Book a tour: 21 Days Discover Hanoi – Saigon With A Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail

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Are you looking for a unique experience with two wheels? And Is it possible to experience stretching all over Vietnam? You are lucky because "21 days discover Hanoi - Saigon with a motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh trail" is a great choice suitable for you!
I am sure you will be amazed and excited by this unique tour. To get a feel for why it's so great, refer to the details in the next section to get the answer. Continue reading!

Itinerary: 21 Days Discover Hanoi - Saigon With A Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail

It's hard to find a trip that has a diverse mix of a bit of backpacking, adventure, nature, beaches, war sites and traditional culture. However, the 21-day experience tour from Hanoi to Saigon can completely do all these factors.

The places you will come across include high mountains, fresh sea, peaceful valleys, and unique ethnic villages. Not only that, the unique culinary experiences like local dishes will also make you satisfied.

In order not to make you wait too long, we start going into the details of this trip right below! 

Itinerary: 21 Days Discover Hanoi - Saigon With A Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail
Vinh Moc Tunnels ( Ho Chi Minh Trail )

1: Hanoi - The Perfect Starting Point

Before starting this long journey, we will enjoy the atmosphere of Hanoi on the first day. On the other hand, we also call this first day "welcome day".

To create excitement and cohesion for the whole group, we will have a cozy dinner together. After enjoying your first meal together and getting to know each other, the guide will provide you with information, tips, and rules for this motorbike tour.

Remember to follow the instructions exactly to have the safest trip because we will have to experience 21 days and go through three regions of Vietnam.

1: Hanoi - The Perfect Starting Point
Hanoi train street cafe! The famous check in place in Vietnam for travelers

2: Motorbike Riding In Hanoi

Hanoi is a place worth exploring the most in Vietnam because it is both the capital and the most attractive ancient tourist destination. Although Hanoi has a peaceful look, it is extremely bustling and vibrant.

If you ask me, "What can be discovered in Hanoi?" I will guide you through many different emotions through the food, culture, scenery, and history of this place. You can enjoy attractive pho or sip a cup of coffee and watch the peace of life in this place.

During your second day in the capital, we will take you to visit famous places of culture and history during Hanoi city tour. These destinations include West Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, and many other museum sites.  

Tran Quoc Pagoda in West lake area, the oldest pagoda in Hanoi

3: Moving To Mai Chau

We will once again say good morning in Hanoi and have breakfast before taking the first steps of this long journey. We have to pass 180km to reach Mai Chau, the next destination for this discovery.

You will most clearly feel this two-wheeled journey by running on the highway and then going to other terrains such as streams, fields, gardens, lakes, and even mountains. Following lunch, the group continued to move along Ba Khan lake to enjoy the wonderful beauty of this place. 

After a long day, we finally arrived in Mai Chau. Make sure you will never feel tired because this evening getaway is a simple yet spacious and comfortable homestay. 

Amazing view of Mai Chau valley, northwest Vietnam

4: Start Heading To Vinh City

Before going through the 268km journey to Vinh city, we proceed to explore Mai Chau valley, which is full of this beauty. Pu Luong Nature Reserve will be a place that we must visit. At this site, you can enjoy the beauty of the village, the fields, and the mountains.

At noon, the group continued to ride along the Ma River to reach Vinh city. After a long motorcycle ride all day, you can enjoy the city's atmosphere by walking on the beach, tasting the specialties, or visiting the fish markets in this place.

4: Start Heading To Vinh City
Monkey bridge along Ma River!

5: Huong Khe - Next location

You can actively wake up early to explore the beaches in Vinh and take souvenir photos before leaving this beautiful city. We start the motorcycle and move on Highway 46 and visit Sen Village. This place is the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh.

The simple and rustic touches at Uncle Ho's house will be a meaningful experience for your trip. After this tour, you will continue the journey and arrive at Huong Khe in the afternoon.

5: Huong Khe - Next location
Nghe An, Viet Nam - May 27, 2019: Sen (Lotus) village, Hoang Tru Village in Nam Dan district. The most famous tourist spots in Nghe An! The village where Ho Chi Minh was born!

