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Our travels take us to all West Ho Chi Minh trail corners. We follow in the footsteps of the famous American biker and veteran, Mr. Steinbeck, by taking a ride on off-road motorbikes.
The motorbike trip is challenging, and those unprepared for it can meet with calamity there. We ride at a slow pace, and the road winds through some very steep mountainsides - so are sure you have your wits about you if you're going to attempt this scenic expedition!

Overview of Ho Chi Minh Trail By Motorcycle – Vietnam Highlight 2022

Overview of Ho Chi Minh Trail By Motorcycle – Vietnam Highlight 2022
Phong Nha, Ke Bang cave world heritage ,Vietnam

Six weeks ago, we embarked on a motorcycle journey to Sapa from the South of Vietnam. In this short period, we have gone across Vietnam much longer than I expected. From the busy atmosphere in HCM to the buildings in French-style in Dalat, to Kon Tum coffee fields, and now from lakeside scenery to narrow mountain roads (to say the least!), our experiences have been one adventure after another. 

Traveling out Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorcycle has proven to be an endeavor! However, it is very rewarding as well. Having been on the road for 4 hours without seeing another vehicle, I can safely say that we are definitely at one with nature. 

Life's simple pleasures cannot compare with the depths of beauty present in rural Vietnam. To date, Vietnam is truly my favorite country, and I am extremely eager to spend more time exploring overland while getting a taste of what makes this country so incredible!

The Ho Chi Minh Road is a 750KM-route that runs along the western side of Vietnam. This route cuts through a thick jungle and intersects Phong Nha-Khe Bang National Park at the 250km marker. 

This beautiful park is the place with some of the world's largest caves, where travelers can walk around with lights on their heads like fireflies in an enchanted forest. This stop is essential!

Visit Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park From Khe Sanh

Visiting Khe Sanh Combat Base

Day one by motorbike along the Ho Chi Minh trail began with breakfast at 5 am. We started to feel full as we bobbed through traffic to fill the fuel tanks and a fuel bottle of 1.5L each because these are important to have on all motorbikes in Vietnam during travel. 

Not only do you need it for this particular ride but for all road trips across Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of Vietnam, for that matter. We had one little stop on our tour before reaching Mai Chau at about 8:30 am, where we set up our room for the night. 

After lunch, we went tubing, my favorite thing to do when traveling in Vietnam by motorbike! We stopped by a local venue run by Seiloi's uncle and took part in the fun game while sharing meals with friends throughout the day.

Finally, this routine test ensures that we don't get stranded and have a breakdown nowhere! Make sure everything on your vehicle is properly working - not as you just left in convoy bound in Khe Sanh with the mountains! 

It might take you about a 5-minute driving time from town before the smooth city highway becomes a bumpy mountain road, but you'll be at your final destination after a few rough kilometers.

We get to a small river with kids from the nearby villages playing at noon. Our sweaty and hot sunburnt faces and clothes beckon in for some relief after the long journey on the road. Although it's hot, with the local people quick to spread the news of our arrival, everyone seems happy to have us because not many people can go this far. 

Driving again, we head higher into the mountains and pass many fascinating sights such as grazing horses and rickety cowsheds. While we look down at amazing views of greenery beneath our feet, a herd of wild yaks suddenly appears on our front as if conjured by magic. It's hard to believe there was an old monastery high up here just a few decades ago!

Thick Clouds Blanket On Ho Chi Minh Trail

Riding on heaven along Ho Chi Minh legendary trail

By mid-morning, the conditions were starting to change. A beautiful blue sky gradually came overcast with a thin layer of clouds that we had no idea would become so thick and heavy. First, it was just a drizzle that grew heavier as the rain turned into hailstones, hitting my helmet straight at me. 

It got louder, and it became more intense. Thunder boomed loudly, and suddenly there came lightning shaking the ground under our feet. I had never been on a bike in such extreme weather conditions! I only grabbed a coat from my backpack, hoping it would keep me warm enough until things calmed down while soaking wet. 

Unfortunately, there were few places to find shelter from this sudden unexpected storm; finding a place that offered some protection from the elements proved impossible because of how quickly everything changed in less than an hour since we first entered these parts of the mountain range!

As we push through the storm in an open speedboat on Lake Dong Nai, we find ourselves in the middle of a typhoon. Hail beats down on our fuel tank while rain drenches everything in our backpack. Next, we ride into the eye of the storm for over an hour as darkness sets in around us. 

The calm that comes with every storm is only temporary because a dark and eerie figure emerges from behind us, searching for its prey under an ominous moonlit sky. The next hour will be a nightmarish journey through the jaws of death with blinding lightning illuminating the blackness before it wakes up with another round of flashes and thunderous roars! 

Happy to have achieved another one of your life goals! Oh, Vietnam, how you do so much to impress us!

Riding Over Hai Van Pass

Sky view of Ha Van Pass

While the Hai Van Pass flew to the top of many people's bucket lists after it was featured on an episode of Vietnam Top Gear Special, which referred to it as one of the best drives in the world, though I appreciate the scenery and scenery changes, honestly nothing is more exhausting than sitting in traffic. 

Why take a long drive with lots of traffic when you might have anything Hai Van pass offers from resorts and relaxation to beautiful views without stress? Travel west around Hue for about 20 kilometers, where you will find yourself at Ho Chi Minh beach.

What To Prepare For The Motorbike Trips Ho Chi Minh Trail

What To Prepare For The Motorbike Trips Ho Chi Minh Trail
Mui Ne beach, one of the best beaches along Ho Chi Minh trail

Fuel yourself with a hearty breakfast. Make sure to check your vehicle for maintenance issues. Plan to take at least two full days when riding to Ninh Binh from Khe Sanh combat base. Be prepared for wet weather by bringing an umbrella or rain jacket during your motorcycle trip. 

Ensure you have a map or route plan available to find your destination without relying on a GPS signal, as it may not be available in the area due to poor signal reception.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle Highlight 2022 -2023. The information in this blog post comes from our recent motorcycle trip to Vietnam. We felt it would be a great idea to share our experience with other motorcyclists and the lessons we learned from the trip. If you're thinking about taking a trip like this, we hope our suggestions and lessons learned will help you plan for your own Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour.

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