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International Driving License And Vietnamese Riding

International Driving License And Vietnamese Riding

Introduction Both an International driving license and a motorcycle license from your home country are required to drive lawfully in Vietnam.  In Vietnam, driving without a permit is widespread and accepted, and dealing with the cops will just cost you some coffee. Nevertheless, having all your paperwork in order becomes more crucial if you drive […]

Motorcycle License: How to obtain it quickly in 1 month

Motorcycle License

To operate a motorcycle on streets, an individual must obtain a motorcycle license. You do not need a license to operate a dirt bike as long as you keep it off of the streets. The procedure for doing so varies by state. In most states, you can obtain one at the age of 16, the […]

10+ Vietnam Motorbike Riding License: A quick guideline for the foreigner

Vietnamese motorbike driving license

Coming to Vietnam for a bike tour and wondering can foreigner rider ride motorbike in Vietnam without Riding License! If an international license valid in Vietnam or how does it work? Firstly, none of foreign driving licenses is valid in Vietnam, including your home country license. However, we don’t require a motorbike driving license to […]