Vietnam Motorcycle Tours have always been a must-have experience for any wanderlust soul. They are much like registered certificates, acknowledging your accumulated accomplishment towards a fulfilled life journey.  

During motorcycle trips, you cannot only surround yourself with an indulgent embrace of mother nature, but you can also enjoy a great time doing something out of the ordinary with your dear friends. 

Read on and plan your trip right away!

The 10 Best Vietnam Motorcycle Tours That Motorcyclists Should Experience

If you are not sure where to start, take our following tours as a reference.

#1. Hoi An to Nha Trang for Multi-Cultural Experiencing  

Our top #1 recommended trip commences in an old town road of Hoi An, which leads you across many local handicraft villages. You will instantaneously feel a deep, rich smell of incense spreading into your sanity like magic, which reminds you of your childhood memory with your dear grandma.

At the same time, you will be feasting your eyes on the yellow tone of paddy fields stretching endlessly under the horizon. How splendid!

The next stage of the trip will take place in the peaceful mountain ranges of Central Highlands. The location brings with it challenging terrains, from bumpy roads, unpredictable slopes to muddy trails. Yet, don’t worry if you are a beginner cyclist because our tour guide is always there to provide you with the utmost safety.

After the challenge are the precious moments of cultural engagement, where you will find yourself in the cordial hospitality of Ktu, Ba Na, and Ede people. Plus, you also have the chance to learn more about their traditional costumes and practices.

Finally, the trip culminates in the coastal city of Nha Trang, where you need no permission whatsoever to throw yourself into the ocean. It will wash off all the negative thoughts and temporary misfortunes of everyday life and set you up for more exhilarating chapters ahead.

Hoi An to Nha Trang for Multi-Cultural Experiencing  
Traditional boats in front of ancient architecture in Hoi An, Vietnam

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#2. Northeast Vietnam Guided Off-Road for Adventuring

Trust us. This Northeast Vietnam off-road trip is not for the faint-hearted. It calls for your immense boldness and physical strength.

Northeast Vietnam is widely renowned for boasting many magnificent mountains and picturesque waterfalls. Being able to observe these grandeurs hands-on is no mean feat. You will be encountering various obstacles along the way: steep curves, gravels, and rocky patches, to name a few.

This five-day trip starts from Hanoi early in the morning. Then, you will be riding non-stop on Road 3 until lunch. That’s also the telltale sign that you have escaped from the hustle culture.

At this point, the staggering view of Ba Be National Park opens up right in front of your eyes. The best part of it is that you can stay in a village located inside this National Park. Your host is of Tay ethnicity. We are sure you’ll have so many things to explore once there.

To recover from the exhausting ride the previous day, you will spend your next half-day boat riding on the lake. It’s a great opportunity to closely observe flora and fauna of this area, at the same time revamping your energy for the rest of the trip.

The latter three days include exploring waterfalls, historical values of the areas, and the local market, which are not less interesting (and daunting). Prepare yourself to be blown away.

Northeast Vietnam Guided Off-Road for Adventuring

#3. North Vietnam to Ha Giang for Beautiful Sight 

This North Vietnam to Ha Giang trip is more demanding than the last one because you spend six whole days on your exploration. Plus, we will provide less assistance along the way in the hope that you actively grip the trip at your disposal. That said, you can always ask for our help on demand.

Also, the tour is organized in two different paces: intermediate and advanced levels, which are up to you to choose. 

Let’s fast forward. Your first stop – Thac Ba Lake will give you a chill of mother nature’s sinister mystery and majesty highlighting how small you really are. Meanwhile, the Dong Van plateau concedes all its magnificence to your victory on top of it. 

We believe it is one of the most wonderful feelings to stand at its peak, growl your own symphony, and let the vast space reverberate. Otherwise, you could simply sit down and take every angle of the eternal masterpiece into your very own eyes.