6: Motorcycle Ride To Phong Nha And Dong Hoi

From Huong Khe, we ride on Highway 15 to Phong Nha. Referring to this place, perhaps you have already envisioned the next place we visit. It is "Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park," this is an extremely famous place that everyone looks forward to visiting in their lifetime.

Riding to this world heritage site, you can explore unique caves and underground rivers. Next, you can also experience activities such as mountain climbing and trekking. After a long day in harmony with nature, you will spend the night in Dong Hoi.

6: Motorcycle Ride To Phong Nha And Dong Hoi
Boats To take travelers to visit Phong Nha cave!

7: Dong Hoi - Dong Ha

In Dong Hoi, you have countless options to experience the banks of the Nhat Le River because there are many attractive places such as beaches, parks, and squares. 

A famous place in the center of Dong Hoi city is Tam Toa church, which is famous because it experienced 48 times of bombardments during the war. Before ending the journey on the seventh day of the motorcycle tour, the group will visit Road 9 National Martyrs' Cemetery.

7: Dong Hoi - Dong Ha
Nhat Le river in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours )

8: From Dong Ha, Proceed To Khe Sanh And A Luoi

Coming to the territory of Quang Tri, perhaps the content we will mention the most is the historical relics. The group explored Quang Tri Old Citadel and Long Hung Church in the morning. The afternoon may be a great time to enjoy Cua Tung and Cua Viet beaches together.

After moments of exploring nature and historical sites, we will pass through A Luoi, a district with unique majestic scenery. 

Khe Sanh Combat, Ho Chi Minh road trips

9: Hoi An - One Of The Most Anticipated Places

We will pass by Thuan An beach, considered the most beautiful place in Hue. Next, we stop at Tam Giang Lagoon to enjoy the vast beauty and eat the freshest seafood dishes at this place.

Before arriving at Hoi An, you will have to be intoxicated with the beauty of Hai Van pass, as beautiful as a picture. Hoi An welcomes you with a shimmer of the sunset and the charm of the old town.

9: Hoi An - One Of The Most Anticipated Places
Panorama View from top,Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

10: Enjoy The Beauty In Hoi An

Perhaps when it comes to the most ancient place in Vietnam, the first name that everyone talks about is Hoi An. This place is located on the banks of the Thu Bon River and used to be a busy commercial port in the past.

We don't need to describe too much, but you can feel the old beauty through architectural features with French and Japanese nuances. Hoi An is a wonderful place, and you will feel it most deeply through "seeing" rather than words.

Let's enjoy the magnificence of history and cuisine in this gorgeous city!

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10: Enjoy The Beauty In Hoi An
Vietnamese woman in traditional bamboo hat on wooden boat checking her fishing net on the Thu Bon River at Hoi An Ancient Town at sunrise in Vietnam.

11: Relax In Hoi An, Sightseeing Around Hoian

We spent ten days together on all roads, and now it's time to allow ourselves to be a little "lazy" on Cua Dai beach in Hoi An. You can immerse yourself in the cool blue sea or relax your body on the sand.

We enjoy the most relaxing afternoon by cycling through villages, pottery villages, and vast fields. Take a deep breath to feel this rare relaxation to fuel the rest of the way.

11: Relax In Hoi An, Sightseeing Around Hoian
Tourists riding bamboo basket boats in Hoi An, Vietnam

12: Riding To My Son - Kham Duc

Let's enjoy the beautiful morning at My Son sanctuary and have lunch at Dong Phu. Next, the group followed the terrain roads, trails, and some roads through the villages to reach Kham Duc. By this time, night has also fallen, and we spend the night in this place.

12: Riding To My Son - Kham Duc
Landscape with My Son Sanctuary complex, ruins of Old hindu temple in Vietnam

13: From Kham Duc, Continue Towards Kon Tum

190km will be the next distance you need to conquer to reach Kon Tum. This stretch of road will be a distinct adventure because the landscape gradually changes through the scenery of the rubber forest, and the image of a coffee farm gradually appears.

