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Introduction Of Southern Highland Explorer 5 Days

The Southern Highlands is a beautiful part of the South, Viet Nam. With so many things to do in this area, it's the perfect spot for an amazing Vietnam motorcycle holiday If you're planning on visiting the Southern Highlands for your next bike trip to Viet Nam, here are five days packed full of fun activities that you'll love! Let's jump to this post to discover now!
Introduction Of Southern Highland Explorer 5 Days
Lak lake, Dak Lak, Vietnam

Full Itinerary

What's not to love about Vietnam? From the rolling green hills and expansive rice fields in Dalat, you'll be able to see for miles on end. You might even spot a few hidden cliffs or waterfalls while exploring this beautiful country - all without breaking your neck.  After five days of riding off-road, our motorbike tours will take us through more city neighborhoods before ending up back at Nha Trang, where we can board whatever transport vessel suits best.

The 1st Day: Saigon – Nam Cat Tien National Park - 190km

Our off-road adventure took us 150 kilometers into Nam Cat Tien National Park, which has endless stretches for camping or just enjoying nature with family on a picnic day.  A ferry carried us across the Dong Nai River and into a scenic canal that leads to Tri An Lake. The second-largest lake in all of Vietnam, it's also home to many hydropower plants. We went back routes through Ma Da's jungle and got the opportunity to discover the DMC's tunnels.  We proceeded through the rich nature reserve on minor roads before boarding another ferry to the neighboring Nam Cat Tien park. This could be the most difficult phase of the motorcycle journey. The 1st Day: Saigon – Nam Cat Tien National Park - 190km

The 2nd Day: Nam Cat Tien Motorbike Ride To Di Linh - 161 km

Visit the highlands of agricultural products like coffee and tea. See the sight of some minor villages located nearly to the farm and understand how their careers rely on the growth of these plants.

The 3rd Day: Di Linh Motorbike Ride To Lak lake - 200km

Today's highlight is the meander with water, with a stop at a lake called Da Pal on your journey. In Di Linh, we'll spend the night in a small resort near a waterfall. After the long day, you'll be happy to enjoy your dinner with barbecued fish or buffalo and free-range chicken. After that, it's bedtime. The 3rd Day: Di Linh – Lak lake - 200km

The 4th Day: Lak lake Motorcycle Ride To Dalat - 148km

If you're looking for a scenic and adventurous way to explore the region, this motorcycle tour of Da Lat is perfect as we cross the Krong No river by boat before taking on an all-new road that leads us directly into town from where exploring begins. Before arriving in the hotel in Da Lat, we traveled through the middle of the flower farms zone, mostly strawflowers, roses, and hydrangeas. There's nothing better than taking a walk to the barbecue restaurant in an area where you can enjoy both cool temperatures and wine. The 4th Day: Lak lake Motorcycle Ride To Dalat - 148km

The 5th Day: Motorbike Downhill To Nha Trang - 150km

The motorcycle ride down the coast is stunning, with many opportunities for refreshment along the way. Today could be one of the best motorcycl tours in central highland Vietnam. You'll stop at vegetable farms and coffee plantations before arriving in Nha Trang, where you can explore this seaside town full of rich history as well as beautiful scenery.  The road winds through the mountains from 1500 meters at first to finally reach a height of 4500. The journey provides spectacular views, some that can only be seen on this drive.
The promenade and main beach of Nha Trang on a warm September day


We are very excited to announce that our Southern Highland Explore motorbike trip is now available! This motorcycle tour takes you through the best of Vietnam, with stops in Saigon and the Southern Highlands.  You'll see some amazing scenery, learn about Vietnamese culture, taste delicacies from street vendors and visit local villages. It's a great way to experience all Vietnam has to offer while staying on budget. Take this opportunity today if you're looking for an adventure or have always wanted to go backpacking around Southeast Asia but didn't know where to start. What riders have said about us on Tripadvisor!

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