No Route Like Mekong Motorbike Loop

Mekong Motorbike Loop


Mekong Motorbike Loop is a lifetime experience for any motorcyclist who loves the great rural landscape in Asia. Like rice paper sheets, the Mekong Delta is mostly flat. However, the western side near the Cambodian border, our favorite part of the area, is fortunate to have some high land. 

A little mountain range in An Giang emerges from the enormous Delta’s marshes and farmland plains. It’s maybe not strange that such mountains are revered because they are a geographical oddity. These are also buried in myth and have a rich history. 

The landscape is perhaps the most striking in the Delta, and the sights from the summits are spectacular due to the surrounding region’s flatness.

Phong Dien, Vietnam – A tourist on a boat tour takes photos of a vendor at the Phong Dien Floating Market near Can Tho in the Mekong Delta

No Route Like Mekong Motorbike Loop 

Preview Of The Tour

Total kilometers: 600km

Route: Ho Chi Minh city to Mekong Data

Duration: 3 to 6 days

Accommodation: Hotel + homestay

You will depart from Saigon, travels in a circle across the western portion of the site of floating marketplaces – the Mekong Delta- and takes a different path back to Saigon. 

We will follow alternate routes wherever feasible because main highways in the Delta may be congested. Therefore, the mountain Mekong Motorbike loop ride will be a much more enjoyable experience. We divide this manual into four parts to cover the 600km overall journey.

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Part 1: From Ho Chi Minh City To Long Xuyen

Distance: 215 km

Riding time: About 3.51 hours

You need to get up early to start your Mekong Delta Motorbike Routes. 

Then, the My Loi Bridge offers the first riverside view, which is magnificent. Dawn and twilight are when most landscapes seem their finest. The theory applies well to the Mekong Delta. 

When the low light accentuates the mother earth nature shape, it concurrently makes ripples in the river, producing a scene that vanishes once the sun is up. No matter how often we visit the Delta, we never cease to be astounded at how crowded the rivers are. The magnificent complexity of the route makes it one of the best Vietnam motorbike tours.

After the bridge, the Delta truly begins to open out. After pausing for a break in My Tho’s lively streets, you can cross the Tien Giang River via the Mekong Delta Bridge – Rach Mieu. Then, turn right to DT883 when you reach the bridge’s end. 

The next stop is Vinh Long. The connecting route – QL80 to Sa Dec from Vinh Long is all trucks, dust, heat, and honking. Still, taking some riverside drinks in the river at Sa Dec will revive your energy before you rejoin QL80 & continue crisscrossing the terrain to Long Xuyen. 

From Ho Chi Minh City To Long Xuyen
Can Tho bridge, Can Tho city, Vietnam, aerial view. Can Tho bridge is famous bridge in Mekong delta, Vietnam.

Part 2: From Nui Sap To Tuc Dup Hill

Distance: 75 km

Riding time: About 1.03 hours

Nui Sap is the smallest mountain in the Mekong mountains. It is also the smallest, located 25 kilometers from Long Xuyen’s southwest. 

Given the steep route that climbs the mountain, the landscape transition occurs fairly rapidly. Some of the mountains appear majestically, while others will hide behind the foliage. It is ideal for sitting on a summit to take in the scenery.

Now, you are about to reach the next mountain. Along the canal’s banks, interesting wooden buildings with blue porches appear as the road grows narrower and kids start shouting, “hello!” – it is time you come to Nui Ba The. 

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The Mekong Delta seems from the mountaintop to be nothing more than a landscape of green, divided by the water feature. There are holy caves, temples, graves, and a monastery perched on a mountain. 

You can visit the Oc Eo market for some street snacks and spend the night at one of the homestays at the mountain base!

The first 10 kilometers of the third mountain’s route are quite scenic but also very rough. Turn left into a charming small road that rounds the bases of the Tuc Dup mountains. 

From Nui Sap To Tuc Dup Hill
MEKONG, VIETNAM -Boats in the Port of Long Xuyen, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Asia

Part 3: From Nui Cam To Nui Sam 

Distance: 90 km

Riding time: About 1 hour

The tallest peak – 716m of the Mekong region is Nui Cam, which translates as Forbidden Mountain. Because of all the high land nearby, the place is unquestionably the most picturesque in the entire area. 

The local food that will bring a smile to your face after a long day of riding is scrumptious lemongrass-stuffed grilled frogs and thốt nốt drink. If you want vegetarian food, it is also available. You can then look at Ba Chuc village and the museum around the area for more history! Next, move on to Nui Sam on dyke road. 

Nui Sam is the most well-known and ornate mountain. Despite its popularity, Nui Sam is on the list of Mekong’s smallest mountains. Hence, the numerous religious buildings compete for the room on the crammed mountainside. 

You can find the food and accommodation at the mountain base easily. Again, in the famous area, be double careful for your own sake. 

If any of the lodges are not what you are looking for, you can go further kilometers to Chau Doc. It is a vibrant Mekong river city that will surely satisfy you!

From Nui Cam To Nui Sam 
View from Victoria Hotel Nui Sam

Part 4: From Chau Doc To Sai Gon

Distance: 250 km

Riding time: About 5 hour

Here comes the last part. You will need to take a ferry trip to come to Chau Giang from Chau Doc. Then, move on in TL953 to Tan Chau, take a ferry again, and continue to Dong Thap Province. 

The environment is rice paddy-filled and flat, with a vast rainy-season sky above it. Hong Ngu, an infrequently seen Mekong Delta village rich in cuisine and trade, is another traditional, active Mekong Delta township. You should not miss the chance to try the rotisserie meats on the market – it is delectable!

After traveling for about 30 minutes toward Hong Ngu’s south, take a left onto DT844. The “shortcut” to Saigon is via this route. Subsequently, come to Tan Thanh and join Ho Chi Minh road.

Just as you’re about to enter the city undetected, you come upon the awful Duc Hoa – that is the sign you are in the Sai Gon area! Your journey ends here. 

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That is the Mekong Motorbike Loop. Spend a week on the itinerary design, and you will feel deliriously happy because you will have the best time in your living life. Diversified landscape and structure, good food, and a swinging mood will awaken every cell in your body, even sometimes on the road when the weather is inclement. We wish you a good trip to the Mekong area when you find the motorcycle tour. Don’t forget to check more Vietnam motorbike tours on our site for more pick-up. Thank you!

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