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Are you looking for an experience that is neither too long nor too short? Fortunately, "8 Days of Enduro Tour in Northwest Vietnam" can completely meet your requirements. In only eight days, you can surf through many mountains, terraces, valleys, and many of the most attractive places in the Northwest.
If I could summarize this trip in one word, I would choose "awesome". Explore the details below to find out why this trip is so fantastic!

Highlights 8 Days Of Enduro Tour In Northwest Vietnam

  • This trip offers you a complete experience with travel enjoyment, discovery, and thrills.
  • You can go through many famous landmarks such as Moc Chau, Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Thac Ba Lake, and many other large and small places.
  • The itinerary is calculated smoothly, with Hanoi's starting and ending points.

8-Day Itinerary Details

1: Hanoi To Muong Waterfall

1: Hanoi To Muong Waterfall
Muong Waterfall (Thac Dai Yem), Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam

The Vietnam Motorcycle Tours guide team waits for us at the meeting place and moves the whole group to the area to receive the motorcycle. After preparing, we departed on quite crowded streets in Hanoi. 

The city route was like a welcome, and now the first fascinating views emerge with forests, streams, and rivers. For this first day, the site to stay in is a peaceful homestay next to a stunning waterfall. You can unwind with fresh water to relax your body. 

2: Welcome To Moc Chau Plateau

2: Welcome To Moc Chau Plateau
Enduro day in Son La province, northwest Vietnam!

The second day welcomes you with an extremely fresh atmosphere at the homestay with the sound of water, birds, and nature. A real exploration is opened with a muddy road about 50km long waiting for you. You will stop and have lunch at the gorgeous Mai Chau valley. 

Continue to ride up Highway 6 and explore the abandoned roadway before coming to the Da River area. Today the team will have a warm and dark night at Moc Chau plateau, a place full of the magnificence of tea hills.

3: Bac Yen Town - Next Destination

3: Bac Yen Town - Next Destination
Chill on Top of Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone

The beautiful and fresh morning at Moc Chau is the beginning of the third day of your journey. Let's ride a few laps in this gorgeous land before hitting the challenging roads ahead. In the upcoming sections, you will experience a strong ride feeling with muddy roads, gravel, abyss, and soaring cliffs.

An equally special thing on that day is to visit the faraway village of the Black Hmong ethnical group. Although this place is quite remote, its remoteness and unspoiled nature give this place a beauty that is hard to match. Today we spent the night in Bac Yen town. Riding to Ta Xua Dinosaur backbone could be the highlight of northern Vietnam motorbike trip!

4: Conquer The Long Way From Bac Yen To Ngoc Chien Hot Spring

4: Conquer The Long Way From Bac Yen To Ngoc Chien Hot Spring
Enduro day in northwest Vietnam

The fourth day of the journey will be the most challenging and also the day that gives you the most real dirt travel feeling. Almost the entire road you have to go through today is covered with dirt.

Along with the challenging roads, the villages of the tribes such as Hmong, Dao, and Tay gradually appeared. You can stop to see the beauty imbued with national identity in these villages. Then continue to conquer quite slippery, steep, rocky roads and sections with streams.

Muong La district will be a place for you to rest at night. If a long day makes you tired, come to Ngoc Chien hot spring to get the most relaxing feeling.

5: Ride To Mu Cang Chai - Heaven Of Terraced Fields

5: Ride To Mu Cang Chai - Heaven Of Terraced Fields
Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai province, Northwest Vietnam

On day five of this tour, the path continues to be quite slippery slopes, dirt, and full of challenges. The fun doesn't stop there, but you can still admire the beauty of verdant forests, depth streams, and abrupt slopes. 

Today seems a rather unusual day because it brings many different scenes and feelings. These elements include the wildness, tranquility, isolation, and a little roughness of the road.

6: Continue Riding To Sapa

6: Continue Riding To Sapa
Trail riding in northwest Vietnam

If the previous day's journey brought you a series of challenges, this sixth day would make you feel more relaxed. Start your day off with pathways with majestic mountain views.

Instead of the muddy road of the previous days, now we will be on harmonious bends and beautiful gravel roadways. Don't forget to stop by and take souvenir photos of this stunning scenery.

Be prepared for the sudden temperature change when moving to the O Quy Ho area, a pass with outstanding height. After a while of enjoying the relaxation of nature, you will come to Sapa at noon. In the afternoon, the whole group explores this gorgeous town together.

7: Enjoy The Beauty Of Sapa And Come To Thac Ba Lake

Hmong women are on the path to their village in Sapa, Vietnam.

Once you arrive in Sapa, you must admire the scenery of fog, hills, and especially terraced fields. To make the journey more attractive, we will enjoy the taste of local dishes here. Do not forget to conquer the green beauty of nature by standing at the peak of O Quy Ho. 

Leaving this poetic town, we come to Pho Lu. After that, the team moves on Highway 70 to reach Thac Ba Lake. Next night we will have a cozy time at the homestay. 

8: Return To Hanoi

8: Return To Hanoi
Off-road Vietnam motorcycle tour

Eight days is a period that is neither too long nor too short, and it is enough for us to enjoy a most refreshing adventure. On the last day of your motorcycle journey, a hearty breakfast awaits you at the homestay.

After enjoying a sweet meal together, we continue to proceed to Highway 2. The team follows the beautiful Red River and then the Black River. Finally, return to Hanoi with the bustling landscape gradually appearing.


A trip is considered awesome when it has a harmonious blend of the feeling of conquest and enjoyment. Moreover, the number of days of experience according to the needs of the participants is also an important factor in creating the complete trip. 

Fortunately, these elements are completely contained in "8 Days of Enduro Tour in Northwest Vietnam". If you are a ride, challenge, and adventure enthusiast, what are you waiting for without choosing this exciting tour! More tour dates and infos hit us up:

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