Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours – Northeast Vietnam Rider Tours

Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours - Northeast Vietnam Rider Tours

Having dirt bike tours to Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the best suggestions for you to explore local tradition and culture. Also, this tour can be the first thing on your list to get rid of the hustling and bustling space and get yourself immersed into breathtaking landscapes. The Ban Gioc dry season lasts from October to May. This is the time of extraction of tranquil water, making it easy for backpackers to access. June to September is the rainy season, the water flow is stronger with white foam but extremely impressive. Before registering for Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours, refer to some essential information about this destination.

Where is Ban Gioc Waterfall?

Where is Ban Gioc Waterfall?
Mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.


Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Cao Bang city, sharing part of its border with Chinese province namely Quang Tay. Therefore, Ban Gioc achieves a diversity of cultural patterns from enthnic minorities. It is also around 370km from Hanoi Capital, a medium distance, allowing you to opt for any distinctive vehicle to travel, including motorcycle tours.

However, if you visit Ban Gioc by bike, you are able to stop at plenty of other scenic points along the road, which seems more interesting. You should utilize vietnam motorbike tours service provided by one reliable motorcycle rental company.

Highlights of Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours

Highlights of Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours
Magical sunset on the area near mountain Phong Nam, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Ban Gioc has gained popularity for being one of the largest cross-border waterfalls all over the world, especially in our country. Over the past years, there has been a striking increase of tourists coming here to observe its uniquely spectacular, natural beauty. 

Both Vietnam and China are committed to derive substantial advantages from the site in relevance to economic and tourism profits. What makes the Ban Gioc scene highlighted with a flow of water running dazzlingly across stair- like moulds, like a doorstep of nature mother. This seductive charm is recognized as a mainstream factor appealing  to a vast number of international visitors per year.

In the dry seasons, the Ban Gioc Waterfall offers gentle white water, green color, and the air fresh and cool. Traveling throughout Vietnam on motorcycle to Ban Gioc in November, you get the chance to catch sight of a triangle circuit of flowers and wild sunflowers. Therefore, you can take some external anniversary photos to lead a virtual life on social networking sites.

If you have an intention of cruising on offroad vietnam by motorcycles at this time, you should bring warm clothing as the temperature can be down pretty cold at night. The rider tours to Ban Gioc cost you a reasonable amount of money, but to make sure for perfect preparation, you should have specific contacts to seek a place to sleep. Please contact Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company for any assistance.

What to do during Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours?

Not only does the Ban Gioc win praise for its waterfall but it also draws striking attractions to other beautiful sightseeings. Don’t come across a chance to discover the following splendid scenery.

What to do during Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours?
CAO BANG, VIETNAM, OCTOBER 5: Unidentified farmers work in rice field on October 5, 2014 in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Cao Bang is North East province of Vietnam near China

Thang Hen Lake – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

The Thang Hen Lake comprises 36 natural lakes situated in a steep valley, surrounded by dense sony fields and jungles. For the Tay dialect, the name “Thang Hen” initially comes from the body of a bee on account of the lake’s curved form. You can get an overwhelming feeling by the scene sheathed in mist in the morning if you register for motorbike tours to this place.

Nguom Ngao Cave – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

This cave stands among the most magnificent caves of our country found in the year 1921 with a 2144-meter height. According to the definition of Fresh people, “Nguom Ngao” means “a cave of the stone valley” or “stone tiger”. The stalactites of Nguom Ngao cave expanding from the roof would bring a strong impression by dripping water over hundreds of millions of years. 

Pac Bo Historic Monument – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

This destination is always listed for Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours at any adventure bike rental operator. Pac Bo is a place in which Uncle Ho contemplated the plan and future for Vietnamese revolution, recognized as a national historic monument. There are some other sites in Pac Bo Monument such as Lung Lan cave, Lenin stream, Uncle Ho commemoration house and so forth.

Pac Bo cave is considered as the credible witness for the lifestyle of Uncle Ho, as well as his contribution for better civic welfare. You should rent a motorbike in Vietnam to pay a visit to such a meaningful place as Pac Bo cave.

Ma Phuc Pass – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours


Ma Phuc mountain range located between Hoa An district and Tra Linh district is well-known for its outstanding beauty. So as to go through, backpackers have to pass a narrow 7-bend path, overlooking the highlands with a breathtaking view of forests. If you try to go here, you take guided dirt bike tours to ensure your safety as well as not get lost. 

Ma Phuc Pass - Ban Gioc motorcycle tours
Ma Phuc mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Which local specialities when joining Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours?

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company will recommend four mouth-watering cuisines if you get the opportunity to visit Ban Gioc as well as other local areas in Cao Bang province.

Which local specialities when joining Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours?
Grilled Duck, Top special food in Cao Bang

Ant’s Egg Cake – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

Evaluated as one of the most unique specialities in Cao Bang, the cake is only sold between April and May when a number of black garden ants increase rapidly. Covered by tree leaves, local inhabitants utilize immature eggs as the key ingredient. Don’t worry about contaminated substances because all the eggs are fried with peanuts, some pork and onions before being made into the cake.

Steamed Rice Pancake – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

The Ban Gioc steamed rice pancake gives a taste of a special sauce made from bone stock. In fact, the bones are simmered for hours, added with minced meat to make it more sweet-smelly. Let’s take rider tours to Ban Gioc Waterfall to experience the difference between the common steamed rice pancake and Ban Gioc one.

Grilled “Aloeswood Fish” – Ban Gioc motorcycle tours

The original name for this dish comes from the fish’s habit of feeding aloeswood trucks and leaves. Prior to undergoing the grilling process, the fish will be washed under clean water to get rid of all dirt, then stuffed with onions, dill and chillies and packed by banana leaves. When you try this food, you easily realize the sensation of aloeswood flavour at the first time.

From some detailed introductions about Ban Gioc Motorcycle Tours, you can consider this trip as one of the most interesting experiences for your passion of adventure. Contact us at or our official telephone +84 945 918 688 to know more about the prices.

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