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Currently, motorbike travel is becoming more popular, as the journey brings a huge amount of flexibility and comfort to travelers.
For those of you who have never traveled by motorbike, you must surely try the trip to the Northwest region of Vietnam. To enjoy your ride to the fullest, scroll down to read more about our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours itinerary.
Start/ Finish: Hanoi

Tour Highlights

A 4-day trip to the Northeast region of Vietnam will allow you to experience the typical natural features of this region. Imagine you can witness the natural scenery that changes day by day; interesting, isn't it?

If you are a person who loves adventure, the route you have to go through will certainly not disappoint you. The perfect combination of small roads and off-roads makes you even more excited along the way.

More specifically, the trip gives you access to the multiculturalism of ethnic minorities, which you can hardly achieve in big cities.

We believe that the idyllic and rustic beauty of the people from this region can make you completely captivated.

Pac Ngoi village, scenic village in Ba Be national park


Day 1: Hanoi- Bac Son

Motorcycle trip northeast Vietnam

The first destination of our 4-day journey is Bac Son Valley - a mountainous district in Lang Son province, 160 km far from the Hanoi capital.

This poetic land has impressed many visitors with its magnificent limestone mountains and green rice fields stretching endlessly.

Riding motorcycle to Bac Son, you definitely cannot miss the top of Na La mountain - a famous sightseeing spot that many travelers love. With an altitude of more than 600m above sea level, the mountain allows you to see Bac Son Valley's whole wonderful natural scenery from the top.

Moreover, this is also a place where you can watch the sunrise and sunset and save memorable photos for your trip.

We will rest at the homestay of the Tay people. Here, you can experience the cultural practices of the local region.

Day 2: Bac Son- Ban Gioc Waterfall- Quang Uyen

Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang, northeast Vietnam

Continuing the journey, we ride to Ban Gioc Waterfall - a place about 100km from Cao Bang city center.

Keep in mind that moving to Ban Gioc Waterfall is quite difficult. Hence, you should best refer to tours like us to be able to enjoy the beauty of the trip.

Ban Gioc waterfall has a majestic and fierce beauty in the rainy season.

Yet, the water flow becomes gentler and calmer in the dry season. This is an ideal time to see Ban Gioc waterfall because it is as beautiful as "sleeping princess in the forest". Each stream of clear blue water pours down. At the foot of the waterfall, there are golden fields, creating poetic scenery.

Visitors can choose to leisurely enjoy the scenery on rustic rafts or go kayaking on the Quay Son River.

Also, you can visit nearby regions such as Nguom Ngao Cave, Pac Bo cave, Lenin stream, etc.

We then return to Quang Uyen and rest here before starting a new moving day.

Day 3: Quang Uyen- Ba Be Lake

Boating on Lake

The road to Ba Be lake is extremely stunning with the typical scenery of the mountains and forests of the North. If you participate in Vietnam Motorbike Tours, this will be an interesting and memorable journey, as the route is quite easy for transportation.

From Cao Bang to Ba Be Lake, it will take about 3 hours to travel on National Highway 3. At Na Phac junction, you turn right onto Highway 279 and then go straight. This road goes through Gio Pass, a famous pass in Bac Kan.

Ba Be Lake is home to the harmony of mountains, forests, and rivers. More impressively, it has a cool mountainous climate so that you can visit the lake all year round.

Apart from experiencing boating on Ba Be Lake, you can also visit Pac Ngoi village, Puong cave, Dau Dang waterfall, etc.

Our crew arrives in the afternoon and rests at the stilt house of the Tay ethnic group here.

Day 4: Ba Be Lake- Hanoi

Day 4: Ba Be Lake- Hanoi
Riding on monkey bridge northeast Vietnam

We will depart earlier than usual to return to Hanoi before rush hour. 

During the 240km motorcycle journey lasting about 5 hours, the crew goes through areas where you can easily meet the Dao, Tay, and Nung ethnic groups. This trip will certainly be an unforgettable experience.


With Northwest Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you can freely admire the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscapes and learn about the culture of the communities living in the area.

We are sure this trip will leave a deep impression on your heart. What are you waiting for? Just pack your backpack and go!

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