How to ride a motorcycle: Easy guides for the begginer

how to ride motorcycle 1

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours offers a varried of guide of How to ride a Motorbike in Vietnam for for both experienced and inexperienced riders from all over the world. VMT  are Vietnam Motorbike Tour Experts since 2009. We offer all dirt bike tours in Vietnam with latest Honda motorcycles. If you are NEW RIDER then please […]

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Riding License: A quick guideline for the foreigner

Vietnamese motorbike driving license

Coming to Vietnam for a bike tour and wondering can foreigner rider ride motorbike in Vietnam without Riding License! If an international license valid in Vietnam or how does it work? Firstly, none of foreign driving licenses is valid in Vietnam, including your home country license. However, we don’t require a motorbike driving license to […]

The reason why you should have a Honda Motorcycle

Honda Motorcycle

When you are looking for a great motorcycle, you may want to try the Honda motorcycle. Honda motorcycles, scooters by far one of the most famous brands in Vietnam. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is always choose Honda motorcycle/ Honda dirt bikes for all motorcycle tours in Vietnam. How to choose a Honda Motorcycle When you are […]