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Vietnam On Motorbike


Visiting a foreign destination is always a worthwhile yet challenging experience. Numerous questions arise about adding a remote terrain and motorbike. Traveling to Vietnam is a prime example. This nation is well-known for the most spectacular views with unforgettable motorbiking tours. The following article will focus on discussing how to navigate Vietnam on motorbike.

How To Choose The Best Back Roads In Vietnam?

How To Choose The Best Back Roads In Vietnam?
Remoted single track in Ha Giang

Here are some recommended resources that will assist you in making your decision on the best-motorbiking route through Vietnam:

  • Vietnamese routes & maps: These resources look deeply into the most famous and wonderful routes. Plus, the maps also outline the direction clearly.
  • Saigon motorbike loops: If you plan to travel around the South of Vietnam and Saigon, use these resources. They will offer ease of planning and help you choose the great traveling temperature.
  • Hanoi & Vietnam’s North: The name is no longer a strange name for experienced travelers. This guide organizes one of the best adventure holidays. 
  • Hanoi – Saigon by motorbike: Looking forward to driving along Vietnam’s length? This trusty instruction will endow you with a rewarding experience.
  • Vietnam backroads: This widely known Facebook group provides valuable information about current weather and road conditions around Vietnam. All the questions about traveling will be well answered in this group.

Travel Distances In Vietnam

Some travelers use Google Maps to calculate their travel distances. Yet, the most accurate figure should be double this predicted figure from Google Maps. 

Travel Distances In Vietnam
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

This is because this app doesn’t allow you to make numerous turns and twists during the trip. Here are some tips to navigate Vietnam:

  • Timing on Google Maps should be tripled or doubled to get the accurate time.
  • You can travel 150 to 200 kilometers per day on 150cc models or below.
  • You can achieve 300 kilometers when traveling on above 150cc models.
  • There are motels/hotels and hostels available on every corner. Thus, don’t be afraid or panic when you fail to get to the intended destination.
  • Include pictures and coffee breaks to have a full relaxing day.

Here are recommended calendar days among Vietnam destinations:

  • Ho Chi Minh to Danang: 7 to 10 days
  • Hanoi – Danang: 7 to 10 days
  • Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi: 20 to 25 days
  • The North above Hanoi: 1-3 weeks

Police In Vietnam

Obeying the law is the best approach you can do once you come to this country. Mui Ne police trap will be worth your attention – it is easy to see police lining up and waiting there along the way.

If you accidentally break the highway speed of 40km/h, you risk losing a lot of money. Don’t forget to spare some Vietnamese money. The fine ranges from 10 USD to 150 USD.

Vietnam On Motorbike
Dirt road riding in northern Vietnam: Riding here we just worry about pig, buffalo, dog running

Is It Safe To Motorbike In Vietnam?

The Vietnamese often drive slowly. That’s why it is unlikely to catch someone driving around the area at 60km/h. There are frequent crashes, yet at this low speed, they are not life-threatening.

It is not expected for vehicles to commute too fast. Besides, there are some domestic animals like dogs and cats running around. They are some main causes of crashes, so keep an eye on them.

A semiautomatic scooter will be a great alternative if you don’t want to make a motorbike experience.

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Best Time To Travel In Vietnam

Best Time To Travel In Vietnam
Beautiful step of rice terrace paddle field in sunset and dawn at Mam Xoi hill, Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam. Mu Cang Chai is beautiful in nature place in Vietnam

The weather conditions here are always challenging to predict. Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that everywhere is hot in Vietnam. The South and beaches can give you a pleasant feeling all year round. 

Due to that reason, motorbiking around Vietnam means you have to prepare all the necessary elements, including the rain, the blazing sun, and unexpected storms. Choosing a suitable visiting time is of utmost importance. 

More Vietnam Motorbike Tours FAQS 

Vietnam boasts a wide range of mountains while showing a sub-tropical and tropical region. For this reason, the country has drastically variable temperatures.

The best driving times through Vietnam are March & April. These two months experience the best weather conditions so that you can prepare for the journey.

Here are some typical weather patterns across Vietnam:

Monthly Southern of Vietnam:

  • Saigon: The weather here is often expected to be hot. Therefore, it would be better to prepare light clothing to enjoy some trips there.
  • Da Nang: The rainy season around the South is July – October.
  • Dangerous seasons: Cyclones and typhoons can occur in Vietnam’s middle sections September – December. They are not frequent; yet, you should prepare for all possibilities.
Monthly Southern of Vietnam:
Sunset in Halong Bay

Monthly Northern Of Vietnam:

  • March-May: This period can offer a calm and enjoyable travel experience.
  • June-August: It is the wet season, so don’t forget to pack the rain gear.
  • December-February: Snow falls in some areas during this cold time.

Especially in Hue, the best traveling time is from August to September. The weather is stable with the blooming yellow paddy fields during this period.

Plan For The Seasons

Different climates and weather patterns require specific preparations. You cannot get rid of particular parts because of the unexpected season. All you need to do is prepare accordingly, then enjoy every moment.

The worst chance is a cyclone season. Bear in mind that a storm can last only two days. So, try and wait for it to last and continue the journey.

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During heavy rainfalls, you will appreciate the spectacular rivers & waterfalls. It is extraordinary, but if it is cold in the North, it is hot in the South. Each weather condition and season offers you a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Instead of avoiding irregular weather patterns, why not plan accordingly and indulge yourself in the most valuable moments?

Plan For The Seasons
Child tribal on cottage of happily in rice terraces for mountain


The article has guided you on how to navigate Vietnam on motorbike. The experience will surely be worthwhile and bring you home unforgettable lessons and memories. 

Prepare yourself, cope with the weather, then enjoy the breathtaking scenery in Vietnam!

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