

We advise getting started in the morning and maintaining a steady speed during the day since this route must be handled carefully. It is simple to be distracted by snapping pictures, but this route is amazing from beginning to end and needs to be driven all the way through.

Ho Chi Minh Trail - The Road Connects Phong Nha And Khe Sanh
Ho Chi Minh road, old Highway in Vietnam, Quang Binh

The Road Connects Ha Noi And Phong Nha

This portion of the roadway is quite flat and open and moves quickly. It’s still an empty road and getting there is not too difficult – a protracted, dull, and extremely easy drive down the highway.

When grazing through magnificent paddy fields, there might be some stunning landscape you want to capture. The road’s sheer length & ease of travel pose the biggest issues.

Phong Nha cave- Ninh Binh – Hanoi

Staying on the QL routes is the best option for you to complete this route. 

It takes two days of driving to get to Ninh Binh. The commute out and in of the Vietnamese capital, which encompasses Ninh Binh – is the most congested and dangerous in the nation. 

Once you put your feet in the first capital of Vietnam, you will feel it is worth the challenge.

Phong Nha cave- Ninh Binh - Hanoi
Boat trip on Ngo Dong river in Tam Coc, Vietnam. Silhouette view from inside a cave

Phong Nha cave – Mai Chau valley- Hanoi

Staying near the Laos boundary will maintain the motorist on a peaceful and wide roadway. The CT 08 exit/entrance to Hanoi is the simplest city route in the nation to navigate. 

The CT 08 road also takes the motorist to the picturesque village of Mai Chau. It seems not to be affected by tourists. 

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Nevertheless, the region’s most underrated and well-kept secret place is Pu Luong, which we rank among the most beautiful places we have ever witnessed. Suppose you’ve made it this far; congratulations on discovering the secret best route to ride in Vietnam.

It takes approximately 2.5 days to drive from Mai Chau to Phong Nha. Even if you are a seasoned rider, you can not finish it in one day.

The mission is to seek a sleeping spot when your focus span and attention start to wane while driving down the tedious highway. The S-shaped land is a beautiful country. 

Thus this segment shouldn’t be viewed as “poor.” The route is properly “the worst” in Vietnam, yet most visitors will be adequately happy. You all will find that feeling; that is the interesting thing about Vietnam motorbike tours.

Phong Nha cave - Mai Chau valley- Hanoi
Scenic Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh province

Central Vietnam Weather

Vietnam’s most commonly affected region by storms is the area from Danang (Middle region) to the capital – Hanoi. The cyclone season lasts from September through December. 

Although it can rain quite heavily, yet, the Vietnamese will start cleaning up floods as well as other damage soon. The longest driving delay is about two days.

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Each day of the journey may potentially bring rain. The situation would be very unfortunate. If the motorists wear the appropriate rain gear, the tropical riding should be amusing enough.

As this stretch is sufficiently hilly, you will never feel hot. A T-shirt and jeans are appropriate outerwear for almost every time. We have never experienced extreme heat or cold in this region when traveling normally.

Central Vietnam Weather
Summer Scenic Area on the Sea of Danang beach in Vietnam


That is about Da Nang motorbiking to Hanoi. We hope all the information will help you find the fittest route on your next motorbike journey in Vietnam. 

Vietnam has a huge historical story in every kilometer that you pass by. Not only the vegetational cover but the people, the road itself will blow your mind when you experience the atmosphere there. Follow our blog for more interesting information! 

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