You can taste a cup of scented coffee and go sightseeing at the wooden church in Kon Tum. Spending the night at this place is a great experience because the site to stop is an indigenous house of the Ede ethnic group.

13: From Kham Duc, Continue Towards Kon Tum
Kon Tum, Vietnam - Mar 28, 2016: Traditional typical Bahnar house in old minority village Kon Kotu, the most frequently visited of Bahnar villages in Kon Tum. A child playing on yard


14: Riding To Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot will probably be a favorite place for fans of the scent of coffee, and this is also our next destination. The whole group together went through a series of large coffee farms with an intoxicating scent and certainly did not forget to taste a cup of coffee in this land. 

H'mong mother and daughter are processing agricultural products. Photo taken in Buon Ma Thuot, central highland Vietnam in March 2017

15: Explore The Lak Lake Area

Good morning fresh in Buon Ma Thuot, and we proceed to Lak Lake to conquer the vast beauty of the second largest freshwater lake in Vietnam. Not only that, but we can also visit Jun village, where the M'nong people live next to the lake.

15: Explore The Lak Lake Area
Panorama of a Lak lake at sunrise

16: Dalat - The City Of Thousands Of Flowers

We need to get up early to see the fresh scenery of Lak Lake before preparing to head to Da Lat. Starting at noon, you will be able to breathe the cool and fresh air in Da Lat.

This city is known for a series of very poetic names, such as the city of thousands of flowers, love, or dreams. You can go to the top of the mountain in the early sunrise or late afternoon to see the shimmering landscape of this romantic place.

Beautiful landscape at Dalat countryside for eco tour, pine tree reflect on water of Tuyen Lam lake, green scene with fresh air for Vietnam motorcycle travel

17: Welcome To Mui Ne

Say goodbye to the beautiful city of Da Lat, and we're on our way to Mui Ne. This route is one of the numerous stunning journeys on this long trip because we will pass through plateaus, mists, waterfalls, mountains, and villages.

18: Relaxing At Mui Ne

Perhaps the roads of the past few days were a challenging experience and now let's enjoy some relaxation at the beautiful Mui Ne beach. Here, you have a wide range of entertainment options, such as kitesurfing, cycling, boating, etc.

18: Relaxing At Mui Ne
Having fun on Mui Ne Beach

19: Start Going Into Ho Chi Minh City

Ke Ga beach at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Ke Ga Cape or lighthouse is the most favourite destination for visitors to La Gi, Binh Thuan Province.

Right from this point, you will experience quite crowded roads because we will be running on major national highways. After going through the Long Thanh - Dau Giay route, the Hanoi Highway, and the Saigon Bridge, you will reach Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon.

20: Visit Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi tunnel is one of the unique places to explore in this 21-day motorbike journey because it has 120km of tunnels inside the ground. Many visitors come here to be surprised because this underground contains a kitchen, living room, warehouse, and even a hospital.

The ruins left behind by war are perhaps a timeless masterpiece that we should discover at least once in our lives. The group returned to Sai Gon in the late afternoon and discovered the bustle by themselves through the famous places here.

Vietnam's Cu Chi tunnels for camouflage during us -Vietnam war. bomb shelter from the bombing. Hide in

21: End The Motorcycle Journey In Ho Chi Minh City

The past 21 days have been filled with memories as we crossed a series of unique routes and enjoyed this gorgeous Vietnam's majestic scenery.

Before saying goodbye to the whole group, let's explore the beauty of cuisine in the busiest city in Vietnam.

21: End The Motorcycle Journey In Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam - November 01, 2016 : Notre Dame Cathedral (Vietnamese: Nha Tho Duc Ba), build in 1883 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The church is established by French colonists


"21 days discover Hanoi - Saigon with a motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh trail" is one of the most popular tours, and "Why is it so attractive?" The schedule illustrations above are the perfect answer for you.

If you love strong yet sweet, peaceful yet delightful experiences, choose this perfect tour!

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