Motorbike Rentals In Vietnam: Foreign Tourists Need To Know

Motorbike Rentals In Vietnam


A motorcycle trip in Vietnam will be a lifetime memory for tourists, let alone foreign people. But first, you will need to find a legit rental company to have wonderful motorbike tours in Vietnam. 

If you are a newcomer, the article will give you every essential information about motorbike rentals in Vietnam. Scroll down and check it.

Motorbike Rentals in Vietnam: Can You Rent A Bike?

Yes, you can. There are many rental locations in Vietnam, allowing you to rent their bikes for days or months. Be it a motorbike rental in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or a lesser-known city, you can hire a bike there. But you must have a motorbike license to make your rental acceptable. 

In Vietnam, you can find hundreds of motorbike rental services in famous beauty spots or major cities. However, the number of reliable motorbike rental stores is not as many as you think. 

You should search for valid rental bikes on websites of online travel agencies or opt for the stores having nice comments about them on the Internet.

Motorbike Rentals in Vietnam: Can You Rent A Bike?
Honda CRF300L – Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

The Benefits Of Hiring A Motorbike Instead Of Buying One

Is taking a motorcycle trip in Vietnam more convenient and budget-saving by renting a motorbike or buying it? We bet that this is a common question among every foreigner coming to Vietnam for an amazon riding experience. 

#1 Complicated Procedures For Buying

An international tourist must obey a bunch of rules when buying a motorbike in Vietnam. Here, we are mentioning the “tourist,” which means you won’t live or stay in Vietnam for years. 

For this reason, it will be such a time-consuming procedure when trying to own a motorbike in this Southeast Asian country. In contrast, if you have a stable job in Vietnam and tend to stay there for years, it is highly recommended to purchase a motorbike for daily transportation.

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#2 The Reasonable Price Of Renting A Motorbike In Vietnam

The longer you rent motorbikes, the cheaper the rental prices are. You must spend at least a few hundred dollars to buy a decent motorbike for casual transportation. Yet, the amount needed for Vietnam motorcycle rental is about a few dollars. 

As a matter of fact, you won’t use the motorbike on your whole trip. So, it can be a waste of money when buying a motorbike and leaving it unused. 

The Reasonable Price Of Renting A Motorbike In Vietnam
Rent Honda CRF250L trail bike in Vietnam

#3 Flexible Transportation

Motorbike routes in Vietnam can range from smooth paved to steep and rough roads. Therefore, if you find road terrains too challenging for your driving skills, you can choose other means of transportation like buses or trains. 

However, foreign tourists renting a motorbike can switch between vehicles more easily than tourists owning a bike. People buying a motorcycle will struggle to carry their bike with them when opting for other means of transport. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Motorcycle In Vietnam?

Rental prices in Vietnam will fluctuate due to your renting period:

  • If you rent motorcycle Vietnam for hours, the rental prices are about $5 – $8 per hour.
  • If you rent a motorbike for days, the rental prices will be around $45-$60 per day.
  • If you rent a motorcycle for months, the rental prices are from $150 to $300 per month. FYI ( Depending which bike )

The price will sometimes depend on the rental services you choose. High-quality service may come with higher prices than usual because they can cover other costs like insurance or unexpected mechanical issues of the motorbike. 

On the contrary, unauthorized rental services offer lower prices and faster rental procedures. The reason is that they want to trick foreign people into paying money for low-grade and unsafe motorbikes. Using inadequate motorbikes will ruin your motorcycle tours. 

Is A Driver’s License Compulsory To Rent A Motorbike In Vietnam?


The Vietnamese Government has enforced a law that anyone, even foreign people, must possess a motorbike license to control a more-than-50cc motorbike on the streets. 

Honestly, motorbikes used for motorcycle tours in Vietnam are mostly from 150cc, so it’s compulsory for you to have a driver’s license to rent and control a motorbike in this country.

If foreign people come to Vietnam and want to rent a motorbike, they must follow the motorbike license converting procedures from an international license to a Vietnam license. 

However, these procedures can be complicated for international tourists staying in Vietnam for weeks. Hence, you can save time by driving a 50cc scooter or electric motorbike without having a license. 

Is A Driver’s License Compulsory To Rent A Motorbike In Vietnam?
Vietnam motorbike tours on single track

Don’t risk your life by driving a motorbike in Vietnam without having a valid motorbike license by your side. The traffic police can check your license when you go against the transport laws. 

More seriously, if you caused an accident resulting in a fatal consequence while driving a more-than-50cc motorbike without a license, you could be put in jail, no matter your nationality. 

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Tips On Having A Safe Riding Experience With A Rented Motorbike

Besides finding a legit rental bike service to have a reliable motorcycle, you should focus on some points below:

  • Never forget to wear a helmet when participating in traffic. In Vietnam, the entire country must obey the rule of wearing helmets when controlling or sitting on a vehicle, except for bicycles.
  • You should learn by heart some common traffic laws to avoid getting fined by the traffic police. There won’t be any exceptions for foreign people. 
  • You should lock your rented motorbike no matter where you park it, outside or in your house. 
  • Be careful when riding your motorbike under rainy weather in Vietnam, especially when renting motorbike in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. These two metropolises frequently face floods during the rainy season.
Tips On Having A Safe Riding Experience With A Rented Motorbike
Busy traffic in Hanoi

Bottom Lines

You can enjoy the breathtaking and pristine sights of Vietnam when taking a motorbike tour in this country. And opting for high-quality motorbike rentals in Vietnam can significantly add up to the comfort of the trip. 

Now you know the fundamental information about renting a motorbike in Vietnam. What to wait for but not to join a motorcycle trip in the beautiful Southeast Asian country?

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