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The trip lasts for five days; however, it includes all the best landmarks in the northeast area of Vietnam. There are both on-road, off-road paths and some boat traveling. The coverage of each day is suitable so you won't be tired.

This trip to the mountains of Vietnam will bring you an experience like never before. Come and visit beautiful gems of Northeast Vietnam: Ba Be Lake, Nguom Ngao cave, Ban Gioc waterfall, Mau Son, etc. There are various routes and wonders for you to explore along the path.


In the morning, the guides will come and pick you up right at your hotels and travel to the city's outskirts. After finishing the paperwork procedures, we shall begin our journey.

The magical scene of the mountains resemble the successive message they are covered with layers of lush green vegetation at dawn in Bac Son district Lang Son Province, Vietnam

Day 1: Hanoi - Mau Son Mountain 

In the beginning, we will reach Nhat Tan Bridge and head for National Highway 3 to Bac Giang Province. We will take the scenic and less crowded road to avoid the traffic. Due to the mobility of our bikes, we will be able to travel through smaller provincial and communal roads.

We will be riding among vast rice paddy fields and beautiful rural villages, so feel free to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Near noon, we will stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Remember to inform your dietary needs to the guides, such as allergies, vegetarianism, etc.)

After dessert, we will be right back on track. The track is no longer smooth as the highway since we are braving the mountain paths from then on. If you are skilled in biking, we can take a passage to visit the Tay Village, where you can experience the daily life of the ethnic Tay people.

By 4 pm, we will reach our homestay and check-in; we continue to ride to Na Lay mountain peak. The total distance is estimated to be 190km (6 hours of riding).

Motorbike trip northeast Vietnam and Lang Son

Day 2: Bac Son - Quang Uyen

Day 2 will cover a lot of distance along provincial and unmaintained roads. We will be traveling on a road that witnessed the historical victory against the French colonial forces during the Reve campaign. After a 75km ride across rustic villages and hills, we will stop for breaks at That Khe town.

After the break, there are two choices: the long main road following the National Highway 4A to Cao Bang or 20km off-road near That Khe River, visiting Dzao villages and circling back to the highway. The off-road path will be more difficult, especially if it rains, but the stunning scenery of the river and mountains will be worth it.

We will take a break at a rest stop near the highway and return to the homestay in the afternoon. And that's it for day 2, with approximately 180km of dirt roads.

Day 2: Bac Son - Quang Uyen
Rice and rice field in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Day 3: Quang Uyen; Ban Gioc; Nguom Ngao

This is the day we will behold the great Waterfall of Ban Gioc and Nguom Ngao Cave, plus the Ma Phuc Pass. After breakfast, we will pack everything and head for Nguom Ngao cave. We will spend 45 minutes exploring the cave before heading to the waterfall.

The trip's highlight, Ban Gioc waterfall, can be spotted 10km away. Once we reach the Qui Dien river, we will stop and take a small raft to get closer to the fall. You can take a refreshing swim and enjoy the water there. Then, we will take a hard 45km road to a restaurant in Quang Uyen for a lunch break. Eventually, we will get back to Cao Bang city.

In the afternoon, the next destination is Ma Phuc pass, which means "collapsed horses" from an ancient story. After that, we will stop at our hotel at 5 pm and rest after a great long day, with 160km covered.

Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang, Viet Nam - The waterfalls are located in an area of mature karst formations were the original limestone bedrock layers are being eroded

Day 4: Cao Bang - Ba Be lake

The fourth day will be very adventurous through plenty of small dirt roads, just 15km out of town and 30km of forest crossing. The trip will be rough, but fortune favors the bold. This path is for experienced riders only for safety, while the others will take safer paths to the destination. The total distance will be at least 150km.

We will stop for lunch at Cho Gia town; then, everyone will ride another hour to Ba Be lake. After parking our bikes, we will go on a 2-hour tour of the lake and visit our homestay. Remember to bring towels for a good swim and barbeque sticks to enjoy with the local Tay host family!

Boating on Ba Be lake, Bac Kan, Northeast Vietnam

Day 5: Ba Be Lake - Hanoi

In the morning, we will travel along mountainous roads to Thai Nguyen city, the last stretch of mountains before returning to Hanoi. We will stop for lunch in Thai Nguyen city.

After the break, we can choose between 2 options: continuing along National Highway 3, which leads directly to Hanoi, with loads of trucks and cars in heavy traffic, or taking a scenic and empty route along villages and paddy fields to reach Hanoi, which is a bit longer.

Either way, we can reach Hanoi at roughly 4:30 pm to avoid the rush hour. The total distance for the day will be 240km.

Riders are crossing the monkey bridge in Northeast Vietnam


That is one of the plans for our amazing Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. The trip will surely bring you an unforgettable experience, as well as a beautiful picture of Vietnam scenery that you will adore! Remember to read our price and policies carefully and note down all booking conditions before taking part in our journeys. The wonders of Vietnam await you!

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