Experience of motorbike tours of Vietnam – an interesting experience for foreign tourists

Experience of motorbike tours of Vietnam - an interesting experience for foreign tourists

You are a tourist who has just arrived in Vietnam and is looking for a trip to discover the culture and conquer new lands here. However, you want to control the time during your journey. Everything is completely new and you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Try to experience motorbike tours of VietNam right away!

Meaning of Vietnam Motorbike Tours in general

Meaning of Vietnam Motorbike Tours in general
Ho Chi Minh Trail and coastal ride

When it comes to backpacking, people will immediately think of strong, liberal, progressive, and positive people. It is because of the meaning of the word backpack that it has created a great attraction for young people, and more and more young people love and participate in backpacking. 

Motorbike tours of VietNam – Explore the region’s geography and culture

Motorbike tours of VietNam - Explore the region's geography and culture
Motorbike riding along Vietnam coastline ( Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours )

Going on a trip will bring a lot of interesting and useful things to the participants, it is not only enjoyable and relaxing but also gives them new feelings and discoveries for themselves. about beautiful scenery, people in each region.

Motorbike tours of VietNam – Train yourself

Motorbike tours of VietNam - Train yourself
Riding in the remoted part in northern Vietnam

Going backpacking also has a very special meaning that helps us discover our people, helps us practice independence, perseverance, collective spirit, solidarity, and helping friends.

When participating in backpacking, you will be responsible for your actions, the survival, and the safety of yourself and your teammates.

Through the trips, you will feel that your person becomes brave, strong, courageous, and has more life skills.

Motorbike tours of VietNam – Reduce stress

Motorbike tours of VietNam - Reduce stress
Ride out, stress out

Not only that, but off-roading trips also helps you to exercise, reduce stress, tension, deadlock in work or daily life.

Just think, when you leave all the pressure and hustle of life there, you pack your backpack and go to feel how wonderful the new things of life will be.

Who should join the motorbike tours of VietNam?

tips of motorbike tours of vietnam 7 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Let’s ride when we ar Young and wild!


Unlike other vehicles, motorbikes will bring you special experiences that only you can feel. Of course, not everyone can try. If you fall into the following categories, surely, traveling to Vietnam by motorbike will be suitable for you.

  • People who love to explore, like to experience new cultures and lands in a special way
  • Likes to take the initiative in time, schedule and do not want to be constrained during the trip journey
  • Want to feel the weather and culture of each land by yourself when you step foot there
  • See firsthand the majestic and beautiful natural scenery that captivates people
  • Save money on travel and meals during the trip
  • Discover the roads to go to the place where you want to travel

Where to go by motorbike tours of VietNam to visit and travel?

tips of motorbike tours of vietnam 8 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Yen Bai, 17th Mar 2021: A group of Hmong children are playing together in a small kindergarten in Mu Cang Chai, Northwest Vietnam.

Of course with a motorbike, you will be limited in geographical distance. However, Vietnam is a country with a lot of beautiful spots, attractive and interesting places, so you can choose based on your current location.

A trip is not necessarily short but can be longer. So, choose places close to each other to explore and experience at the same time. Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Sapa, Ban Gioc falls, Ho Chi Minh Trail … are the provinces and cities that many riders choose. Tam Dao, Hoi An ancient town, Ta Xua dinosaur backbone are also ideal places that you should not miss.

Do you need a guide when motorbike tours of VietNam?

tips of motorbike tours of vietnam 10 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Ta leader of all northern Vietnam motorcycle tours

If you are adventurous and confident about your road knowledge, you can take the initiative. On the contrary, if you want to learn more about the culture and cuisine of the places, choosing a tour guide is important. Through that, you will have a suitable travel schedule, ensuring optimal efficiency so that you can go to as many places with the most economical cost possible.

In addition, avoid losing time, forgetting things to do such as taking photos, taking notes, recording the experiences in the plan. Highly recommend riders to travel with the guides to save time, cost. Check out our guided motorcycle tours in Vietnam Cost!

Things to prepare for the motorbike tours of VietNam

Things to prepare for the motorbike tours of VietNam
Wonderful view of Nho Que river, Ha Giang


No matter where you go, a detailed, specific plan including necessary items, expenses, and food must always be guaranteed. Along with that, checking the quality of motorbikes makes the trip safer and smoother. Specifically, you should note the following points:

  • Brake system and rearview mirror
  • Calculate the amount of gasoline
  • Helmets and protective gear to avoid sun and rain along the way
  • Vehicle documents help traffic on all roads
  • Understanding Vietnam’s traffic laws
  • Stock up on some food along the way
  • Don’t forget to bring cash, because not everywhere have ATMs and pay by visa card

Why should you book motorbike tours of VietNam at vietnammotorcycletours.com?

tips of motorbike tours of vietnam 11 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Alan Chien met riders in Hanoi for quick briefing


Vietnammotocycletours.com is one of the websites for foreigners who want to book Vietnam tours by motorbike. Instead of spending money to buy a brand new car that is only used a few times, perhaps renting or booking a car would be more appropriate.

Moreover, here, the cost to experience Vietnam by motorbike is extremely reasonable here, calculated according to the purpose of the trip. Therefore, you and your friends can refer. We also support additional guided tour packages. If you find it necessary, you should also try the experience.

Some frequently asked questions about Motorbike tours of VietNam

Some frequently asked questions about Motorbike tours of VietNam
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

How many motorbikes can I rent for the trip?

Based on the needs of users and the number of people on the trip you have scheduled, we will suggest options to ride 1-15 riders accordingly. Of course, we always have a car available to meet your wishes in any case.

How much does it cost for a motorbike tour of Vietnam?

On average, each motorbike we use ranges from 125 to 250 USD per day depending on the type you choose. If you sign up for a group motorbike tour of Vietnam, the cost will be lower. Therefore, you can invite your friends or colleagues to join this trip. We have a full range of models from scooters, digital motorbikes … to meet the needs of the trip. All watches are secure and come with helmets. So you can rest assured.

Is it okay if I don’t need a guide?

We provide Vietnam travel service by motorbike with 2 forms. One is the accompanying guide. Second, you are self-sufficient and proactive. Therefore, if you don’t hire a guide, there’s no charge!

Above,Vietnammotorcycletours.com has helped you learn about Vietnam travel experiences and motorbike tours of VietNam. If you need to book or rent a vehicle such as cars, motorbikes for your journey with friends, please contact Hotline +84 945 918 688. I hope you have interesting, wonderful, and memorable experiences in Vietnam!

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