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Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) is about 140 kilometers from Hanoi and is known as the tourist paradise of mountainous regions. If you stand on top of Thung Khe pass at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and close your eyes, you will see that the mountain town of Mai Chau looks like a painting, lying peacefully in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains. mountains with soaring peaks Mai Chau attracts visitors throughout the year. And surely the Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience.

The lyrical beauty of Mai Chau valley - Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience


Coming to Mai Chau, visitors can choose a simple means of transportation by car, or for those who love to explore, motorbikes are a perfect choice to be able to go, explore and enjoy the beauty of the city and the nature on the roads at the same time. Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience.

Through Muong Khen junction, visit Tan Lac town, the journey begins to take visitors into one of the legendary passes of the Northwest. The pass that backpackers who take Mai Chau often call with the name Da Trang pass or Thung Khe pass.

Stop at the back of the pass and enjoy some boiled corn of the Muong ethnic people and visit a tiny upland market in the back of the mountain. Standing here, visitors can see a large area of ​​Thung Khe valley, golden when the season comes. It is also possible to feel a special sense of climate change between this side and the other side of the mountain when experiencing Mai Chau by motorcycle.

Mai Chau Motorcycle Tour drives you more experience 2021

Passing Da Trang Pass, about 5km down the Thung Khe slope, visitors have come to Mai Chau. In the spring, Mai Chau is full of the colors of plum flowers, peach blossoms... In late spring, when the peach blossoms fade, the mountain landscape is filled with pure white flowers.

In the summer, the scenery here is covered with a green forest of corn fields, sparkling in the rainy season.

Especially, Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience at the end of autumn, Mai Chau appears with a rich and brilliant beauty of yellow. The terraced fields are in the ripe rice season, the golden rice waves cover all the hillsides mixed in the houses on stilts.

Mai Chau people are gentle and hospitable - Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience


Mai Chau also attracts tourists by its pure, rustic and friendly beauty. Living together in that watery space is the beauty of harmony and interference in the community life of Kinh, Muong, Mong, Dao, Tay, Hoa and especially Thai people. The Thai people in Mai Chau have created their own beauty that attracts many tourists to this land with a friendly, warm and hospitable nature.

The talent of weaving brocade, making tools, especially the community culture of the Thai people is the attraction that makes many tourists stop and stay here and want to see Mai Chau on motorbike again. The Thai villages live quite densely, richly and retain the traditional cultural features, especially the stilt houses of the Thai people, forming famous community tourist attractions such as Lac village, Pom Coong village, Van village. …

Pom Coong village has 64 houses on stilts to welcome tourists from Mai Chau on motorbike, at the foot of the stilt house Thai girls work hard on the loom and it is also a place to sell souvenirs of their own production such as towels, skirts, wallets, and traditional clothes. This region's specialty also has a delicious can of wine made of glutinous rice, fenugreek leaves, cat's chest, ginger...


Going to Lac village on a Mai Chau motorbike tour, where there are 25 houses on stilts to welcome tourists, they focus on selling products made by the children of Thai people there, such as bows and crossbows, brocade, etc.

Coming to the Thai ethnic stilt house, visitors will have to draw water to wash their hands according to the custom, and are invited by the host to sit on a flower mat in the middle of the wide floor. The host and guests invite each other to the tray of wine with the aroma of new rice, and enjoy chicken cooked with sour bamboo shoots, steamed stream fish, fried bitter bamboo shoots, upland sticky rice, and Buffalo meat hanging up in the kitchen. During the dinner party with a jar of ecstatic wine, visitors and homeowners mingle with the spreading dances of the graceful Thai girls in beautiful clothes, the love song will make visitors unforgettable. Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience.

The special thing - Mai Chau motorcycle tour drives you more experience

The sticky rice dish in Mai Chau's tube, due to the coconut water, is very delicious. At night, on the floor by the cozy fire, the dance team of Pom Coong village makes visitors ecstatic. Enjoy grilled bamboo shoots, grilled pork, chicken wrapped in dong leaves, steamed stream fish... and get drunk on “Can” wine.

The simplest things in Mai Chau seem to be the most precious things for travelers from far away. Because modern city life sometimes makes us tired, stressed and pressured; So the peaceful, harmonious life here is the life that many people want and desire to find.

Landscape photo of the sun setting over the mountains behind a scenic route. Shot in Mai Chau, Northern Vietnam. believes that Mai Chau motorcycle tour will be a great destination for all of us; So if you want to set foot in "real paradise in Vietnam", don't hesitate to do anything, just pack your backpack and discover Mai Chau by motorbike right away!

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