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Recently, Cao Bang has become a hot spot for tourism in North Vietnam. Motorbike tour to Cao Bang is not strange for local and foreign tourists. Vietnamese have no language barriers, so they can easily ask for instructions to travel to Cao Bang. 

Meanwhile, foreigners find it difficult to communicate with local people when they get lost on the way to Cao Bang. Therefore, we will introduce you to the ultimate guide on How To Get To Cao Bang By Motorbike

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A biker enjoy beauty of landscape in sunrise in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

How To Get To Cao Bang By Motorbike Overview

Choose whether you want to go to Cao Bang by motorbike in two days or one day. 

For one-day options, some suggested routes are Hanoi-Bac Kan – Cao Bang, Ha Noi – Bac Son – Cao Bang, or Hanoi – Lang Son – Cao Bang. 

If you prefer two-day motorbike trips, there are four recommended routes: Hanoi-Bac Kan-Cao Bang, Hanoi-Ba Be-Cao Bang, Hanoi-Bac Son-Cao Bang, Hanoi – Ba Be – Cao Bang. For more details, refer to the complete route map. 

About Cao Bang  

Cao Bang, one of the stunning provinces, where visitors should put their feet. There are lots of wonderful things here waiting for visitors to discover. 

How To Get To Cao Bang By Motorbike
Amazing Ban Gioc waterfall from the air

Particularly, you can admire the beauty of Cao Bang by visiting some destinations such as Ban Gioc waterfall, Phong Nam valley, Nui Thung mountain, Me Pja pass, Thang Hen lake, Phia Oac National Park, or Pac Bo relic. 

Complete Route Map 

One Day Options

Route 1: Hanoi, Bac Kan and Cao Bang

The route allows you to travel to Cao Bang fastest. First, you go towards Thai Nguyen through QL3, which is quite smooth to ride. The road gets smaller and more winding when you are closer to the North. Ideally, you will get to Bac Kan by lunchtime. 

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Sunset in Pac Ngoi village, Ba Be, Bac Kan

Then you start the motorbike journey to Cao Bang. Be careful when arrive in Na Phac; turn right onto QL3 instead of turning to the 279. Go further on the QL3; you capture a beautiful view of mountains along the way. 

Route 2: Hanoi, Bac Son and Cao Bang

You can take Highway 1 and get through Bac Ninh before heading for Bac Giang. In Bac Giang, you can stop to rest and have lunch. Turn into DT 243 and travel along this road until you get to Quinh Son village as well as Bac Son valley. Next, you pass Dong Khe and finally arrive at Cao Bang. 

Then, turn QL1b to Binh Gia, go through DT 226 to That Khe by Highway 4A. 

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Rice and rice field at Phong Nam village in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Route 3: Hanoi,  Lang Son and Cao Bang

You should leave Hanoi early as this route is quite long. Otherwise, you may need more than one day to complete the trip to Cao Bang. 

Following QL1A to go to Bac Giang.

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Bac Son valley, LangSon, VietNam is very beautiful landscape for photographer in July, this pic has taken in july 2016

Next, you continue riding to head towards Chi Lang – Lang Son province and then Dong Dang. At Dong Dang, get out of the town by NH4A and go straight to Dong Khe. This road is windy, tarmacked, and scenic. This route could be the most scenic routes of Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Two -Day Options

Route 1: Hanoi, Bac Kan and Cao Bang

This trip cannot be completed in just one day. It’s great to stay in Ba Be for two nights where you can do many activities.

Locate the airport and follow that direction, you will leave Hanoi. Then go straight to Thai Nguyen. Following QL3 then, you approach Cho Chu. Passing Cho Ra or Ba Be, you are in Cao Bang province.  

Route 2: Hanoi, Bac Son and Cao Bang

The route is quite long to take in one day. On day one, you will move on the main road to pass Bac Son. Ride along the smaller one on the second day and arrive at Cao Bang.

You will cross Chuong Duong or Long Bien bridge and go straight ahead to Bac Ninh. When arriving at Bac Giang,  enter Highway 37 and go through Bac Son.

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Mountains and rice field in Bacson, Lang Son, Vietnam

On the next day, still take the back roads before entering NH4A, connecting Cao Bang and Lang Son. After going through Tam Canh Pass – a road that guerrillas built with an interesting winding shape, you will reach Cao Bang.

Route 3: Hanoi, Lang Son and Cao Bang 

The road is quite easy to go. Again, you will pass Chuong Duong or Long Bien bridge. Next, you travel along AH1 straight towards Lang Son. For some people, this road is a bit boring to get on. If there is spare time, try to detour onto QL234B. 

When you take the AH1 road going to Cao Bang from Lang Son, then back to QL4A, you will see beautiful scenes along the way.

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Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Overnight Places For Each Stop 

Bac Kan

In Bac Kan, you can choose whether to stay in a hotel or at a homestay. Some hotels rated high are the Hotel Mountain States or Green hotel.

Ba Be Lake

As you stay in Lang Son, you can not miss visiting Dong Kinh Market, Ky Lua Market, Flag Pole, and Tam Thanh Cave. When selecting hotels to rest, some trustworthy hotels are Happy hotel or Song Long hotel. 

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Enjoyable Ba Be boating with 14 South African bikers

Bac Son

On the way to Bac Son, you can visit Mong Luc Temple, Bac Son Flower Valley, or Tam Canh Pass.

In Bac Son, you can stay overnight in Quai Son village. Check out some homestays there like Bac Son homestay or Duong Cong Chich homestay.

Lang Son

As you stay in Lang Son, you can not miss visiting market Dong Kinh or Ky Lua, Tam Thanh Cave and Flag Pole. When selecting hotels to rest, some trustworthy hotels are Song Long or Happy hotel.

That Khe

That Khe is a small town with a population of 5000 people. There are fewer hotel or food options. Some significant overnight accommodations are Bao Duong 2 or Hai Van hostel. 

Dong Khe 

Similar to That Khe, Dong Khe is a small town. During the resistance war against the French, it was named the site of the “Battle of Dong Khe”. If you go astray, you can see some surviving military structures.

Here you can rest overnight in hotels like Mai Hien hostel and Thach An hotel and enjoy local food at some restaurants. 

Final Thoughts 

In brief, this ultimate guide on how to get to Cao Bang can be helpful for foreigners during the motorcycle tour to Cao Bang. It helps you know the state of the road you will travel or where you can stop for breaks or stay overnight.

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