Amazing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes

Amazing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes

Many Vietnam motorbike tours in the year 2020 were called off or suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however, you can experience these activities this year. Within our country, you will get an opportunity to cruise on all kinds of roads, including tracks, footpaths, trails, secondary roads, and so forth. 

Currently, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours designed a collection of dirt bike tours for international visitors to widen the views of the Vietnamese cultures and beautiful sightseeings. Riding by motorbike in Vietnam, people can get a sense of freshness from the air, contrary to stuffy feelings when you travel by bus. Therefore, contact us, and we will give you some pieces of useful advice for one wonderful trip.

When you rent a motorbike in Vietnam from just 1 day to 30 days, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours can cater to distinct budgets and riding skills you have. Below are the most popular off-road motorbike routines, from the North to the South of Vietnam.

Offroad Vietnam motorcycle tours & rentals in the North

Offroad Vietnam motorcycle tours & rentals in the North
Single track in far north Vietnam


Whilst motorbike tours to the north of Vietnam offer high mountains, Southern Vietnam bike tours bring experiences in flat regions.

Ha Giang Motorbike Adventures

Ha Giang Motorbike Adventures
Amazing mountain landscape in Dong Van karst plateau global geological park, Ha Giang

In Ha Giang, the local people are friendly and authentic, together with the stunning scenery. As a matter of fact, the palatial but wild beauty of Ha Giang will impress you a lot, through such renowned destinations as Meo Vac, Dong Van Geopark, Ban Gioc waterfalls, and so on. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company is willing to design motorcycle tours combining on and off-road in Vietnam. 

Central North  Vietnam rider tours

Central North  Vietnam rider tours
Ta Xua, Son La / – 2/26/2018: Ta Xua clouds, “backbone dinosaurs”

There are a lot of beautiful landscapes, including scenic mountain roads, rice fields, and challenging tracks. Another name for this loop is Central North Roof Roads, due to the highest point of Fansipan top. 

On these Vietnam offroad motorbike tours, the striking highlights consist of Ta Xua dinosaur backbone, Sapa hill station, and Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields.

Vietnam motorcycle tours in the North-West

Vietnam motorcycle tours in the North-West
Dirtbike trip in northwest Vietnam

Some lesser-ridden parts of the track in Northern Vietnam are likely to be a big challenge for foreigners during Vietnam motorbike tours.  However, with the hydroelectric plants and new roads, things changed. In fact, there are many groups of occupants living in this part, probably more in comparison to any other areas in Vietnam.

Dirt Bike Tours in Ha Giang and the North-East of Vietnam

Dirt Bike Tours in Ha Giang and the North-East of Vietnam
Enduro Ha Giang Motorcycle Tour

This is mainly home to a vast number of hill tribal groups and gains popularity with the French Army (Highway 4). Additionally, Ban Gioc waterfalls and other stunning mountain passes will attract you a lot. Joining this adventure trip is considered as the way to conquer your limit and help you let your hair down better.

Halong Motorcycle Tours From Hanoi

Halong Motorcycle Tours From Hanoi
Sunset in Halong Bay

This is the chance to fancy your impressive cruise to the gorgeous backdrop of Halong Bay by motorcycles like no others did. Halong means ‘The place the dragon descends into the sea’ and was created by a great dragon from the mountains. Ha Long Bay is known for its crystal waters and thousands of islands topped by rainforests. This region is evaluated as the best destination for rock climbers, scuba divers; backpackers, and hikers in the world.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours – Top Out Door Thing to Do in Hanoi

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours - Top Out Door Thing to Do in Hanoi
Dirtbike tour in Hanoi countryside

If you pay for the motorbike rental to Hanoi Capital, you can visit some well-known pagodas such as Mia pagoda, Tay Phuong pagoda, Thay pagoda, and so on. Moreover, Hanoi’s old quarter is still a must-visit for a lot of visitors to get a deeper insight into the traditional culture and local cuisines. 

Recommended Tour:

Nha Trang Motorcycle Tours – Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Amazing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes amazing vietnam motorcycle tours routes 9
Amazing Nha Trang Beach

Because Nha Trang City is famous for plenty of splendid seascapes and landscapes, motorbikers can get a wide range of emotions when cruising on the coastal road. In addition, you will be strikingly impressed by friendly dwellers and various local specialties, particularly seafood. Let’s enjoy the fantastic moments with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company to fulfill your travel experiences better.

Da Lat  and southern Motorcycle Tours – Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Da Lat  and southern Motorcycle Tours - Vietnam Motorcycle Tours
Pass from Duc Trong district to Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat city, Lam Dong, southern loop Vietnam


The weather in Dalat tends to be quite sunny, less rainy, and stable around the year. It is really suitable for you to take part in motorcycle tours with your friends, especially in summer. Some interesting places are attracting many international visitors per year, including Mushroom Farm Village, K’ho minority village, Rice winemaking house, and Elephant waterfall.

Ho Chi Minh Trail – Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Amazing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes amazing vietnam motorcycle tours routes 11
View from top,Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

A lot of Vietnam motorbike tours to the historic Ho Chi Minh trail are designed by motorbike rental companies in our country. In fact, the Ho Chi Minh trail, a system of jungle paths and mountains, was constructed to eliminate troop attacks during the Vietnam war. Therefore, traveling on this trail will bring you a sense of danger due to degraded and crooked paths. You have enough experience and excellent skills for riding before joining Ho Chi Minh trail, ensuring your safety and health.


How to take Vietnam Motorcycle Tours?

Amazing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes amazing vietnam motorcycle tours routes 12
Heading to northern Vietnam for 8 days

There are some necessary conditions to join Vietnam Rider Tours, you should jot down all information listed below:

  • Blue card
  • Motorcycle Coverage
  • Motorbikes in good condition
  • Bike driving license
  • Motorcycle driving gear
  • Tips for safe driving

When you utilize services for dirt bike trips at Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Group, we will help you to have the best preparation at a good price. Moreover, you can register for a training course about driving skills before starting traveling anywhere in our country. At the present, we provide two mainstream kinds of motorbike tours namely guided tours and self-guided tours. Depending on your ability, you will have the best choice for yourself as well as your buddies.

Flicking through this article, you can gain more tips and reviews about motorbike tours in Vietnam. If you have any questions about these trips, you can contact us to receive the earliest feedback from Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. Our official website is, together with hotline +84 985 333 066. “Own your passion, conquer your dream”

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