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Da Nang fascinates visitors not only with its vibrant image, which is always full of activity, but also with its lyrical and captivating natural landscape, which includes vast stretches of sea and sky, as well as spectacular mountains. Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience will help you enjoy the quintessential beauty of heaven and earth, like a rare jewel in the middle of the S-shaped strip of land.

Da Nang is notable for its bridges - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

Da Nang is known as the "City of Bridges" by locals and visitors from across the world, and the city's bridges are a source of pride for the people of Da Nang. The bridges not only help to connect the two banks, but they also enable Da Nang city to attract a huge number of tourists, which is an important aspect of tourism growth. The Han River Bridge, which is a rotating bridge, the Dragon Bridge, which features the image of a large Dragon that can spew fire and spray water, and, most recently, The Bridge of Love, which features the image of a Carp morphing into a Dragon, have all added to the beauty of Da Nang's bridges. Experiencing DaNang by motorbike on its bridges is definitely the finest trial for you.

Own the most beautiful beaches on the Planet - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

With many wonderful and beautiful continuous beaches stretching from the foot of Hai Van pass to Non Nuoc, it is known by tourists from all over the world as one of the places to rest and relax, with clear blue sea, creamy sand, golden sunshine. brilliant, poetic coconut trees standing happily in the wind and the sea breeze as soothing to the soul, ... and was voted by Forbes magazine of the US as one of the 6 most charming beaches on the planet. A Danang motorcycle tour along Ho Chi Minh Road is indispensable for trips to the beaches.

Own the most beautiful beaches on the Planet - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience
Da Nang, Vietnam: The beauty of sunset at My Khe beach.

World famous tourist attractions in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

It can be said that Da Nang has become more famous since the appearance of Sunworld Ba Na Hills - dubbed the "Road to Heaven" in 2009. Possessing a romantic space with a combination of hotels and resorts. The unique architectural and entertainment project Ba Na Hill has gradually made a good impression and brought Da Nang the title of "Vietnam's leading tourist area" from 2014 until now.

Since the appearance of the Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills tourist area has become famous around the world, being published in leading magazines such as New York Times, Forbes, CNN has proven its terrible attraction. The bridge is like being "painted with gold" , extremely prominent, surrounded by a very unique Buddha's hand. Standing from the Golden Bridge, visitors will feel like they are flying in the clouds. If you look far away, you will see the rolling mountains hidden in the mist.

Son Tra peninsula

Son Tra peninsula - "green lung" that nature bestows on Da Nang tourism. Bringing in the pristine beauty, blue water beaches, charming scenery and cool year-round climate, visitors will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty that is rare when discovering Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience.

On the Son Tra peninsula, there are many tourist destinations and high-class resorts for tourists to relax and visit such as Linh Ung Pagoda, the chessboard on the top of the mountain, the beautiful beaches next to the foot of the mountain…

Full view of Da Nang Son Tra peninsula with Linh Ung pagoda which is a famous destination

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son is located about 8 km southeast of Da Nang center, on a large sandy beach near the coast, in Hoa Khue village, Son Thuy hamlet, Hoa Vang district, Ngu Hanh Son district. Ngu Hanh Son with five mountains located in the Ngu Hanh system is a masterpiece of nature bestowed on Da Nang city. The view from the Marble Mountains is like a hand of Heaven assigned to this place as a sacred land.

And international-class amusement parks such as Fantasy Park in Ba Na, Asia park with giant Sunwell wheel, or Helio Center, .. all make Da Nang city even more and more wonderful on Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience.

Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience 2021
View from top,Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

Quintessence of Danang cuisine - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

From street food to luxury restaurant dishes, each dish here leaves unforgettable emotions in the hearts of visitors. The special dishes are only available here, only eating here will feel delicious, which is the special culinary quintessence of Da Nang tourism. Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

Da Nang cuisine has a lot of delicious and unique dishes, but the dish that is most appreciated by domestic and foreign diners is probably Mi Quang, the famous dish of Da Thanh land, or Fresh seafood along the coast, rice paper rolls with pork, fish vermicelli, pancakes, etc. are so special that once you taste it, you will never forget its taste. Let’s come to Da Nang by motorbike and enjoy all the food there.

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And especially, hospitable people - Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience

Da Nang has always left a lasting impression on visitors, not just because of its beauty, but also because of its people's kindness. The people here are always an indelible impression in the minds of travelers in Da Nang, eager to receive help from everyone from babies to old people, with a friendly, civilized, polite, and willing to help attitude.

Danang, Vietnam - December 8, 2017: A vendor selling fish at the market on the seashore.

Da Nang is a city worth living in, with its own unique attractions and natural wonders. This is one of the cities you should visit to learn more about. Allow VietnamMotorcycleTours.Com to help you experience DaNang by motorbike! We are honored to be the first to ensure that your time in Vietnam is as enjoyable as possible. Da Nang motorcycle tour Discovery and experience. 

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