When is the ideal time to go for a Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike?

Motorcycle Tour Ha giang

If you’re planning to visit Northern part of Viet Nam by Motorbike, Ha Giang is an enchanting place you must come. You might wonder whether Ha Giang is nice to visit any time? Yes, it’s true.  Each season here has its own unique beauties to offer. Let’s take a Ha Giang Motorcycle tour to discover this famous attraction. 

Ha Giang by motorbike

Fresh and colorful Spring – Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

In the early months of  the New Year, this beautiful land welcomes travelers by many local festivals featuring the rich culture of the ethnic community such as H’mong, Tay, or Dao people. You’ll feel excited, enjoyable and joyful for sure when live watching the thrilling buffalo wrestling matches or horse fighting. These are the traditional activities annually held to honor the wet rice cultivation and pray for next bumper harvest and prosperity.

Spring in Ha Giang also wears its own outfits embroidered on the bright color tones. You can see it in the colorful  traditional dresses of H’mong group that are exquisitely handmade by the most skillful handicraft artists –  the indigenous people from this province. When Spring begins to touch this land (from February to March), it’s the time peach and plum (typical  fruits in northern provinces) are in blossom. Driving your motorbike through the narrow and twisting roads, then conquering the toughest mountainous  passes, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views covering by flowers blooming. It’s really fresh, pleasant, wild and peaceful. It’s in which you can totally  take off all of the stresses, fatigue, anxiety to immerse yourself in nature and local culture.

Fresh and colorful Spring - Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

Interesting summery watering season – Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

Interesting summery watering season - Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

Going on  a Ha Giang Motorbike Tour in Summer is not as  crowded as in Springtime. Late of April, there will be a famous Khau Vai Love Market taking place in which you have a great chance to witness an unique cultural practice. Interestingly, man and women will wear their best traditional costumes and come to the market where they’ll meet their exes. Their current partners do not get jealous  at all as this is just a temporary moment to talk about the old stories. Then when it turns back to normal life, every locals is happy to begin a new crop.

Late of May to June, they’ll prepare for the new wet rice crop planted a year only. If you roam around the winding roads and visit this beautiful place within these summer months, always be ready for the heavy rains because they’re very often. Water falls into the terrace paddy fields, from layer to layer, painting the most picturesque sceneries appearing in front of you. After the rains, the sky becomes clearer and prettier. Please remember to  stop at one spot and take your own pictures of majestic karst plateau, clear blue sky and impressive terrace rice fields.

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Poetic and romantic, Autumn and  Winter – Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

Poetic and romantic, Autumn and  Winter - Ha Giang loop tour by Motorbike

When summer heat is cooling down and leaving the way for chilling winds, it’s the autumnal sign. And for sure, you definitely don’t want to miss a ripe rice season that falls in September and October. Travelling by motorbike to Ha Giang within this period, you’re highly recommended to visit Hoang Su Phi district which is home to the most scenic terrace paddy fields in Viet Nam. This is the great occasion to admire the vast golden terrace rice fields ready for harvesting. That’d be a memorable trip if you get there and joining in reaping rice with the locals.

And when it gets much more colder, obviously winter is coming to this place. The temperature can reach to 10 even 5 Celsius degree in wintertime. In some places such as Meo Vac, Dong Van or a high mountain peak – Tay Con Linh, you can even see snowfall – a very rare phenomenon in spite of Vietnam tropical climate. All you need to prepare is a good health, thermal clothes, gloves, socks, woolen scarf to keep you warm. Riding to this northeast highland in winter, the very first beauty you get to discover is buckwheat flower. It’s tiny, soft but charming as blooming in white and pink color and brightening up the surrounding areas. You can taste toasted buckwheat cakes or buckwheat candies. There are also other wintry beautiful flowers namely oilseed rape, bauhinia variegata, etc., painting the most picturesque landscapes of Ha Giang in the cold days. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy Ha Gang’s specialties. Let’s take a sip of corn wine by a fireplace and enjoy buffalo meat upstairs kitchen then you will never forget the tastes and flavor of this land.

Ha Giang Loop by motorbike

When Is The Best Time to travel to Ha Giang by motorbike?

When Is The Best Time to travel to Ha Giang by motorbike?

The most appropriate time to travel to Ha Giang by motorbike should be around or after the Tet Holidays, which is from February to May. During this time of the year. The weather is cool and dry.

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