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In our article, Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Saigon - 11 days, you will learn about one of the best Vietnam Motorbike Tours.
This tour helps you discover the beauty of both the central and southwestern coasts of Vietnam. The week-long trip went to more than ten different locations across the length of the country. In particular, the price is not too expensive, about 150 dollars for a group of about three people. Now, let's start looking over things with us.

Tour highlights 

  • Experience both difficult mountain passes and beautiful coastal roads.
  • Visit many famous places such as Tan Canh, My Son Sanctuary, Buon Ma Thuot exile house, and Dak To ruins.
  • You won't have to worry about food or accommodation with our group. We will thoughtfully plan everything.


Day 1: Hoi An - My Son - Kham Duc

The first place we visited was My Son sanctuary in Quang Nam province. This is one of the famous monuments recognized by UNESCO. It is located in the West, more than 45km from Hoi An.

In addition, a place is a typical place for the long-standing Cham culture. The temples and towers with impressive architecture will surely surprise and admire you.

Continuing with the holy place, we stopped by a small district named Kham Duc. The winding and bumpy roads leading to this place will increase the thrill and excitement for any backpacker. Not only that, but you can also experience delicious street food and admire the scenery along this 165km journey.


Day 1: Hoi An - My Son - Kham Duc
Aerial view of Hoi An ancient town, UNESCO world heritage, at Quang Nam province. Vietnam. Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorbike )

Day 2: Hoi An - Kham Duc - Kon Tum

On the next day, we headed to Dat Do via the famous Ho Chi Minh trail. On a hill 600m high, our group visited the Dak To historical site. Our hearts rose with boundless patriotism from Highway 14 to this heroic place.

Besides, you can also enjoy delicious highland cuisines such as grilled dishes and attractive lam rice.

Day 2: Hoi An - Kham Duc - Kon Tum
Motorcycle ride thru the jungle in central highland of Vietnam

Day 3: Kon Tum - Quy Nhon

We plan to enjoy the beautiful sunset at Quy Nhon waters before 5 pm. Follow Highway 14E, and you will reach Eo Gio. This is known as the Jeju Island of Vietnam, located in Nhon Ly commune. You will never forget the pristine rocky mountains, clear waters, and endless sandy beaches here.

In addition, our group also visited Cu Lao Xanh to feel all the beauty of the poetic sea here. Colorful coral reefs and irresistible seafood will make you want to stay here longer.

You will also not be able to ignore street foods such as “banh xeo” or banh canh” in Quy Nhon city. At night, this place has long been famous for its friendly people and bustling pace of life as the most famous tourist destination in the country.

Day 3: Kon Tum - Quy Nhon
Landscape of Cu Lao Xanh island in Quy Nhon Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours )

Day 4: Quy Nhon - Nha Trang beach

Many backpackers choose to conquer the most memorable road on this 4th day. The section of Quy Nhon - Nha Trang road passes through National Highway 1A and the longest pass in Vietnam - Ca Pass.

On your motorcycle, the most beautiful sea of the Central region appears before your eyes. It was green and clear like a precious crystal. The beauty of harmony between sea and sky in Cu Lao Xanh or Ky Co regions will surprise and delight any fastidious visitor.

In the evening here, we will continue to enjoy the freshest seafood dishes in the sweet coastal city of Nha Trang.

Day 4: Quy Nhon - Nha Trang beach
Aerial view of DT6571 road from Nha Trang city to Cam Ranh town, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours

Day 5: Nha Trang -  Buon Me Thuot

Saying goodbye to that peaceful sea, we departed for the next destination - Buon Ma Thuot highland. It is impossible not to visit the famous prison of the Indochina period of the French empire. You will gain insight into the suffering of patriotic heroes during this difficult historical period.

The most special thing to mention in this tour is Buon Ma Thuot's coffee. Its aroma and taste are bitter and sweet enough to make you nostalgic for this famous land.

