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Highlands, City, and Coastal Loop of Vietnam Adventure - 4 Days

We are about to take you on a four-day tour of the best things to do in the city, highlands, and coastal loop of adventure. You'll be blown away by all that you can see and do in these areas!  It's hard to know which places are worth visiting, but don't worry, because our blog will show you.  Each day, from relaxing by the coast to exploring ancient ruins, you will have something new for your enjoyment. Here are some spotlights of what you can expect from this 4-day Vietnam motor adventure tour. Highlands, City, and Coastal Loop of Vietnam Adventure - 4 Days

Full Itinerary

Unlike other motorbike tours that take the main highways, our team will divert from your typical sights and take you along the countryside routes so as to avoid the major traffic lines. From there, we'll drive till we reach the Central Highlands and arrive at Mui Ne.

Day 1: Motorbike Ride From Saigon To Nam Cat Tien Park

Taking off roads, we enter Nam Cat Tien Park, a 150 km drive from Saigon.  The ferry will take us across the river to our destination. Then it's just over 100 kilometers on the well-graded dirt road before reaching a lake called Tri An which is Vietnam's second-largest body of water, as well as being built for hydropower generation. We spend an afternoon on the backroads of Ma Da tunnel, exploring what remains from this jungle's war-torn past in the 60s. We will stop by a former military base where mercenaries would rest and resupply before making their way deeper into battle with Duong Minh Chau mountain as our backdrop! After driving for about 3 hours, we arrived at our destination of the day. After checking in and resting up from our drive (since it would be an overnight stay), we had dinner before heading out into town for some sightseeing!  We explored Nam Cat Tien Park, which houses many rare birds and mammals, such as vultures who feed on animal carcasses left by these animals so they can get nutrients back into their bodies again.  Moreover, you can see other flora, including ferns growing near water sources where deer drink during hot months.  You'll feel like you've been dipped in chocolate and thrown into a whimsical world of wiggling fairies as soon as we drive up to this hostel. The atmosphere here promises good times with friends or family!

Day 2: Motorbike Ride From Nam Cat Tien Park To Di Linh

This morning we'll go to the highlands, home of many coffee plantations and tea. There will be some small villages during our journey where people rely significantly on growing these staples for their livelihoods.  In between meandering through trails in searching out different plants alongside waterways, you may spy a small resort with inviting waterfalls nearby. This place may become your overnight stop if things go smoothly! Discover Vietnam’s Highlands and Coast

Day 3: Motorbike Ride Downhill to Mui Ne 

In the morning, we embark on a breathtaking drive down Mui Ne. It's like being in the middle of nowhere, but you will be surprised with the beauty around and amazing views at every turn! You can arrive at roadside vegetable farms or flower fields for a close-up look at how farming has changed over time. In addition, you will take in some fresh air while hiking up steep hills with coffee plantings alongside roadsides that will be harvested later on down south. It seems to be extremely interesting! Plantations of dragon fruit along the coast provide a picturesque backdrop for our scenic cruise down 1000 meters of winding mountain roads.  As we descend, take in some beautiful views before plunging back into depths forested mountains again as you make your way towards Mui Ne and continue to La Gi Beachside Hamlet.  There are many options available for relaxation at this beach after enjoying this trip from Ho Chi Minh city. Day 3: Motorbike Ride Downhill to Mui Ne

Day 4: Motorbike Ride From Mui Ne To Vung Tau

You will have a chance to discover the peaceful life of locals when you wake up in your hotel room.  They fish with  small wooden boats, and their fishing net, but they also use traditional one-man vessels called coracles for longer trips out into deeper waters where there aren't many others around!  After exploring this way from early morning, you can start until noon, depending on our decision from the day before. If you're looking for a slower route, the coastal road is perfect. You'll pass many dragon fruit plantations and some salt farms as well!  A new day starts with an early start: we have to leave by 7:30 am so that our trip can last at least 12 hours before approaching the sea in Ho Tram or Vung Tau. In case you're feeling adventurous, go for a swim in the morning sun before starting your ride. Otherwise, just take it easy and enjoy what Vung Tau has to offer during our leisurely tour around town! The spirit and firm backside are required for this tour. Outdoor clothing is recommended, and an open-mindedness or willingness to try new things like vegetarian food!  As far as tips go: If possible, tip your guide/driver what he deserves (i.e., 10%-20%) or give whatever amount you feel appropriate. Day 4: Motorbike Ride From Mui Ne To Vung Tau


If you are looking for an exciting, funny, and memorable 4-day tour that takes in the best of both city, highlands, and coastal loop of adventure, then this is your perfect chance.  You'll be blown away by all that you can see and do on these tours! The highlights we have included above should give you a good idea of what to expect from our four-day motorbike adventure trip.  We hope to take you with us soon! If any part of this sounds appealing or if there is something else about which you would like a more detailed guideline, please don't hesitate to follow our next posts. Thank you for reading! What riders have said about us on Tripadvisor!

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