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Ha Giang is one of the most popular-visited in northern Vietnam. This is because it has a great diversity of landscapes and ethnic minorities. In addition, there is much culture and tradition, which makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a break from the crowds.
Now, we are excited to announce the opening of our 6 days Ha Giang motorcycle tour from Ha Noi To Ba Be national park. The following information will ensure that you can make the most of your experience on your ride. So let's check it out!

Full Itinerary

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Thac Ba lake - 180 kilometers

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Thac Ba lake - 180 kilometers
Ryan biker from The US riding on Vu Linh bridge to Thac Ba lake

On the first day of the tour, the team begins early in the morning. Winding through Hanoi's outskirts to Nhat Tan Bridge, then skirting the Red River levees into Vinh Phuc Province.

Main national highways tend to be congested with huge vehicles, making the journey more time-consuming and dangerous. Thus, the team prioritizes off-road and back-road routes. Furthermore, we'll have more opportunities to see the Red River Delta's tranquil beauty and simple daily life through back-road routes.

As you ride along the levee, you'll pass numerous villages surrounded by fields and gardens filled with buffaloes, cows, and goats. By 11:30, the tour has lunch at Doan Hung Commune before continuing across Lo river to explore the Hmong people's tea hills. Here, you will receive insight into their lives through touring a few dwellings called Dzao. 

At 5 PM, the team will arrive at Thac Ba lake and enjoy a boat trip. Once we are finished with our mini-tour, it's time for a traditional Dzao people meal in the homestay. After eating, we learn how to dance, sing, and play local musical instruments.

The 2nd day: From Thac Ba lake to Ha Giang city - 210 kilometers

The 2nd day: From Thac Ba lake to Ha Giang city - 210 kilometers
Group of riders from South Africa

We now cross an extensive stream and take a brief ride to Yen The. Finally, we arrive at O Do fall, a stunning waterfall in Yen Bai province. Getting here requires driving along Route 170 for around 30 minutes from Cam Nham fork. 

Now it's time to stretch our legs - we'll have a coffee break at Cam Nham fork before climbing up to the top of the pass. Then, on route 170, we can take in the breathtaking view of the lake below.​

We quickly arrive at Luc Yen after weaving through palm tree forests and limestone mountains. Here we participate in a gem hunting and purchasing activity, learning about this town's history.

The morning is spent exploring the area, followed by lunch. Finally, we take to two wheels in the afternoon, riding from Cao and Xuan Giang streets to Viet Quang via highway 2 for 60 kilometers to Ha Giang. We arrive at Truong Xuan resort around 6 PM, capping off our second day with enthusiasm and delight.

The 3rd day: Visit Dong Van national park - 185 kilometers

The 3rd day: Visit Dong Van national park - 185 kilometers
Beautiful mountain landscape with happiness road kilometer zero of Ha Giang Loop famous place and attraction travel destination from Ha Giang City to Dong Van and Meo Vac, Vietnam

The team has breakfast and drinks coffee before embarking on yet another wonderful day on the road at 8 AM. Then, we arrived at a river fork about 10 kilometers from the lodge.

We cross mountains and rivers with well-preserved trails. See rural villages, green paddy fields, and water buffalo grazing hillsides. 

At Dong Van national park's welcome gate, we begin our adventure by winding roads up through the idyllic forest to head. The summit provides stunning panoramic views of Dong Van plateau.

From here, a magnificent forest covers the Vietnam-China border to my left. To the right is a vast valley where farmers tend their rice crops on terraces mixed with tiny wooden cottages.

We will have a 10-minute rest before heading to the next peak: Quan Ba sky gate. After a brief rest here, we can hike to the peak on foot. On the other hand, we simply have coffee time with a spectacular view before continuing to the Co Tien twin mountains, another Ha Giang symbol! 

After taking in the breathtaking natural environment, we continue to explore the H'Mong settlement of Lung Tam. Take a peek at their life, and you'll notice that their traditional flax weaving brings us much delight.

As we move to the next group of stops, notice how the scenery shifts. Rolling green hillsides have given way to terraced paddies and flax fields, replaced by rockier terrain.

After lunch, we rode on highway 4c to Dong Van at 2 PM. Passing Meo King Palace and Lung Cu flag pole with a couple of hours of exploring. Finally, we came back to the hotel around 6 PM.

The 4th day: Bao Lac is here! - 120 kilometers

The 4th day: Bao Lac is here! - 120 kilometers
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

As usual, the crew will begin a new day with breakfast. We were back on turning and winding roads as soon as we left town!

We appreciate the view from Ma Pi Leng, one of the four significant passes of northern Vietnam. It stands at 1200m above sea level and overlooks the flowing Nho Que river. 

In addition, we offer 5 kilometers off-road ride that takes you up to the mountain crest, where you can see the geological park through the clouds. Then, we arrive at Meo Vac about 11 AM and pause for lunch before continuing our route.

An off-road ride or dirt bike through untamed and wild nature, crossing Nho Que river on bamboo rafts, and stopping off at Khau Vai market will let you experience some of the country's culture. This is a unique feature of the land.

On a Vietnam motorbike trip, this is maybe your most memorable ride. We simply need to travel 90 kilometers, yet it takes us longer than 4 hours. Nevertheless, we arrived safely at Bao Lac after our fourth day. We've seen a lot of things at Ha Giang, including the rocky plateau, Ma Pi Leng, and the Khau Vai market.

The 5th day: Head to the beautiful Ba Be lake - 170 kilometers.

The 5th day: Head to the beautiful Ba Be lake - 170 kilometers.
Boating on Ba Be lake after long day ride! What better than having a cold beer on boat then swim on the lake

Nature is so elegant! The crew will travel through Ba Be National Park on today's route. Our group has chosen this particular road because it's such a beautiful view to look at as you're riding your scooter through the mountainside. We can't wait for you to see it for yourself!

First, the team will take a minor road with concrete interspersed with northeast off-road sections. Next, throughout 40 kilometers, we traverse streams, towns, and magnificent prime forests as we come closer to Ba Be National Park

Then, the team goes to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Since we are in the middle of nowhere, a "restaurant" will be appropriate for the setting. After lunch, the team drives to Cho Ra and arrives at Pac Ngoi, a Tay community tourism hamlet deep in the heart of Ba Be Park. 

At 4 PM, you will enjoy a boat trip around the lake and perhaps swim if it is not too chilly. Remember to take your swimsuit and towel!

The 6th day: Return to Ha Noi - 240 kilometers

The 6th day: Return to Ha Noi - 240 kilometers
Crossing the monkey bride on the way to Ba Be lake

After waking up, we say goodbye to the host family and continue our day. Taking the tiny, less-traveled provincial road to the Chu market is a fun 30 kilometers off-road adventure. However, we bypass this route for individuals who want an easier back-road way to Ha Noi before peak hour.

At 4 PM, we come back to Ha Noi after continuing our ride on more minor routes. Having completed our six-day Vietnam motorcycle trip, we can look back with fond memories. 

We've seen, experienced, and learned so much about Ha Giang as well as northern Vietnam in just 6 days. Nature is amazing with towering Thac Ba, gorgeous Ma Pi Leng, and tranquil Ba Be lake.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 6 days Ha Giang motorcycle tour from Ha Noi To Ba Be national park is among our most recommended off-road tours.

We know that you can make the most of your trip and have fun with your friends and family with this information. Also, you will receive a lot more than simply a good time on the road with our team! 

So what are you waiting for? Let's go on a tour right now! Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

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