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We let adventure awaits with the Southern Enduro Trip Da Lat to Phan Thiet within 5 days!
Postpone your monotony and get a quick change of scenery. It's not just a new place you're escaping to; it's also the bliss you'll feel when you're tearing through the landscape strapped in on a dirt bike. Southern Vietnam is home to exotic beauties, surrounded by seas, jungles, and rivers.

Tour Highlights

On this Southern Off-road and Enduro Trip Da Lat to Phan Thiet 5 days, we will ride through the jungle on this southern Vietnam off-road motorcycle excursion, climbing mountains and descending deep into valleys on a little trail bike.

We'll journey from city to city, trampling everything in our path — including rock, sand, and water! There will be five days to explore Sai Gon, Nam Cat Tien, Da Lat, Phan Thiet, and Mui Ne. 

Great challenges will be waiting for us. But if you make it through all of them, you will have a great time camping with friends and family on top of the mountain at last!

  • Camping.
  • Off-road riding.
  • Dakar Rally Game.
  • Conquer the most difficult biking tracks in southern Vietnam

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Saigon – Nam Cat Tien

The trip out of Ho Chi Minh City (we had to stop at the market!) and onto a lengthy dirt road that brought us to Ma Da and Phu Ly, two key places on our itinerary, was the first step toward our thrilling excursion to Nam Cat Tien National Park. 

The eight million-hectare park is home to various animals, including rare predators, birds, and monkeys! There were new piles of mud waiting for our exhausted wheels at every curve on the road or jagged boulders just out of reach that we had to be extra cautious around.


Distance: 190 km 

Nam Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, August 17, 2019: Riders are exploring tropical forests by specialized trucks in the nature reserve of Nam Cat Tien National Park, Southern Vietnam

Day 2: From Nam Cat Tien To Da Lat

The next day, we rode to Da Lat, a mini-Paris with a pleasant climate and abundance of flora. Visitors will be able to observe extremely complex gear used to manage water flow for crops such as coffee farms and tea plants when we get to the M'Bri hydroelectric dam. 

There was a lot of gorgeous landscape on both sides of us, much when we went through Ta Nung Pass. We kept riding our motorcycles even though the scenery appeared so far away.  


Distance: 220 km 

Ta Nung pass in Da Lat city, central highland Vietnam. The road is very quiet and the weather is beautiful

Day 3 From Da Lat To Ta Nang

Farewell Da Lat, and have exciting motorcycle tour to Ta Nang! We're here, riding up the hill among pine trees and beat tracks, talking about our hectic lives. At the summit of Ta Nang Mountain, Tay Village is where we stop for lunch with a family. 

It's all downhill from here (nearly too much!). The next stop will be the T-junction, where we will arrive at approximately 4 p.m. We are met with tents, sleeping bags, and open-air accommodation with BBQ parties when we arrive.

Brace yourselves for tomorrow, as our last day will come around faster than you think! 


Distance: 120 km ( 20 % on 80 % off )

Ta Nang- Phan Duong forest, South Vietnam motorcycle tour

Day 4: From Ta Nang To Phan Dung To Mui Ne

Let us get up as soon as the sun rises and drives to the beach. You will be taken for a walk on the soft sand and will be able to feel every step we take downhill through green woodland and brown meadows with views to the horizon. 

The sun will be scorching, yet it will not burn our skin. Our eyes can see how the water grows clearer and clearer blue and how the mountains are approaching closer with white tops. 

We may listen to the wind cooling down nature's buzzing cacophony all day and feel it kindly brushing our faces, hair, and arms.


Distance: 160 km ( 40 % on 60 % off )

Having fun along the way down to HCM city

Day 5 From Mui Ne To Saigon

Our Vietnam motorbike trips' breathtaking and thrilling conclusion will ride motorbike back to Saigon. We'll take you to the rural areas and woods around Cat Lai for some spectacular sights, picture opportunities, and scenic panoramas. 

This section emphasizes the activity-packed into our excursions to help make them even more interesting! 


Distance: 230 km


The Southern Enduro Trip Da Lat to Phan Thiet within 5 days offers one of the best off-road riding experiences you'll ever have! You can take on both the mountains and coast, which makes this trip worth it. The varied landscape coupled with the intense riding will give you an adventure of a lifetime.

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