Book a tour: Saigon to Mui Ne by motorbike- An Ultimate Guide That You Should Not Miss

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Summer is approaching with dry weather, making you want to pack your backpack and take a trip to the sea right now. However, you wonder if there is a specific plan so that you can travel from Saigon to Mui Ne by motorbike while exploring the fascinating landscape and life of Vietnamese people along the way.
If you are stuck in the above situation, don't worry; we will give you a specific guide to get the best driving experience!
The path we recommend will take you through green rice and white salt fields, past hills of spicy cashew and dragon fruit, hot springs, sacred temples, and countless interesting destinations before stopping at sea.

Scooter rider rides in Mui Ne beach

Saigon to Mui Ne by motorbike- Overview

The road connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne is given a quite romantic nickname by tourists - "Ocean Road". Although it may seem longer than the direct route on National Highway 1, Ocean Roads are worthy of an ideal choice if you are looking for an ideal place to enjoy the view and satisfy your passion for driving.

Riders can freely choose any time of the year for a cruise on Ocean Road to reach Mui Ne beach. The weather from November to April is suitable for enjoying the cool air, while the most beautiful time of the sea ranges from May to October.

Detailed Itinerary From Saigon To Mui Ne By Motorbike

This route has a total length of about 270km and can be easily conquered in one day. Yet, we don't want you to miss the beauty along the way, so we divided this distance into five parts for five consecutive days.

The five-day travel itinerary to South Coast Vietnam by motorbike won't put you under time pressure so that you can stop at any interesting destination along the way. Scroll down and discover your travel plans under one specific insight!

Detailed Itinerary From Saigon To Mui Ne By Motorbike
Amazing beach of Mui Ne

Day 1: Saigon To Ba Ria Motorbike Tour- 80km

We recommend starting your motorbike journey from around 3-4 am to avoid the smog and the annoying crowd of rush hour traffic. After heading east and crossing the Dong Nai River, you have officially escaped from the magnificent Saigon city.

Continue following DT769 and HL13 and relax with rubber plantations and diverse vegetation along the way. After about an hour of travel, you will reach QL51, then turn south for an hour's drive on the highway.

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This road, although very smooth, has its major limitations, including danger and dust due to a large number of trucks. But as long as you get to Phu My, you will have these troubles greatly reduced.

After stopping for lunch, you should visit the diverse temples that line the streets of Phu My. To better understand the life of the locals, our advice is to wander around the bustling local markets, experience street food, and stroll through the classic French villa-style architecture.

Saigon To Ba Ria Motorbike Tour- 80km
Several ships and boats are at an anchor and move at the city port. The city is popular among Saigon people as sea resort.

Please move to the east if you are looking for a place to stop with beautiful natural scenery. Many beautiful hills are suitable for enjoying the scenery and resting to recharge for the second day's journey.

Day 2: Ba Ria-Long Hai-Phuoc Hai-Loc An-River Ray- 40km

The south DT44A road will lead you through salt fields and green hills towards Long Hai. After arriving in this bustling town, you should spend a few hours soaking up the beautiful beach and visiting Mo Co Pagoda.

In addition to a diverse restaurant system, visitors can join fishing fleets to learn more about the lives of indigenous people. If you have plenty of time, walking around Long Hai markets in the early morning will surely leave you with an unforgettable impression.

After entering the DT44A road, you will have to pass a craggy headland - the starting point of the ocean road. After about half an hour of travel, you will be driving on the quiet winding roads along the coast of Nha Trang.

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Once in Phuoc Hai town, spend time in the museum and the resistance base - the resistance base has been associated with the history of the Vietnamese militia against the French and the US. 

Driving a motorbike slowly on the beach road and enjoying the fishing scene is also a great experience that you should not miss.

Ba Ria-Long Hai-Phuoc Hai-Loc An-River Ray- 40km
Phuoc Hai Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam - April 30 2022: The boats of fisher are near by the sea, in the sunrise.

Turn right at the Phuoc Hai intersection, and you will reach Loc An after passing countless rice fields, plantations, and orchards. You need to continue through a mangrove forest and the Ray River in search of a local hotel and end your trip for the day.

Day 3: River Ray to Ho Tram to Ho Coc-Binh Chau- 30km

The ocean road will lead you past the beaches of Ho Tram & Ho Coc. You might consider camping in the back of Ho Tram hamlet to enjoy the mountain scenery and order some food from a local seafood restaurant for lunch.

After leaving Ho Coc, the ocean road will lead you to the east to Binh Chau beach village. This village is surrounded by a deserted beach and attracts visitors with its wildness and a characteristic "sea" feeling.

After a filling dinner, it's time to relax with hot springs and mud baths in the northern part of town. Before bed, you can also walk on the white sands and enjoy the breeze blowing to the sea.

River Ray to Ho Tram to Ho Coc-Binh Chau- 30km
Four season beach in Ho Coc, Ho Tram

Day 4: Binh Chau-Lagi-Ta Cu Mountain-Ke Ga- 65km

The motorbike tour on day 4 will lead you east of QL55 towards Lagi. The ocean gradually disappeared and was replaced by a landscape of villages, rivers, and endless orchards.

Lagi beach, Vietnam - August 31, 2015: the daily work of Ngi fishing village Lagi, BinhThuan province, Vietnam Lagi, BinhThuan province, Vietnam

Continue over the hill, and you will again be immersed in the romantic Lagi beach and extremely bustling fishing scene. If time allows, we suggest you have a visit to Thay Thim Palace to learn about the spiritual and cultural characteristics of the indigenous people.

The bumpy Ocean Road leads you through many wet rice and salt fields to reach the majestic Ta Cu mountain in the north. An interesting point that will attract you is that you will find cacti and dragons everywhere in this land.

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After exiting DT719, you will turn onto a road parallel to the coast leading to Ke Ga lighthouse. To admire the beauty of this lighthouse to the fullest, you should rent a boat, climb the spiral staircase and see the sea town at night from above.

Day 5: Ke Ga-Tien Thanh-Phan Thiet-Mui Ne By Motorbike - 55km

Head to the northern ocean road to move on the sea route for kilometers to Tien Thanh fishing village in Phan Thiet province. This place is always full of sunshine all year round and is featured majestic red sand cliffs and verdant hills.

Phan Thiet beach is long and gently winding, covered with romantic white sands. When the sun rises, you will admire the scene of giant fishing boats going out to sea to start a day at sea.

Phan Thiet is only about a ten-minute drive from Mui Ne, and you can choose to stay a night here or hit the road immediately.

Ke Ga-Tien Thanh-Phan Thiet-Mui Ne By Motorbike - 55km
Ke Ga beach at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Ke Ga Cape or lighthouse is the most favourite destination for visitors to La Gi, Binh Thuan Province. Selective focus. Travel concept.

If you stay overnight in Mui Ne, you must continue driving along the ocean road and pass Po Shanu Cham Mountain. After reaching the beautiful Mui Ne beach, choose a hotel with a beautiful view and rest for dinner.

Some Bottom Lines

Apply for a long day trip from Saigon to Mui Ne by motorbike that promises to bring you great experiences, especially in hot summer weather like these days. 

Although the road to travel during the journey is extremely smooth, always ensure that you will not encounter any problems along the way.

We hope you have enough useful information for a motorbike beach trip through this article. Share this article with your friends to get ready for the most memorable trip of your life right now!

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