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Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for domestic and foreign backpackers. This country is bestowed with breathtaking rolling hills, majestic limestone mountains, and eye-catching cloud-cresting peaks. Motorbiking Vietnam would be best to enjoy every moment and the picturesque scenery.
Among the attractive spots, Hai Van Pass is a well-known tourist attraction with great cloudy mountain peaks. Yet, there is a wide range of destinations with stunning passes. Let's find out about these attractions and have an unforgettable traveling experience!

Motorbiking Vietnam
Landscapes on the Ma Pi Leng pass. Ha Giang province, Vietnam.

Motorbiking Vietnam - Top 5 Mountain Passes In Vietnam

O Quy Ho Pass Motorbike Tour, Famous Route In Northwest Vietnam

O Quy Ho Pass Motorbike Tour, Famous Route In Northwest Vietnam
O Quy Ho Pass Motorbike Tour, One Of The Most Famous Route Of Sapa Motorbike Tours

If you have once traveled to Vietnam and asked the natives about the most notorious mountain pass here, the O Quy Ho pass will surely be the answer. This destination boasts a daunting stat ring, two-kilometer cloud-breaching pass, and white-knuckle hairpin turns. 

Taking a motorbiking tour here will blow your mind with agility-testing roads and a feeling of going to heaven. This tourist attraction will best suit experienced motorcyclists with excellent riding skills.

It is located 17 kilometers from the dreamy land of Sapa on highway 4D, which connects Lai Chau and Lao Cai. The pass is also known as Heaven's Gate. For this reason, it is the top choice for young adventure seekers to go cloud hunting. 

The best time for this activity is during the spring when white clouds and ice covers the area. The pass's name originated from a bird's crying sound. This sound appears in a love story as a local legend. 

Coming to the O Quy Ho pass, you should never miss out on the waterfalls. The Love Waterfall is two kilometers away from Heaven's Gate, which is challenging yet will become a great spot for photos.

Silver Waterfall is another destination that is ideal for hiking. Before taking a motorbiking trip there:

  • Don't forget to check the weather forecast.
  • Choose the best time.
  • Bring the necessary equipment and clothes.

Ma Pi Leng Pass Motorcycle Tour

It would be a mistake not to conquer Ma Pi Leng pass - a famous destination in Ha Giang, when motorcycling Vietnam. The pass gives you a golden chance to get acquainted with the local ethnic groups and experience their unique and interesting traditions. 

The exotic name of this pass means "The bridge of a horse's nose", which belongs to the Quan Hoa language. As seen in its name, the pass means the high slope looks like gasping through a reared horse's nose. 

The Ma Pi Leng pass's road is named Hanh Phuc Road (Happy Road, Con Duong Hanh Phuc). It is a monumental landscaping project by one of the sixteen regional ethnic groups. You never imagine how unbelievable the challenge is until you witness the results with your own eyes.

The pass top offers the most eye-catching panoramic view, letting you see the Nho Que river's valley. Beautiful landscapes, unique geology, and deep heritage make the destination a treasure of Vietnam's scenery.

You should take a ride on the river from China. Sailing on the Song Nho Que river lets travelers admire the breathtaking Tu San Abyss valley. The skywalk is also worth your try. 

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Pha Din Pass Motorbike Tour

The winding road of Pha Din pass attracts the attention of bikers.

Pha Din pass is one of four well-known passes in the north of Vietnam. This narrow road witnessed a contrast of two different worlds: riddled with deadly risks and impeccable beauty with no words to describe. 

This pass features a 1,648-meter altitude above sea level, which runs through an old road with rough cliffs and lush green terrains. Upon traveling on this pass, you will come across various villages and indulge yourself in the cloudy and dreamy scenery.

Yet, it also poses some threats, so be careful to get adrenaline junkies to rejoice! This attraction was once bombed heavily during the war and witnessed thousands of people dying from fighting against the French. For this reason, there will be a war memorial for brave fighters and the leader.

If you ride to Pha Din pass, try to reach Pha Din Top, a local family. This place allows you to take a walk and enjoy the fresh gardens with heart symbols.

Eateries for regional food and coffee are also something you can’t miss. It is not located on Google Maps, but you will find it on the way. The Garden Pha Din adds great beauty with the reunion of heaven and the earth. The route to Pha Din pass is always one of the most famous off-road motorbiking in Vietnam.

Khau Pha Pass Motorbike Tour

Aerial view of Khau Pha pass from Mu Cang Chai to Tu Le, Yen Bai, Vietnam. Khau Pha is one of the top 4 big pass in Vietnam.

Looking for something more adventurous when Vietnam motorbiking? The Khau Pha pass will become an ideal choice to take you to fly through the skies! This 1200-meter peak boasts a great mountainside with amazing terraced rice fields.

The overall scenery and elevation make it a perfect spot for adventure seekers with the top paragliding slopes in Vietnam. This pass shows a perfect combination of sharp curves and steep inclines. Since there are no safety barriers, it has become the most challenging roads in Vietnam.

In Khau Pha Pass, you can grasp the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in amazing paragliding festivals. It would be ideal to choose the Sung A Ho homestay for accommodation. Here, you can get a great view and take some photos for donation. This route consider one of the most beautiful roads to ride in Vietnam.

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Ngang Pass Motorcycle Tour

Ngang Pass Motorcycle Tour
Scenic Ngang Pass, Quang Binh

If you want to travel to a religious and peaceful destination to escape the hustles and bustles of the big city, let's head to Ngang Pass. This area is known for shrines to commemorate deep historical roots and the region's history. 

This pass is unique for its partial road and tunnel, connecting the two provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh. Besides shrines and temples, it is also home to the most inviting beaches at the foot. Vung Chau beach is a must-see in this motorbike trip thanks to its tranquility, clean and pristine look.

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Five passes mentioned above are just a few among Vietnam's breathtaking and worthwhile destinations. Motorbiking Vietnam will surely offer you a memorable experience. 

Yet, no matter which passes you choose, keep safety as your priorit. Traveling along those notorious passes can be challenging and tricky, so be careful to enjoy every moment. 

Eager to explore more Vietnam motorbike tours? We’ve got you covered with our coming posts! Follow us and stay tuned!

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