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Ba Be Lake is a famous eco-tourism area of ​​Northeast Vietnam with many interesting and biologically diverse landscapes. Coming to Ba Be Lake, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery, enjoy traditional dishes, discover the unique cultural identity of the ethnic minorities here… especially when you experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle.

The landscape of Ba Be Lake is charming, beautiful and heartwarming - Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

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Ba Be is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and also one of the hundred largest freshwater lakes in the world, located in Ba Be National Park. With an age of more than 200 million years, through many great tectonics, nature has brought a huge body of water with a surface area of ​​approximately 5 million cubic meters and a thickness of more than 30 meters in the middle of the limestone mountains, creating the Ba Be lake of today. Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

You can go to Ba Be Lake all year round, but the most beautiful is still to go in spring, summer or early autumn to fully enjoy the wonderful nature and wonderful climate. From Hanoi to Ba Be Lake, it only takes about 5 hours by car, with current traffic is also quite convenient, so you can take a motorbike, self-driving car or take a bus. However, you need to keep in mind that discovering Ba Be lake by motorcycle is the best choice if you are into speed and nature’s beauty.

Visiting Ba Be Lake, visitors can not only admire the majestic natural beauty but also immerse themselves in life, activities, and meals with families living in the village. In particular, visitors can also enjoy many dishes of the mountains and forests such as spinach, wild banana flowers, bamboo shoots, and coriander; dishes made from shrimp and fish of Ba Be lake; cakes prepared by the local people.

Ba Be Lake is a famous scene of charming mountains and rivers, so tourism services here are relatively developed with many beautiful hotels and homestays, full of rooms, wifi.... However, coming here to see Ba Be Lake on motorbike , tourists, especially young people, prefer to stay in homestays with local people rather than hotels. The hotel is suitable for family travel. Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle.

The advantage of Ba Be is that it is located in the national park complex with majestic natural beauty. In addition to Ba Be Lake, Song Nang, Puong Cave, Dau Dang Waterfall, Hua Ma Cave, recently discovered Tham Phai cave in Hoang Tri commune is likened to a new Son Doong of Vietnam, promising to be an attractive destination. for travelers who love to explore. In addition, the completion of provincial road 254 from ATK Cho Don area to Ba Be lake has also created a connection between these two regions with ATK tourism in Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang provinces.

Traveling to Ba Be Lake has many fun things to do - Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

Pac Ngoi and Bo Lu are two large villages in Ba Be. In particular, Pac Ngoi is more crowded and full of tourist facilities because it has developed tourism for a long time. Bo Lu, on the other hand, is a tranquil and quiet location that still retains much of its clean, rustic, and natural charm and definitely suitable for experiencing Ba Be lake on motorbike. It is an opportunity for you to find a place to slow down, be in harmony with nature, cleanse your soul and find many new inspirations in life. Both of these villages are located next to the lake, so most of the accommodation has a view of the lake, very airy and poetic, but the price is very reasonable.

Here, you can choose from many different tourist activities such as sightseeing the lake on a canoe, visiting the lakeside landscapes, trekking in the primeval forests and cycling on the winding roads, winding with green trees on both sides. The smell of flowers and grass in the air keeps lingering with you, soothing all the souls of those who are traveling to Ba Be Lake on motorbike.

In addition to visiting Ba Be Lake, do not miss to explore the scenic spots here such as: Puong cave, Dau Bang waterfall, Hua Ma cave, Tien pond, Pac Ngoi village, Phya Khao, Kim Hy, Fairy cave, waterfall. Ta Nang, Thac Gieng stream…Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

Simple cuisine converging the quintessence of mountains and rivers - Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle

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Wild vegetables, stream fish, roasted suckling pig, hill chicken, sticky rice, sour shrimp and sticky rice cakes are the most precious gifts from the mountains, rivers and streams that Ba Be offers to visitors while coming to Ba Be including experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle.

Visitors especially like Ba Be because of the fresh air, friendly people, majestic scenery and many preserved cultural identities. The Tay people have lived in Ba Be for a long time, forming villages around the lake, their lives are like grass and trees: farming in small fields, fishing in the lake bed and now doing more tourism. Visitors can also take a picnic around the lake to fully feel the majesty of the vertical limestone cliffs, the coolness of the clear blue water or the magic of nature when the whole boat passes in the water. moving heart. From Pe Leng down about 800m, Nang river through Lung Nham limestone massif creates Puong cave 300m long, more than 30m high with many stalactites of various shapes, fanciful and shimmering. Whenever you need moments to feel peace, need silence or simply need a warm cup of tea in the pure morning, go to Ba Be Lake on motorbike.

It can be seen that, coming to Ba Be Lake, or experiencing Ba Be Lake by motorbike , the friendliness and hospitality along with the captivating beauty will leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts of visitors. For more information, please contact our website at Vietnammotorcycletours.com.

Experience Ba Be lake by motorcycle - hidden, alluring beauty

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