Expecting The Unexpected In Vietnam Bike Tours

Expecting The Unexpected In Vietnam Bike Tours expecting the unexpected in vietnam bike tours 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours


Are you looking for something out of your traveling norm? Vietnam bike tours can create exciting experiences. 

The spectacular roads and this country’s beautiful nature will leave a deep impression. You do not feel framed from the common routines of the expected trip. 

When traveling across Vietnam, all you can expect is the unexpected. It means fun is waiting! So, what are you waiting for?

Scenic view in Phong Nam, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam

The Joy Of Traveling By Motorbike In Vietnam

Shelly & Dean Colorado bikers ( USA ) near Bamboo Ferry in Ha Giang
  • Thrilling Experiences

If you want to have a touch and feel of Vietnam, there is no better way of riding motorbikes! 

Riding motorcycles is electrifying to people from nations where cars are common vehicles! 

It does not cool you down with an air-conditioner of a car or airplane. The natural winds bring authenticity and liberty. The heat of this tropical country can burn all the boredom! 

  • Admiring The Landscape

The scenery of this country is so breathtaking that you might not miss a moment of witnessing it!

Riding scooters or motorbikes enables you to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes with your eyes, not through a window car!

Capturing the moments locates your mind. It helps you taste every emotion and creates long-lasting memories. 

  • Complete Freedom

The mountain routes call for an open mind with a thirst to obtain new experiences.

No more following the tight routines of a common traveling trip; you have the liberty to design experiences you love to have. 

  • Making New Friends

People with a passion for motorcycles usually travel with their friends. The tours with the club members strengthen their fellowships.

There are also chances to meet other motorcycle clubs traveling to the same place. It is fun to meet new friends with the same passion for Vietnam exploration. 

Insider Tips For An Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Insider Tips For An Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour
Taking some pics before saying good bye to ZDao family in Vu Linh ( Thac Ba lake )

Bikes, Fickle Weather, And Other Concerns

The first thing is your bike. Renting or buying a scooter (xe con/tay ga) is among the most affordable choices.

Another alternative is to take a larger motorcycle, manual bike. There are many prestigious suppliers of famous brands for motocross and dirtbike riding in Vietnam.

All the suggestions above are for those who have driving licenses and experience for a long journey of motorbike traveling

If not, in your case, booking a bike tour is a great alternative. You can get the instructions and even the companies of the local guide. 

Safety should be a priority. So, what to wear gains the spotlight? Protective gear, a helmet, a riding jacket, etc., are indispensable for a trip with motorcycles. 

Another factor for your consideration is how to handle tough changes in Vietnam weather. Getting essential information about the weather in regions you are through can help. 

Bikes, Fickle Weather, And Other Concerns
Honda CRF250L

What Should Be In Your Pack?

The insights can also lead to better prepare for what should be in your pack:

  • You should bring thick coats along if you ride to a cold place, like mountains or highlands.
  • Dehydrated food and water are also a good addition to your luggage to recharge your energy in a journey. 
  • For common illnesses, such as flu, high fever, stomachache, etc., medicine is necessary for unwanted cases.  
  • Last but not least, a go-pro and a camera are to capture and record the whole journey of riding a motorcycle in such a beautiful country.
What Should Be In Your Pack?
Travel light with all in the dry bag and tight on the back of the bike ( Honda CRF250L )

Top 5 Vietnam Motorbike Routes

  • Ha Giang Loop by motorbike

Ha Giang is a province in the North of Vietnam. It has stunning landscapes which still keep the natural and raw beauty. 

It is a fascinating route for many riders. But the note is that it is not for beginners. 

It is a ride on a nearly 300-kilometer road in Ha Giang. The charming sceneries will please your eyes while the winds and sands make you feel this land through the skins!

Meeting friendly H’Mong and learning their culture through their dishes make your traveling experiences more impressive and unforgettable. 

The ideal time for the Ha Giang Loop is around June to November!

Ha Giang Loop by motorbike
Ha Giang province, Vietnam – October 2, 2016 : ethnic minorities are being display sold these products their breed at a fair in the village on Sunday. pigs are kept in bamboo cages for sale
  • Hanoi countryside- The Red River Delta by motorbike

Is Hanoi for a motorbike tour? It might surprise you, as the common assumption is about rough areas!

However, if you understand how the inhabitants of Vietnam’s capital live, the route of Hanoi – The Red River Delta is for you. 

You can rent scooters or book Vietnam bike tours to be a part of the busy life of the locals. Riding bikes around crowded streets and eating Hanoian foods is a fun experience! 

But what you get from the ride outside Hanoi can blow your mind. The old villages and peaceful fields evoke different vibes. It will serve you with the odd flavors of blending between modern days and the past! 

Hanoi countryside- The Red River Delta by motorbike
Hanoi countryside day tour by motorbike
  • Exploring Dalat by motorbike

Dalat is a place for dreamers and also for riders. You might fall into its poetic landscape and classic architecture.

The calmness and slow-paced life in Dalat are the underlying beauty that many travelers look for. 

It offers you a chance to be away from all the hustles of modernity and enjoy the beauty of life. 

Dalat is in the central highland of Vietnam. So, the winding roads create the electrifying experiences of your riding trip here.

If you are looking for a natural air conditioner amidst hot summer days, Dalat is the best choice. 

Exploring Dalat by motorbike
Mimosa pass connect Dalat city to Duc Trong district, Lam Dong, Vietnam
  • Hai Van Pass ( Ho Chi Minh road ) by motorcycle

Hai Van pass is another excellent candidate for Middle Vietnam with charming coastal roads. 

A journey is not only about a starting and finishing point. It also includes all things in between.

The route of Hai Van Pass opens your mind with an ocean view while riding the mountain roads around clouds. It provokes the feeling of being in fairy tales.

It will be a more than 20-kilometer ride, from Danang to Hue. These cities have many famous destinations so that you can stopover. 

The rainy season is an enemy to any trip, especially riding one. If you want to have the most fun ride on the Hai Van Pass, you should go from April and July. 

Hai Van Pass ( Ho Chi Minh road ) by motorcycle
Hai Van pass – the famous road which leads along the coastline mountains near Da Nang city in Vietnam
  • Saigon – Hanoi by motorbike along the amazing coast

The route from Saigon to Hanoi is a journey across Vietnam, with nearly 2770 kilometers.

If you are on a long journey, this route will be in your consideration. It offers you experiences in three different regions of Vietnam. The changes in landscapes will come along with different weather. 

Local dishes please your mouth while your eyes enjoy new sights. It is fair to say that the Saigon to Hanoi route is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

It is not a choice for novice riders, however. Even experienced riders should have careful preparation for such a long journey.  

Saigon - Hanoi by motorbike along the amazing coast
Beautiful beach at coast of Vietnam – Ninh van bay, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa


Vietnam bike tours can meet your expectations if you are into exploring new lands where modernity still does not get to.

Traveling by motorcycle allows you to breathe fresh air in peaceful villages. Vietnamese sceneries can freshen your mind with green nature. 

But an amazing trip needs good preparation, especially motorbike journeys. There are many aspects that you should take into consideration. 

This blog will walk you through essential information and insider tips. Hopefully, you can have unforgettable memories in such a spectacular country. To know more about Vietnam Bike Tours, please contact Vietnam Motorcycle Tours via website at: https://vietnammotorcycletours.com/

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