Off-Road And Enduro Motorbike Riding In South Vietnam

Off road


All of the off-road motorcycle trips I took in Vietnam’s South are detailed in this blog. After years of route research, hopefully, these maps will encourage more people to see Vietnam’s magnificent land outside the usual tourist destinations. 

If you find it hard to tackle these maps, we are here to provide you with details on South Vietnam off-road motorbike tours! Let’s scroll down for more details now! 

Off-Road And Enduro Motorbike Riding In South Vietnam
The boat man is carrying his bike on boat on Mekong Delta

Off road in the South of Vietnam

Offroading in South Vietnam Disclaimer

Most of these are Enduro-based trips. It’s difficult for most readers to complete them on their own. 

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Please be aware some lines depicted here are far from civilization, so be prepared and bring lots of food and water. If you try the route and then fail, you should contact Tigit to set up memorable off-road south Vietnam motorbike tours.

N.B. Before starting your journeys, you should know how to read and understand the map.

One Day Motorbike Tour To Dong Nai

One Day Motorbike Tour To Dong Nai
Sunrise over the lake in Tri An, Dong Nai province, Vietnam.

Dong Nai is the best place to ride for a single day. This place is out of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), taking about 1.5-hour to arrive. Countless zigzag routes along the way may leave you with an interesting driving experience. Weekly, riders mainly go to Dong Nai on Sunday for a single day of off-road riding.

This riding route consists of different types of terrain for you to experience. Sandy trails, muddy tracks, and rough paths are all available. However, due to the constant presence of urban development, you may find it a little disappointing. Honestly, it doesn’t affect the whole experience, so don’t worry. Moreover, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours offers this off-road motorbike bike tour, which will assist you through the challenges and even modify the route according to your experience.

Two-Day Ride To Nam Cat Tien National Park

Two-Day Ride To Nam Cat Tien National Park
Off-roading motorbike trip in central highland of Vietnam

Cat Tien is one of the most popular paths for learning to ride off-road. Newbies can use this route in practicing years before growing bored of Cat Tien’s muddy terrain. The journey from Saigon to Cat Tien, a famous Vietnam National Park, only needs approximately 1.5-hour to drive.

Following the route of DT761, Cat Tien brings the travelers the beautiful experience and breathtaking view of being deep in the tropical jungle. Besides, the sweltering tropical heat with some large puddles offers explorers new feelings compared to the temperate climate.

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Because of its ideal location on the riverbank, Cat Tien is a pleasant spot to stay and explore. There are many accommodation types and options for you to choose from. Most of them follow the foreigners’ preferences and standards. Moreover, on the way back to HCMC, riders have the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful banana and pineapple fields.

off road 5 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Nam Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. Riders are exploring tropical forests by specialized trucks in the nature reserve of Nam Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

About the weather, Cat Tien might be difficult for riders during the rainy season. Particularly, the moist clay acts like ice, which is pretty slippery. There may be big ruts that can swallow your motorcycle. 

At this point, the clay is very heavy. When it gets lodged over the bike, it may put a rider’s life in danger. So, the advice here is that riders should be careful to go to Cat Tien during the wet months. 

In fact, most experienced motorcyclists won’t feel comfortable riding during that time of year. On the other hand, Cat Tien offers quicksand terrain during the dry seasons. A sandy surface with rocks underlying creates a great practicing environment for any rider.

Two-Day Motorbike Tour To Lagi Beach

Lagi is one of the favorite weekend places for many explorers. An amazing transformation occurs during the ride. This route has interesting muddy trails, then beautiful rubber plantations, and later to the beach. It is suitable in all circumstances and for many motorists. The route also offers high-speed and open sections, bringing drivers a comfortable zone.

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Unfortunately, the accommodation here is still in shortage. However, having a BBQ and spending the night at the seaside is pretty ideal and memorable.

In the early morning, you may discover the beach’s splendor. After then, continue into deep and white sand.

Two-Day Motorbike Tour To Lagi Beach
Beach Lagi, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam

Dalat – The Comfort Space

The Yellow drawn line, which links Cat Tien and Bao Loc, is where the distance begins. This route is quite challenging and far away. Without much prior experience, you should not try as you may get lost in the forest.

Next, we join the Brown set at Bao Loc to the Northeast, which leads to beautiful plantations and enjoyable routes for riders of all skill levels. Then, the scenery soon changes to delightful pine forests. At this point, we continue to the North of the brown or yellow line, passing through a region of Vietnam with many single-track roads flanked by lovely farms.

Dalat - The Comfort Space
Pongour (Elephant) waterfall near Dalat, Vietnam

We keep on the DT722, one of Vietnam’s top trails. Recently, as the route’s development gradually occurs between the distance between Buon Me Thuot (Dak Lak) and Dalat, it has become simpler and less challenging. However, it is still a difficult single-track path. This road is a top-of-mind option for beginners to intermediate off-roaders.

Ta Nang – A Challenging Trail

Ta Nang, renowned for being a challenging trekking route, requires real warriors. To be honest, this place demands a serious manner and experience to conquer. In recent years, two undesirable accidents have occurred in this National Park. Without a team of experienced riders, anyone should not try it. In some cases, you may get stuck if you don’t have any mechanical or survival skills.

I advise taking a one-day trip called “The Ridgeline” from Dalat. This test assesses whether your team is equipped enough to take on Ta Nang.

Ta Nang - A Challenging Trail
Off-road riding Ta Nang – Phan Dung

Ta Nang, located in Lam Dong province, is a gorgeous region, an ideal outdoor scene for mountain biking and hiking. Besides, it has breathtaking rolling hills, leaving your memories of spectacular scenes. The fresh air and the lush scent are also attractive to many nature lovers.

Central Highland Discovery

This central highland discovery trail is one of Vietnam’s most fantastic rides through sandy and stony ground. As you can see, the purple color on the chart represents most of the routes I took. Although the ride is difficult as it takes you away from locals and civilization, it never takes you too distant.

We had some troubles on this trip because of the rain, wet weather, and motorcycles. However, it is still the most-liked experience of route discovery until now. 

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From Dalat (Lam Dong), we ride for five days to arrive at Buon Me Thuot. Vietnam’s central highlands region is generally rural, so the roads aren’t well-tested. Without prior experience, you shouldn’t try this venture.

Central Highland Discovery


In conclusion, there are many places for you to take off road and enduro motorbike riding in south Vietnam, from beautiful beaches to majestic mountains. Riders should prepare well before starting any journeys. 

In case of lack of experience, you should arrange with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to have amazing trips. Hope you find the above useful! If you find our info useful for your preference, do not forget to follow our blog for more interesting travel blogs! 

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