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Welcome to Vietnam's Northwest. This is a land of pagodas, terraces, mountains, rice fields, villages, and tiny cultural enclaves. Thus, enjoying 5 days motorbike tour from Ha Noi to Thac Ba Lake is a fantastic way to get to know its people and lifestyle.
Just pay 150 USD/day, you will get excellent motorbikes, friendly service, and the most pleasing possibilities in your travel life. Let's get started!

Full Itinerary

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Phu Yen!

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Phu Yen!

The exciting tour begins at 8 AM. We take the QL32 route from Hanoi to Ba Vi via Phuc Tho and Son Tay. 

Next, through the Trung Ha Bridge, we continue towards Co Tiet, then left towards Thanh Son - which puts us back on Road 32 again with a few stops at our favorite spots along the road! 

After that, we cross over to Thu Cuc via Thanh Son. It may take some time, but we promise it is worth it! 

The final leg of our travel today is a left onto highway 32b, which will take us directly to Phu Yen. Steep and twisting passes mainly flank this route. Visitors will get the chance to see small streams and the daily routines of locals.

When it comes to Phu Yen, the most popular tourist spot has got to be Mr. Giap Forest. It is encircled by mountains home to hundreds of uncommon old trees. Thus, you will feel like you are one with nature every step of the way!

Furthermore, you will always hear the flow of the Dun stream! It's a peaceful sound that makes for a great way to unwind after a long journey. 

During the trip, visitors will stop at the Hien stream, Bua stream, or Tac Ke stream, where there are military-medical stations along the way.

The 2nd day: Riding to Mu Cang Chai.

The 2nd day: Riding to Mu Cang Chai.

We travel from Phu Yen to Lung Lo Pass, about 15 kilometers distant, and connect Van Chan and Phu Yen to begin the second day. This pass was essential throughout the war since Vietnam forces often transported ammunition and weapons to support the Dien Bien Phu operation.

After that, we leave this proud pass and proceed to highway 37. The route is not too lengthy, but be warned it can be pretty challenging for all drivers, even the most experienced ones!

Let's get ready for the journey to Mu Cang Chai after we've had the local meal. A plethora of gorgeous vistas will appear on this track. You may sometimes smell the smell of rice growing in vast fields.

At sunset, you can also see the conspicuous soul of Mu Cang Chai. Discover its untamed beauty set in the plateau's center, surrounded by massive mountain ranges, twisting routes, and stunning old-growth woods.

The 3rd day: Sapa is here!

The 3rd day: Sapa is here!

After leaving Mu Cang Chai, the team rode to the Quy Ho Pass, hidden beneath clouds & mountains. Views of corn, tea, and rice plantations that line the railway are breathtaking. 

A final stretch of twisting passes and magnificent mountain ranges might make you nervous at first, but once conquered, you'll be ecstatic that you made it!

Sapa is the most spectacular place in Vietnam. It's famous for its natural landscapes, including over 3000 terraced rice fields, red pepper gardens, and fascinating ethnic villages.

The first and primary place we recommend visiting when you get to Sapa is their stone church, a colossal landmark visible throughout the town. It represents a significant piece of the city's history since the French built it. 

Today, hundreds of ethnic minority communities have come to trade or exchange their products regularly. These activities have resulted in a distinct cultural identity. After enjoying a town tour and learning about this culture, our last stop is the guest-house.

The 4th day: Visit Vu Linh Village - Yen Bai

The 4th day: Visit Vu Linh Village - Yen Bai

After goodbye Sapa town, it will be time to begin making our way toward today's travel destination, Vu Linh eco-tourism. Here, we may unwind with diverse activities like trekking, cycling, fishing, sailing, or conversing with indigenous people.

As a nature enthusiast, you may be uninterested in the manufactured constructions in Ngoi Tu hamlet, Vu Linh commune. This place is set up to foster an air of environmental sensitivity. 

Every construction here reflects this sensibility towards nature. Therefore, the village management is aware and strives to design activities related to accessible natural landscapes. 

Following a tour to Vu Linh hamlet, let's learn more about local food with traditional Dao meals. Also, keep an eye out for their wine: the Dao wine, made by hand from rice, has a robust and fragrant taste that makes it surprisingly easy to drink!

The 5th day: Head to the beautiful Thac Ba Lake and return to Ha Noi.

The 5th day: Head to the beautiful Thac Ba Lake and return to Ha Noi.

The crew will undertake an expeditious journey to Thac Ba Lake in the morning, with the hydroelectric dam as our first stop. The dam generates electricity, preventing floods and droughts in the Northern Delta area. It took a lot of work to excavate and fill the tank, so it's regarded as a human marvel here. 

Next, we will traverse the winding network of caves beneath Thac Ba. Now, we begin at Thuy Tien, one of the most stunning caves in the country. Our route follows the river as it weaves past gorgeous rice paddies and historic stilt-houses. This trip has been so much fun, but it's bittersweet because it's time to go home now!

Finally, it's time to say goodbye and make your way back down the highway to Ha Noi. Let's stop for a final lunch at our favorite roadside eatery before leaving this picturesque region of upland valleys and mountain peaks.

Final Thoughts

When taking 5 days motorbike tour from Ha Noi to Thac Ba Lake, it is a popular excursion in Vietnam. So what are you waiting for? Let's plan a trip right away! Either way, you'll have an incredible time.

Besides, you can create your own tour and make it as long or as short as you want.

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