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The 14-day tour of Northern Vietnam by motorcycle from Hanoi to Halong Bay is a perfect combination of adventure and enjoyment. This trip is considered the most wonderful among Vietnam motorbike tours because it fully embraces the magnificence of the North.
Please directly refer to the following information to feel the most deeply about the "beauty" that we have just mentioned. Continue reading!

Highlight About 14-Day Tour Of Northern Vietnam By Motorcycle From Hanoi To Halong Bay

Suppose you don't like long journeys or fear that it will take time to return from the trip. Fortunately, you don't have to be concerned regarding this issue because the 14-day motorbike tour of the North has the same starting and ending point.

The locations in this experience include the most famous names in the North, such as Sa Pa, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Lang Son, Ha Long, etc. These fascinating locations give you amazing vistas from mountains, waterfalls, fields, and other eye-catching views.

Itinerary Details

Let's fully explore this unique trip through the itinerary details below!

1: Hanoi - Nghia Lo - Great Starting Point

We need to check the condition of our motorbikes and luggage before taking the first steps. The group said goodbye to dear Hanoi and traveled 250km to go to Nghia Lo.

This first route is like a gentle start because the road is quite nice and flat. At the end of the first day, Nghia Lo welcomes you with a mountainous landscape with a poetic town. 

1: Hanoi - Nghia Lo - Great Starting Point
View on the carpet of rice fields of Tu Le, on the road between Nghia Lo and Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai province, northwest Vietnam

2: Ride To Than Uyen

On the second day of the journey, you will start moving to conquer the bumpy and unspoiled roads at Lung Lo pass. 

Next, you start enjoying the Mu Cang Chai mountain range with the most impressive height in this place because it is almost as high as Fansipan peak. After going through a trip of about 180km, the team rests at a homestay. 

2: Ride To Than Uyen
Riding to Sapa from Than Uyen

3: Explore Than Uyen Before Coming To Sapa

The whole distance you have to cross this third day will be 140km. "Than Uyen" is probably an attractive place for those who love to explore the nation's beauty because it converges ethnic groups such as Dzao, Hoa, and H'mong. Following the moment of enjoying the looks at Than Uyen, we will be heading to SaPa. 

3: Explore Than Uyen Before Coming To Sapa
Motorbike Ride In North Vietnam

4: Admire The Beauty Of Sapa

There is nothing better than having a whole day to embrace all the magnificence in Sapa. Traveling by motorbike is the perfect choice when exploring hilly areas like Sapa, and that's why this tour is so popular.

The whole group had just conquered each road, looked at the terraced fields, and just went to explore the Hoang Lien Son Range. This mountain range has a Fansipan peak with an altitude of up to 3,143m and is the highest peak in Indochina. 

Along with the "terrible" height of Fansipan, flora and fauna in this place are extremely diverse. Not only that, we lead you to visit Muong Hoa valley, a pretty beautiful place at the foot of the eastern mountain.

4: Admire The Beauty Of Sapa
Vietnamese ethnic minority Red Dao women in traditional dress and basket on back in misty bamboo forest in Lao Cai, Northwest Vietnam

5: Leave Sapa And Go To Bac Ha

On the 5th day of this journey, you will experience 100km to reach Bac Ha. This roadblock is also an attractive trip with the majestic scenery of mountains and hills. When coming to Bac Ha, you will rest here to regain strength after four days of the ride. 

5: Leave Sapa And Go To Bac Ha
May 8, 2011. Vietnam, Bac Ha, Flower Hmong Woman, Bac Ha Sunday Market.

6: Continue To Ha Giang

Good morning fresh on the sixth day of the tour. Today, the journey is slightly longer than the previous days because you have to cross about 200km to get to Ha Giang. Although there is a bit of a challenge on the way, the experiences that nature brings will make you feel delighted.

Scenic road of Ha Giang

7: Enjoy The Ride To Dong Van

Before conquering each road and stunning scenery at Ma Pi Leng Pass, we need to get a permit to move motorbikes in the border area from the Ha Giang Immigration Police. You will feel overwhelmed by the majestic and poetic scenery at Ma Pi Leng pass. 

The feeling of surprise does not stop there when the poetic Nho Que river appears, making you feel fluttering in your heart. Indeed, 180km to experience the quintessence of nature while approaching Dong Van will be the most meaningful trip in our lives. 

7: Enjoy The Ride To Dong Van
Single Track Riding in Dong Van, Ha Giang

8: Dong Van - Bao Lac

The motorbike trip on this eighth day is relatively short, but the sight is still something that makes you feel extremely excited. Coming to Bao Lac, you will discover the fairs of many ethnic groups. After a day of moving and enjoying, it's time to relax at the homestay. 

8: Dong Van - Bao Lac
Bamboo Rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

9: Keep Good Memories In Cao Bang

We have to go 150km to move to Cao Bang. These routes have a lot of impressive and unique scenes, so you can feel free to stop to take beautiful souvenir photos. 

Although you will sometimes have to conquer a few bends out of sight, the whole route is relatively easy to navigate. In Cao Bang, the team rests and relaxes at the hotel.

Mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Me Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Northeast Vietnam

10: Enjoy The Fresh Beauty At Ban Gioc Waterfall

If you are bored with the bustling places in the city, the roads we take you through today will make you excited.

The peace and green of the road to Quang Uyen will give you an incredible sense of relaxation. Continuing the fresh scene in Quang Uyen, we will enjoy the majesty of Ban Gioc waterfall. This waterfall is also an area near the border with China.

Royalty high quality free stock image aerial view of “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall, Cao Bang, Vietnam. “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall is one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world.

11: Explore The Journey To Lang Son

The roadway near the end of the tour can be an interesting challenge, and you will have to go up to 240km on this 11th day. The first moments of this new journey will take you to the old French colonial war scene. You will feel this unique feature through villages called That Khe and Dong Khe. 

Lang Son welcomes you with a late afternoon, but this is also an opportunity to feel this place's beauty deeply. We take the first step down to the main market or Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh caves before resting at the hotel. 

11: Explore The Journey To Lang Son
Amazing landscape rice field on Bac Son, Viet Nam, above rice terraces in a beautiful day rice field on Bac Son, Northeast Viet Nam

12: A Long Day Moving To Halong Bay

The trip on this day is mainly about conquering and passing routes with a series of coal mines. Be careful because it may be dirty by coal dust. 

Scenic view of North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

13: Relax In luxury At Halong Bay

After a long trip yesterday, maybe you were a little tired, and now it's time to relax in Halong Bay. During the day, you can participate in light relaxing activities such as kayaking, sightseeing cruises, or swimming.

The evening will be the time to enjoy delicious dishes in Ha Long, watch movies, participate in squid fishing and many other interesting activities. 

Sunset in Halong Bay

14: Finish The Wonderful Journey And Return To Hanoi

This trip is not too long but also not short, and it is enough for those who love motorbikes and love nature to feel the deepest. Before the end of the trip and back to Hanoi, you can choose from many exploration options such as going to Titov Island, swimming, taking a cruise for lunch, etc. 

Couple enjoying view of Ha Long Bay from cruise ship. Happy people exploring Halong Bay - UNESCO world heritage site


If regular tours make you feel bored, why not choose the "14-day tour of Northern Vietnam by motorcycle from Hanoi to Halong Bay". Surely the blend of adventure, discovery, and enjoyment will bring you the best feeling ever.

Enjoy this fascinating trip, and let us know what you think!

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