Food Tours In Vietnam On Motorbike

Food Tours In Vietnam On Motorbike 2022 - Best For Your Holiday

If you come to Vietnam and want to learn more about Vietnamese culture, spending time doing a food tour by the scooters is never a bad idea. 

Vietnamese cuisine dates back well over 1,000 years, morphed and modified over the centuries into what we have today. So you can never imagine how diverse the offerings are. 

Our introduction to food tours in Vietnam on motorbike 2022 will help you find all the information you need to experience the diversity of Vietnamese food. We bet that after reading this article, you can’t wait to go on the trip. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Should You Ride A Motorbike To Explore Cuisine In Vietnam?

Most Vietnamese people move on two wheels. It would be fantastic to ride a scooter around the city and sample all of Vietnam’s street food like a genuine local. 

Traveling a motorbike in Vietnam will give you a sense of freedom. You can go wherever you want without dependence on other people.

Exploring Vietnam by motorbike, you can also have an opportunity to try street food. Riding scooters have a certain extent of flexibility, so you can stop to grab a dish of broken rice or a loaf of Banh Mi.

Furthermore, when going through the countryside or to regions off the beaten path, you will notice how different between fresh meals made by the locals and the standard cuisine served in a luxury restaurant are. Some ethnic communities specialize in a particular delicacy, so trust us, you will love their signature foods.

That’s why exploring Vietnamese cuisine on scooters is the best idea!

Why Should You Ride A Motorbike To Explore Cuisine In Vietnam?
Vietnamese famous pork sandwich- Banh Mi at street food vendor

Top Locations For Vietnam Food Tours 

Every area of Vietnam has distinctive flavors. Covering all of them needs a thick book. Here are the top three popular cities in the North, Center, and South. People consider them as excellent representatives of regional dishes! 


It’s difficult to have a lousy meal in Hanoi. The best local food in the capital is served at modest, one-dish eateries, generally, just open-air street-side establishments where you might wonder why a queue is snaking out the door. 

The ubiquitous Pho is available everywhere. And don’t forget to try “cha ca”, which is Hanoi’s famous spicy fish fry-up.

A gourmet tour on scooters allows you to stop by any restaurant or coffee shop, even if you’re in the middle of Hanoi’s crowded streets. You will sample a variety of Hanoian cuisine. The diversity of meals allows for adaptability to seasonal changes.

Top Locations For Vietnam Food Tours 
Fried Fish La Vong (Cha Ca La Vong)


One of the things that travelers should do when visiting Hue is to try the local cuisine. Hue, Vietnam’s ancient capital, has a great reputation for its unique food. It is well-known for its royal dishes, which were once given to kings and queens.

Not to mention, visitors will be able to taste hundreds of different street-style meals. It is a low-cost option so that you can try as many things as possible. You may ride your scooter to enjoy various specialties like Bun Bo Hue, pancaked, Beo Nam Loc, Com Hen, and so on.

And Hue is not as charming as it looks! The nightlife in Hue will also delight you with many different entertainment opportunities. Although the tranquility remains unruffled throughout the late hours, you may find a few bars keen to play host to the late sleepers.

Bun Bo Hue
Bun Bo Hue, one of the most famous dish in Hue city

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) is a paradise of street food that all foodies shouldn’t miss. As the most developed area in South Vietnam, Saigon wears a fancy look with many skyscrapers and buildings. The rushing pace is also part of such a dynamic city. Thus, riding scooters here can be the most thrilling!

Saigon is brimming with delicious cuisine. People from all across Vietnam come to live in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing with them delicacies from their hometowns that, over time, form the fascinating culinary scene of this metropolis. 

Vietnamese food, goi cuon is street food, roll that delicious, wrapped from shrimp, pork, vegetables, bun in rice paper, with accompaniments: sauce, chili, another name: salad roll, soft roll..Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnamese food, goi cuon is street food, roll that delicious, wrapped from shrimp, pork, vegetables, bun in rice paper, with accompaniments: sauce, chili, another name: salad roll, soft roll..

Best Food Tours In Vietnam On Motorbike 2022

Saigon Evening Food Tour by Scooter

Make the most of your time in Ho Chi Minh City by taking a private nighttime cuisine tour on a scooter through the city’s different districts. From exquisite archaic buildings to the blooming of a vast flower market, you can enjoy the tastes of Vietnam and come to know the city.

This evening trip contains everything you need for an experience and is adaptable to any type of dietary requirement. There is a wide variety of cuisine available, ranging from conventional pancakes to cool, sweet coconut. The trip is private and completely adaptable to your schedule.

Small-Group Street Food Lover By Motorbike

At a pocket-friendly price, you could enjoy a four-hour tour with a guide who is a real local foodie. The tour offers tourists the chance to “taste eight different local favorites, from noodle soup to ice-cold beer”.

On a four-hour street food tour of Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll visit small cafes serving traditional Vietnamese favorites. You ride by motorbike to several areas to enjoy a variety of cuisine and drink, as well as get an up-close look at Vietnam’s colorful street life.

Small-Group Street Food Lover By Motorbike
HANOI, VIETNAM – AUG 10, 2019: Tourists relax in the old town of Hanoi. This is a tourist nightlife center. An important part of Vietnam’s economy

Hanoi Street Food Tour Scooter – EXOTIC FOOD & CULTURE

This trip is a great way to explore Hanoi’s sights, scents, and tastes, as well as the city’s mood at night. This culinary trip takes food lovers beyond the tourist sites and away from the touristy eateries to see Hanoi’s lesser-known neighborhoods. 

Sometimes you follow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s culinary trails in Hanoi and go to places that only locals know about. Then you sift through the throngs and chaos of numerous local eateries to find the finest of the best for meals of a lifetime.

Best Food Tours In Vietnam On Motorbike 2022
Traditional vietnamese soup Pho Bo with beef and rice noodles


Do you enjoy traveling and eating Vietnamese food? Food tours in Vietnam on motorbike 2022 are what you are looking for!

Traveling is more than just moving from one nation to another. Exploring and befriending a country is an inspiring journey! This article walks you through the secret advice for selecting the greatest food tour with motorcycles. Hopefully, it will help you to have an interesting trip to Vietnam! To learn more about off-road motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Visit us at:

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