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Through TV, magazines, and cinematic masterpieces, Sapa appears fascinating on its own. Many have attempted trips to Sapa by motorbike to see firsthand the magnificence.

This article will guide you through your trip’s top four places to visit. Let’s begin!

Sapa By Motorbike Intro
David and Robbie on top of Sapa heaven gate

Sapa By Motorbike Tours: Top Places To Visit  

O Quy Ho Village – Sapa Motorbike Tours

The famous O Quy Ho pass is 17 kilometers from Sapa. You can use highway 4D to ride to O Quy Ho Pass.

O Quy Ho Pass, with a length of up to 50 km and an elevation of above 2000 m, is a well-known location for intrepid visitors.

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Intrepid visitors are no strangers to O Quy Ho Pass, which is 2000m higher above sea waters. The pass alone covers a length of 40 km. Its peak connects Lao Cai and Lai Chau, from which you can see the Hoang Lien Son range.

Let me tell you; there’s nothing better than crossing O Quy Ho on a sunny day. Not only will you be entranced by the natural, mountainous scenery, but the fresh air will also make you feel alive. 

O Quy Ho Village - Sapa Motorbike Tours
Family tribal mother and children girl in rice terraces,Tu Le, Yen Bai,Vietnam.

On the day my fella and I arrived, we had the privilege to enjoy a sunny-foggy situation from the O Quy Ho’s top, where the Lao Cai part shone brightly, yet the other side – Lai Chau, was full of morning fog. I bet you can’t experience this wonder anywhere else, but only a trip riding Northwest Vietnam can afford you so.

Dotted by small villages, the O Quy Ho Village lies peacefully among sloppy mountains. From there, you can see the peak of Fansipan, coded “The Roof of Indochina,” thanks to its incredible height.

And on cold, freezing days, O Quy Ho gets covered in a thick, white layer of snow. Its peripheral greenery, however, is still visible under the snowy coats.

Sapa By Motorbike Tours: Top Places To Visit  
Scenic road to Thac Ba lake from Sapa

Y Ty – Sapa By Motorbike

Y Ty is 2,000 meters above sea water, resting its back on the mountain of Nhiu Co San. With a position high up in the clouds, the land is blessed with cold weather and temperate woodlands. 

The most difficult part for us when getting to Y Ty is its tricky location up in the clouds. There’s no easy way to reach the top without crossing a zig-zag, rugged, narrow path on our motorbike. But I assure you that after passing the most challenging lane, you’ll be welcomed by forests, greenery, and a small community of locals.  

Our experience here was one-of-a-kind. I felt immediately sucked into the small, close-knit ethnic environment the moment I got there. There was not a single moment of dullness as the village came into life. The overall infrastructure of Y Ty has also been drastically improved by the government’s planning and budget allocation in recent years. 

Y Ty - Sapa By Motorcycle
Stunning Thac Ba lake

Fortunately, the economic improvement didn’t mean the absolute erasure of original beauty. Y Ty is still extremely stunning in the uplands. 

With almost 800 families and 16 villages with four different ethnic groups (Mong, Ha Nhi, Dao, and Kinh), the area was among the most culturally and ethnically diverse I’ve ever visited. The vibrant life is one of the things that draws visitors, solo travelers, and explorers here.

When we set foot in this tradition-packed area in February, God blessed us that we encountered the Gau Tao festival of Mong people, which means “playing outdoors” in English. Our eyes were glued on the charming maids with colorful umbrellas dancing to the ear-catching rhythm of the traditional musical instrument called Khen.

Y Ty - Sapa By Motorbike
Scenic Mu Cang Chai rice terrace field

Sin Ho – Sapa Motorbike Routes

To get there, you can ride northwest on Road QL4D from Lai Chau to Phong Tho. Like many mountainous lanes, this road crosses large mountains before descending into a beautiful valley. Sin Ho, located at an elevation of nearly 1,000m (3,300ft) on a small plateau, can get very cold, especially at night. 

I was gradually drawn to the spanning terrace fields full of rice and corn. Hard-working locals were on their way to come back from work as it was sunset.

Sin Ho frequently experiences mist and light rain, much like Sapa. While the tranquility and secludedness resemble Y Ty, the town has its attractiveness in the cheerful ways people carry on with their daily tasks. Sin Ho’s town attracts a larger pool of tourists annually thanks to economic upgrades. 

Minority communities disperse throughout the mountainside. Sin Ho has a tremendous amount of tourism potential for its untouched beauty. The weather’s extreme variability gives its scenery an enigmatic and sad feeling.

I was very lucky to become one of the first groups of tourists to visit Sin Ho. Hopefully, it can still preserve the original beauty as more groups of tourists head to the site.

Sin Ho - Sapa Motorbike Routes
Anca, biker from Romany joined our 7 day Sapa motorbike trip from Hanoi

Mu Cang Chai – Sapa Motorbike Trip

Among many approaches, the most chosen means of transportation is by bus from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai, which takes about 3.5–4 hours. But we choose the off-the-beaten path on our two-wheeled buddies to really take in the vibe of this route.

Mu Cang Chai is about 300 kilometers west of Hanoi in the Yen Bai province. The small town’s wealth of sunshine, green forests, and friendly people captivate first-time visitors the most. It is also known for hosting many generations of the Mong ethnicity, who cultivate crops and excel in agricultural work in harsh weather conditions. 

Mu Cang Chai - Sapa Motorbike Trip
Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai Viet Nam

When I arrived, Mu Cang Chai’s paddy fields complemented the blue sky, spanning a whole horizon. The green squares leaned against the surrounding lush forest. 

With clean air and stunning natural vegetation, Mu Cang Chai easily took an important spot in my journey to Sapa by motorbike. 

If touring the Northern part of Vietnam can satisfy you, let’s spoil  your adventure soul with more Vietnam motorbike tours. We bet you will soon be hooked on the charm of this S-shaped country.

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Parting Thoughts

A trip to Sapa by motorbike remains a dream for many travelers. No matter your location, you can always explore the hidden wonders of the trip northwest of Vietnam.

Wear your helmet, pack your clothes, and prepare to take a Sapa motorcycle trip with us!

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