Day 5: Nha Trang -  Buon Me Thuot
Off-road riding in central highland of Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours )

Day 6: Buon Me Thuot - Lak Lake ( Ho Lak )

A unique feature of this tour is that you will have the opportunity to ride an elephant for only 12 dollars.

This special activity takes place in Ho Lak, 60km from Buon Ma Thuot. You can also take a canoe for only 7 dollars to immerse yourself in the beauty of Dak Lak province's largest natural freshwater lake.


Day 6: Buon Me Thuot - Lak Lake ( Ho Lak )
Panorama of a Lak lake at sunrise Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours

Day 7: Ho Lak - Da Lat

The next place is extremely popular with many generations of tourists - the flower city of Da Lat. It's even more interesting when we can experience the unspoiled beauty with our motorcycle. This place is about 170km from Ho Lak.

Majestic mountains and impressive waterfalls appear one after another. Immersed in nature, we feel more comfortable with the cold weather of the highlands. Elephant waterfall, more than 30 meters high, is one of the most famous places our group did not forget to visit.

Evenings in Da Lat are always cozy. We enjoyed hot cups of soy milk and buttercream and breathed fresh air after hours of tiring motorbike riding.

Day 7: Ho Lak - Da Lat
Amazing mountain road pass in Dalat

Day 8: Da Lat - Bao Loc

We came to Bao Loc in pleasant weather. Both sides of the road are beautiful. The lush green vegetable gardens and charming tea hills on both sides of the hill are so poetic.

We were also overwhelmed by the majestic beauty and love story at the Dambri waterfall. At 57m, a mist appears with strong water pouring down to whiten the sky. This can be one of the most inspiring romantic scenes for amateur photographers like us.


Day 8: Da Lat - Bao Loc
Landscape photo film: Bao Dai Dambri waterfall. Time: Saturday, January 22, 2022. Location: district Duc Trong, Lam Dong province. Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours

Day 9: Bao Loc - Mui Ne Beach

We're closer to the South. Following Highway 55, you will go towards the Mui Ne tourist area. Along the way are still sharp slopes and gorgeous coastline.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to discover the unique culture of the Cham people at Po Sahulnu tower, 13 km from Mui Ne center.


Day 9: Bao Loc - Mui Ne Beach
Mui Ne, Vietnam - April 21, 2018: Tourists frolicking on tropical beaches in afternoon sunset beside palm trees as creates beautiful setting for weekend guests at paradise beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam" Ho CHi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours"

Day 10: Mui Ne - Lagi beach

Towards the end of the journey, we were more and more impressed with the green beauty of the sea along the central region. The cool blue ocean along the Mui Ne - Lagi road is refreshing and fresh.

Why did we choose Lagi in Cam Binh town? Because here is the source of the freshest and best seafood. We can also buy boats from the fishermen of this region.

Here you can also make a campfire or camp outside. This tourist destination will provide you with the best tents. What could be better than a night at the beautiful beach and enjoying the new local dances?

Day 10: Mui Ne - Lagi beach
Beach Lagi, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam - August 29, 2015: Unknown Fishermen who pull up th are the fishing nets khi sunrise. This is ask for their daily work ( Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Trips )

Day 11: Lagi - Ho Chi Minh city

On the trip's final day, we left the sunny and windy land back to Ho Chi Minh city. At the end of your long trip, you will not forget the interesting experiences.

Day 11: Lagi - Ho Chi Minh city
Beautiful scene of Viet Nam coastal, boundary among beach and road, wonderful landscape at Vietnamese countryside, shadow on street, this view at Lagi, Binh Thuan, Viet Nam. Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorcycle!


You must have understood more about the beauty of a part of Vietnam through the "Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Saigon - 11 days".

More specifically, because this is Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you can stop anywhere during the whole journey. Your experience will be extremely rich with just simple vehicles, friendly companions, and countless attractive places.

What are you waiting for without accompanying us? Let's explore new horizons together and leave unforgettable memories together!

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