Vietnam Riding Gears – What Should You Prepare?

Vietnam Riding Gears

Motorbike trips bring a lot of excitement and potential risks on the road. To have a safe and convenient trip, preparing luggage is very important. So what Vietnam riding gears will you need to bring when booking a motorbike tour in Vietnam? Follow us below to find the answer.

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Scenic View Of Ha Giang Adv Ride

Important Vietnam Riding Gears 


There are many reasons why the helmet is an essential item for backpackers. It helps to reflect your personality and increase strength, as well as helps ensure the safety of your trips while conquering the roads. There are many different types, the most common of which are:

Full-face helmet

It is a type that is highly effective in ensuring the safety of people who often go on long distances and on complex terrain, which comprehensively protects the entire head, face, chin, ears, and back of the neck, helping the wearer avoid injury if a collision occurs.

Off-road helmets

If you start Vietnam motorbike tours with a motocross, this model is the first choice. The biggest difference between it and full-face lies in the cap rim and the much longer chin guard.

This structure helps to better block the sun, sand, and dust from affecting the face. As it does not include a windshield, you will have to buy additional accessories to wear more.

Important Vietnam Riding Gears 
Motocross Helmet That You Should Bring For Motorbiking in Vietnam

Modular Helmets

This will be a very useful item, as it allows you to use it in ¾ form when traveling in the city or pull it down into a full-face hat when going out on the road.

However, the swivel joints and joints of this type of flip-up are often less stable than the solid form. If you prioritize safety and do not care much about other form factors, you should choose the traditional full face because it will have better protection.

A helmet will help provide the most safety for users when worn properly and firmly. The rule when choosing is not to choose the ones that are too wide or too tight because they will not be effective in protecting the head or create oppression.

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Riding Pants & Jackets

A good motorcycle protective suit not only helps the driver feel comfortable when driving in all weather, but also helps protect the body in case of an accident.

Specialized clothing can cost you a lot of money, but if you fall just once, the cost is many times higher. Therefore, to avoid possible serious injury, you need to pay close attention to the issue of clothing during the off-road motorbike journey.

In the case of an accident, khaki, plain cotton, or other sweat-wicking fabrics do not offer significant safety value. Fabrics that combine leather, polyester, nylon, etc., offer better protection, especially in high-speed collisions or when your body hits obstacles.

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It would help if you also chose designs with custom zippers, meshes, or air vents – They can help you cope with the heat of the summer and keep you warm in the cold winter.

The cheap pants or overalls often have rather small hips. In this case, you should wear an extra pair of short padded pants inside to protect those parts. 

Riding Pants & Jackets
Full Set For Riding In Vietnam Such As: Jacket, Pant and Dual Sport Helmet

Elbow & Knee Guards

Elbow and knee covers are indispensable in discovery trips, especially by motorbike, because they will help you in:

Protect joints: When impacted, the knee is the part that bears the entire weight of the body, so it is very vulnerable to injury, even breaking the knee bone. These armor pieces will help reduce external forces on your knees.

Avoid scratches and scratches: The sticker design of this item helps you firmly fix your knee, limiting software damage when slipping, falling, or colliding with obstacles on the road.

Elbow & Knee Guards
Rider Got Pant With Knee Pads

This protective armor gives users a dynamic and comfortable feeling. You can combine it with a variety of outfits. Otherwise, opt for models attached to the outfit if you need convenience and speed.

Some protective suits are water resistant and retain heat. Thanks to that, you can use them in cold or rainy weather conditions.


To ensure safety for the trip, in addition to equipping yourself with a quality helmet, a pair of gloves is also an indispensable component.

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Always Have Gloves When Joining Dirtbike Tours In Vietnam

When unfortunately falling, people will often use their hands to support. This makes them subject to strong impacts and vulnerable to severe damage when directly facing the road surface. Thus, it is very important to protect your hands while driving.

A well-fitting pair of gloves is the key to safety and comfort for the ride. Those that are too tight will limit hand movement and have less flexibility; On the other hand, those that are too wide and loose will easily bunch up, causing discomfort.


Noise-canceling earmuffs are one of the important riding gears to protect riders’ ears. The sound of traffic horns, the sound of engines, and the sound of wind when traveling at high speed can cause serious effects on your hearing.

Nowadays, there are many types of earplugs with different materials: young rubber, flexible silicone, and molded silicone. Choosing suitable material influences your comfort when using soundproofing and skin irritation. 

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Goggle For Eye Protection

Driving requires sharp eyesight, the ability to see clearly in different types of light, and good eye coordination. We need a specialized lens suitable for different environmental conditions to achieve this.

When you are on the road, the light rays reflected through the rearview mirror, glass of buildings, or wet pavement will blind you. As a result, visibility is reduced. That’s why you should choose polarized glasses to reduce glare significantly.

Polarized glasses make your eyes more comfortable when going out in the sun. At the same time, in foggy conditions, it also makes you see more clearly because of increased contrast and sharpness. 

Goggle For Eye Protection
Full Set Of Riding Jersey and Pant, Helmet with Goggle

Other Necessary Supplies 

Besides the above items, you also need some other items to protect your health and prevent injuries. Things you need to prepare to include boots, rain gear, face mask, super bright flashlight, rope, sleeping bag, etc. 

Things To Consider

Things To Consider
Summer Ride In Vietnam
( Just Jersey, Pants, Helmet, Gloves and Boots )

Motorbike Tours help you have a lot of experiences and learn how to handle situations on the road. To have the desired experience, preparation is extremely important. You should:

  • Make a list of things to bring
  • Select the necessary equipment and protective gear. It can be supplemented if there is a need during the trip.
  • Choose compact things, and combine many features.
  • Do not bring too many cumbersome and cumbersome things
  • Put all your belongings in one backpack


Above are suggestions about Vietnam riding gears that you will need for your trip. For newbies, preparation can take a while, but it’s essential to ensure you have a safe and productive ride.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Hope you have a great trip. Thanks for reading.

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