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Ta Xua range is arguably the most popular and challenging trail in the Northwest of Vietnam. It has attracted many professional bikers and international teams. For those interested in pushing the boundaries of endurance, riding Ta Xua is the perfect middle ground between leisure and adventure.

We will provide you with an amazing yet challenging experience of a lifetime. The Hanoi - Ta Xua Camping Enduro Tour in 4 days is your chance to break your limits and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains of Vietnam.

In this adventure with us, you will:


In this adventure with us, you will:

  • Conquer Ta Xua peak - Dinosaur backbone
  • Experience cloud hunting 
  • Exchange culture with many ethnic minorities
  • Motorcycling more than 40% of the schedule
  • Best Off-roading part of Vietnam


Day 1: Hanoi - Thanh Son Tea Hills - Ta Xua (35km Enduro)

Day 1: Hanoi - Thanh Son Tea Hills - Ta Xua (35km Enduro)
Off-roading in Ngoc Chien, Son La

On our first day, we will begin our journey from Hanoi to Ta Xua. The road between these two places is approximately 220km long. The route promises to be an unforgettable ride with so many bumps and obstacles that you, and your bike, must cross.  

After two hours from departure, we will arrive at the Thanh Son tea hills, where you can enjoy a cup of traditional Vietnamese tea and take a short break, so you can feel confident when taking on the challenging terrain ahead! 

After lunch, so many missions still lie ahead. We will ride up the steep hills. While making it over rough parts of the ride, you will be rewarded with glimpses of breathtaking scenery in this area.

Hills that are steep and contain many types of unique terrain are sure to be a challenge while we're trying to reach our camping point on a mountain ridge at 2850 meters high. 

This place is where we will go campfire, have barbecues at night, and sleep as if lying on an intersection between mountain tops and clouds in the sky.

Day 2: Ta Xua - Ngoc Chien (90km Off-road Enduro)

Day 2: Ta Xua - Ngoc Chien (90km Enduro)
Sleepery trail in Ngoc Chien, Son La

Distance: 120 km 

Accommodation: home-stay

Meals: 3 servings (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Our mission for the second day is to conquer the Ta Xua peak - named as "dinosaur backbone" - a paradise for bikers, but just after coming back to the village center to have breakfast!

It is also the time for you to fill your backpack with chocolates, snacks, and beers in case you need to recharge energy on your adventure in nowhere!

We'll explore deep in the woods with our motorcycles down the Black River. If you have experience, the team can fit some lunch at around 2 pm. We will spend time riding dirt trails, crossing over large rocks, and making our way across a series of beautiful streams. It may take us some extra time, though!

Although these tough challenges are draining to tackle, the reward is a hot springs bathing - well worth it after conquering 90 kilometers of challenging terrain!

Day 3: Ngoc Chien - Ban Hoc (70km Enduro)

Ta Xua is a famous mountain range in northern Vietnam. All year round, the mountain rises above the clouds creating cloud inversions.

Distance: 160 km 

Accommodation: Bungalow

Meals: 3 servings (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Look no further for your morning beverage than a mug of coffee. On the third day of the adventure ride, we will continue motorbiking from another breathtaking location. 

The route will be somewhat difficult with the track, including slippery slopes and steep sections. It will present a challenge even to intermediate bikers as most of the adventure will be over dirt trails.

After a few hours of riding, you will find yourself surrounded by woods and fields of tall grass. The road becomes increasingly steeper. You will encounter small streams along the way, which will likely help you cool down during this adventurous journey. 

Beautiful, wild, tranquil, and rugged - these words describe the journey we take on the third day. It just feels like we're stepping into a different world from this point. The hot springs bath was all ours after the tough ride. Local dishes are also waiting for us - such heavenly treats!

Day 4: Back To Hanoi (40km Enduro)

Ta Xua, Son La, VietNam, february,20,2016: Children in Ta Xua, Northern Viet Nam.

Distance: 190 km 

Accommodation: Bungalow

Meals: 2 servings (breakfast, lunch)

Enjoy the ride back along the dike of Red River, where you'll come upon miniature worlds full of pleasant and pretty things: people fishing in small boats, ferries bringing passengers across the river, cornfields fluttering in the wind.

Keep going 60km further, and then we'll have to slow down because there's some ancient and tranquil scenery here you won't want to miss. After that, the team reaches Trung Ha Bridge, around 6 pm, we'll arrive at the capital.


Whether you're a mountain bike enthusiast or looking for an adventurous experience, we hope you will join us for a truly unforgettable four days of biking from Hanoi to Ta Xua.

If you're still looking for more information before booking your tour, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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