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Cu Chi Tunnels Motorcycle Day Tour: A Travel Guide For Adventure Seekers

If you've always dreamed of visiting a place with breathtaking scenery and rich history but don't feel like staying in one spot for too long, Cu Chi Tunnels by motorbike is the perfect destination for you. There will always be something new and exciting at Cu Chi Tunnels every season!

Cu Chi Tunnels: A Travel Guide For Adventure Seekers

A Full Itinerary Of What To Do In Cu Chi Tunnels

Leave noisy Saigon behind and head out to the countryside to visit Cu Chi Tunnels and discover that Cu Chi isn't just about going underground. It's also a town with places to eat, drink and stay local!

Along your journey, many stops allow snacks and drinks to cool off between sightseeing opportunities like villages with rubber trees or rice paper drying fields along highway sides where people live their lives working hard every day.

Tours of the tunnels of Cu Chi are becoming more and more popular, and it's easy to see why! Once you get to the place, you get a sense of what life used to be like for the Viet Cong who lived in these tunnels. 

The narrow, dark subways are just like what you remember from the war films! It may seem like you're taking a step back in time, but you can see some of the issues of our world through some of the things you learn about while you're there. 

After taking a break from Cu Chi, the tour stops at a restaurant where beef is king. It's like an entire country of people decided to get into cooking and to eat this meal for one day only! 

You can try their delicious barbecue steak or fresh spring rolls with lots of mints - not to mention all those other tasty dishes that use up some good old cow skin.

Other foods on offer include barbecued ribs flavored using lemongrass. They're so tender you'll want to eat them at their own pace before enjoying one of Vietnam's most popular dishes: hotpot. 

This tour will be a challenge for those who are not faint-hearted or have weak backsides. The activities can be strenuous, and outdoor clothing is recommended!

Diets like this are great for people who want to lose weight and still enjoy their favorite foods. The food here at this campground has been carefully planned so that even vegetarian options are available!

Cu Chi Tunnels Full Day Tour


The Cu Chi tunnels are a well-known sight in Vietnam that many people visit during their trips. The journey through this site is an intense, immersive experience that will leave you with memories and photos to last forever.

We hope that you can find a lot of experience while joining our Cu Chi tunnels by motorbike from Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks for reading and remember to follow our next off-road motorbike tours in North Vietnam!

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