Book a tour: Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour 3 Days: A Great Escape To Nature

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Ba Be National Park, a natural freshwater lake in Bac Kan province, beckons nature lovers with its diverse ecosystem and stunning landscapes. It is also an ideal destination to explore the interesting cultural characteristics of ethnic villages. 

From the first moment we came across the Ba Be Lake motorbike tour, we knew we had to seize this opportunity. Let's see how this attractive destination treated us for 3 days and 2 nights.

offroad Ba Be national park

Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour: 3 Days With Wild Nature

Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be Motorcycle Ride (250 km - 7 hours)

Bright and early, at 8 am, our Vietnam motorbike tour kicked off. We followed Highway 3, leaving the busy capital behind. Our first stop was Thai Nguyen, where we could relish a mouthwatering lunch at a local riverside restaurant.

The delectable meal fueled us for the long ride to the National Park. As we ventured further, limestone mountains began to loom in the distance. A fairyland awaited ahead!

The gentle breeze kissed away our beady sweat while the beautiful landscape wiped away any traces of fatigue. We couldn't resist exploring the surroundings as soon as we settled into our room. And as the day drew close, we were treated to a mesmerizing sunset, bleeding fiery orange, ruby red, and a hint of lavender into the canvas of the sky. 

Hanoi - Ba Be Motorcycle Ride (250 km - 7 hours)
Boating on Ba Be lake

Day 2: Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour- Thac Ba Lake

After breakfast, we boarded a rustic boat, ready to cruise around the natural lake. The panoramic view before us was like a marvelous ink painting, with limestone mountains, enchanting caves, and majestic waterfalls.

But the best part is yet to come. As we arrived at a peaceful village nestled beneath the grand mountains, the air was filled with the enchanting melodies of musical instruments and the joyful laughter of the ethnic people.

Ba Be Lake Motorbike Tour- Thac Ba Lake
Off-road Cao Bien Mountain , Thac Ba lake

Believe it or not, we arrived just in time for the Long Tong Festival - a showcase of cultural beauty. We highly recommend planning your trip during the middle of the first month of the Lunar Calendar to partake in traditional games and captivating art performances.

In the afternoon, we returned to Ba Be and embarked on a trek deep into the primeval forests. The tour leader surprised us with his wealth of biological knowledge, introducing us to the species of flora and animals.

Day 3: Thac Ba Lake - Hanoi Motorbike Ride (250 km - 7 hours)

We woke up bright and hopped on our motorcycles, bathing in the golden caress of the rising sun. The crisp morning air filled our lungs with renewed energy. After a satisfying lunch, it was time to bid farewell to Ba Be, a place that had stolen a piece of our hearts.

As our motorbike trip went back to Hanoi, the spectacular scenery on either side of the hidden trails continued to overwhelm us with its natural beauty. 

The once-serene surroundings were devoured by the rising tide of horns and engines, leaving behind a bitter residue of yearning. It was time to say goodbye to the serenity of North Vietnam and plunge back into the city's hustle and bustle.

Thac Ba Lake - Hanoi Motorbike Ride (250 km - 7 hours)
Riders are saying good bye the homestay


Spending days on amazing roads recharged our weary souls for the challenges ahead. Undoubtedly, the Ba Be Lake motorbike tour is a great choice for those short in time. It offers everything needed to make a worthwhile vacation - beautiful sceneries, delectable foods, and thrilling experiences. If you want something similar, join the Thac Ba Lake motorbike tour. Follow our blog for detailed itineraries!

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