The Best Dirt Bike Tours In The World For Your Bucket List

the best dirt bike tours in the world


Off-road riding has gradually become popular, so new riders can find plenty of like-minded fellows willing to share hands-on experience for you. But what are the best dirt bike tours in the world?

To each his own,  but we have tried and scoured many forums to single out these 6 well-favored dirt routes to satiate your thrilling cravings. Scroll down to learn our comprehensive guide.

The Best Dirt Bike Tours In The World: Top 6 Not-To-Miss

The Best Dirt Bike Tours In The World: Top 6 Not-To-Miss
After Riding On A Muddy Trail in North Vietnam

The Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour

This route is an ideal challenge to test your driving skills before doing motorcycle tours worldwide. The Canadian Rockies offer relatively easy trails to amazing natural landscapes. Depending on the route you choose, there are always breathtaking views on the go to delight your eyes.

For example, Icefields Avenue from Jasper to Banff National Park runs along a brilliant slow-moving river. If you are blessed, you may bump into wild animals roaming freely at the forest’s edge. The landscape transforms into a different vibe when winter comes. The frozen lake covered with snow creates a scene of a lifetime.

The Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour
Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The mountain glacial Bow Lake with green water. The lake is surrounded by pine trees

If you want fresh air, consider the route between the three national parks of Kootenay, Banff, and Yoho. The trip brings you close to lush forests with rich ecosystems. A surprise gift for you in the middle of the route is a natural hot spring in the small town of Golden, BC.

The Stelvio Pass Motorcycle Ride

Experienced riders are no strangers to the Alps, known as the highest mountain ranges in Europe. If you plan on doing this challenge, we recommend the Stelvio Pass – from Prato allo Stelvio to the Bormio.

The narrow turns make your blood run cold because one side crosses the deep abyss. All your efforts pay off when you reach the top. The feeling of victory fuels the adrenaline flow inside once you reach the top. Part of the highest pass in the Eastern Alps, the route opens up panoramic views of the majestic mountains.

This motorbike trip is an ideal travel escape for weekends or short vacations. On the downside, some people don’t like the hustle and bustle of crowds at scenic spots or heavy traffic on the road. If so, it is best to make your trip during the week to enjoy the natural scenery fully. Continuing your adventure tour along the Umbrail Pass to Switzerland is also good.

The Infamous Golden Triangle Motorbike Tour In Laos

Motorcycling in the infamous Golden Triangle area is the best way to get away from the tall buildings in the busy center – which was what we experienced in 2022. Rough, rugged terrain, mainly on dirt roads leading to the remote provinces of Laos awakened our adventurous spirit and strengthened our driving skills. 

There were always obstacles on the way to destinations, but when we reached our stop, an interesting tour allowed us to learn about ancient cultural values in Laos. Those were all new to us – who have been familiar with modern metropoles and skyrocketing concrete jungles. 

The Infamous Golden Triangle Motorbike Tour In Laos
Muang Long village in the golden triangle, Luang Namtha North Laos China Burma Thailand, small town in river valley with scenic mist and fog. Motorcycle trips in Laos take you to remote areas

It would help if you started in Luang Prabang and then moved along the Mekong River as we did. The paved roads led us to tall, mist-covered mountains and attractions from the French colonial era.

Difficulties along the way might put you off, but everything will be rewarded as you have a new day in Houay Xai. You must control your vehicle well to overcome countless terrain roads and endless trail systems. Bad road conditions may knock you down but try to take your last breath.

As soon as we reached the rustic countryside, our team all admired the stunning natural landscapes. Friendly locals were always ready to introduce us to their hidden wonders or let us join their unique cultural activities.

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Oman Road Motorcycle Path

Adventurous motorcyclists who have visited Oman can’t help but fall in love with it. Located between two Middle Eastern countries, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, this small country possesses a charming yet fierce character – contrasting vibes to fascinate the discerning traveler.

No matter what you look for in your epic adventure, there’s always something to spoil you. Oman is famous for its diversity of landscapes, from mountain peaks and deserts to picturesque beaches. 

If you want to engage in majestic mountain scenery, prepare to conquer one of the world’s most challenging mountain passes from Nizw to Rustaq. The hair-raising slope, along with the rough terrain, frustrated many participants.

Do you love the cool breeze from the coast, switch to the Muscat – Salalah motorbike route? Get ready to move between giant dunes dotted with camels and then stop at peaceful fishing villages. Try to get to the beaches to enjoy the marvelous sunset views.

The Mojave Desert Motorbike Route

The trip to the south from Las Vegas takes you off the pavement. If you are looking for a luxury vacation, get out of here. In contrast, this option throws you some off-road challenges, dirt, thrill, and spills. 

One thing is for sure: this is not a good choice for the inexperienced. Rocky trails interspersed with some rough racings require a wealth of experience to get you to the finish line.

Right from the start, you can’t let your mind rest. Dirt roads extend unthinkingly through vast desert areas and rocky mountain ranges. The hardest part comes when you enter the Hidden Valley. Your motorcycle gets very close to the dead lava beds. At the same time, you can also take in the wonders of nature, such as the McCullough Mountains or the Roach dry lake.

You can only calm down when you reach the final stop. Another hindrance to this journey is the hot, dry climate. Hence, apply a lot of sunscreen, wear riding gear, and prepare a large water bottle.

The Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Trips

In the same year when we visited Laos – 2022, we decided to push our limits to cross the border and set foot on beautiful Vietnam. But instead of heading south, the northern motorbike route was what we chose, and this was not something light-hearted souls could take the first taste.

The passes and hills in the North of Vietnam were difficult but exciting experiences for adventurous motorcyclists like us. All my fellows had to admit that the northern trails ignite their curiosity and courage even more than when in Laos. The 3000 km long journey through many localities and endless natural scenes left countless unforgettable memories for any of us.

The Best Dirt Bike Tours In The World For Your Bucket List the best dirt bike tours in the world 5 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Bamboo raft in Ha Giang, North Vietnam

This was the first time we were involved in Vietnam dirtbike tours in Ha Giang province, and everything was worth it. We drove from Dong Van to Meo Vac through the legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass. Defined by the locals as the “roof of the house,” it has proven the danger of this route. 

Our hearts were pounding hard whenever we made an off-camber hairpin and didn’t know what was waiting ahead. The steep slopes with large inclines one after another hid the danger of accidents, especially on days of extreme weather.

However, we were rewarded with a panoramic view reminiscent of a masterpiece oil painting. The limestone mountain peaks peek out behind the dense clouds while the gentle river runs below the abyss. We also loved the entire wonderful scenery adorned with a vibrant flower mat. The full vitality of the surrounding things sprouted into us, an endless source of inspiration to cut away all the fatigue and grief of the past.

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We have tried to compile the best dirt bike tours in the world for your reference. If we have to pick one out, we will definitely come back to dirtbike tours in Vietnam hundreds of times to explore every corner of this beautiful country. If you are also curious about our wonderful experiences in Vietnam, do not hesitate to follow our blog for more information.

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