Bao Lac Town, with its cultural richness, has a lot to show you the next day. You will instantly feel a sense of familiarity and coziness inside this town’s embrace.

The last stop in Ba Be Lake is also the trickiest path with narrow roads and river crosses. Intimidating as it might sound, it will be worth the effort after all. Until then, feel free to enjoy the serene terraced rice paddies scenery.

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Motorcycle Tours

#4. Hanoi to Lang Son for Long Motorcycling in northeast Vietnam

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Have you ever dreamed about a full week of only traveling and having fun in your friends’ company? Anyway, no more dreams. Let’s bring it to life with a Hanoi – Lang Son trip.

From Hanoi, riding across the dyke roads, you’ll find your way to Yen Bai and then Tuyen Quang. These are the two historic provinces that once witnessed history: the Yen Bai uprising of Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoc in 1930 and the first National Congress of the Indochina Communist Party in 1945.

Be sure to do some research on that and impress your friends with your historical knowledge. 

Also, the fact that this tour takes its breaks in five different provinces will immediately intrigue you. At each stop, you have the chance to lose yourself in the savories of local cuisine. Be aware! Because the black vermicelli of Cao Bang or the grilled banh mi in Lang Son will steal your heart.

Hanoi to Lang Son for Long Motorcycling in northeast Vietnam

#5. Northeast Vietnam to Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfall for Backpacking

This Hanoi – Cao Bang backpacking trip much resembles the last one in terms of duration and route. However, this trip goes even further because it gives you more spare time to explore the local culture and find your inner sense of belonging.

Upon your arrival in Na Khan, you will be able to turn back in time, witnessing the historic events that so many brave souls had together brought about almost a century ago. 

After that, you can take your time immersing in the beauty of Ba Be Lake and Ban Gioc Fall, both of which remind you of the earth’s bare portrait: every brushstroke carries deep spiritual energy and no weary buildings.

Plus, don’t forget to get a glimpse of cheap China products from the other side of the barrier, yet at the Dong Kinh market. 

Last but not least, you can rest at the local homestay each night. Not only does it provide you with a spectacular night view, but it will also grant you sumptuous meals and hospitality. We are sure you’ll find the home vibes here.

Northeast Vietnam to Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfall for Backpacking

#6. Saigon to Mekong Delta for Picturesque Motorbike Tour

This time, we start our trip from the other side of Vietnam – the noisy Saigon. It includes two distinct parts, one being the warm-up chill vibes, the other a daring statement.

The trip allows for people in both beginner and intermediate levels, thus suitable for young women.

The first part of this motorbike tour sets your foot on the Western regions of Chau Doc, Can Tho, and Ben Tre. Being there, you will be astonished by the countryside scenery and local customs. To grasp a better sense of our point, you should take a trip to Khmer workshops or a ferry trip to the monastery island and find out for yourself.

Until you are hungry, try to keep your hands stable because you will be revving on a dirt track to Cho Moi for lunch. Western cuisine is simply unforgettable.

The other half of your trip stretches across three South-Central provinces: Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, and Binh Thuan. They are most famous for the dreamy beaches and endless dunes. Be sure to mark your traces well once being there.

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Saigon to Mekong Delta for Picturesque Motorbike Tour

#7. Mai Chau to Thac Ba Lake for Limited Budget

If you are running low on your budget, this Mai Chau – Thac Ba lake trip should be the one for you. However, bear in mind that a low-cost trip is not any less interesting than other luxury counterparts.

The isolated Mai Chau region boasts many bumpy roads and towering mountains, which challenge you to defeat. You can also choose to stop along the way to enjoy and capture some photos of the mesmerizing blooming flowers there.

You will find yourself riding steadily along off-road trails in Phu Yen the following day. These trails offer a wonderful vantage point to observe the lush green scenery and your inner calls.

Also, you can participate in some physical activities such as having a chill boat trip or getting to know the local culture. Two days might sound somewhat short, yet are the two days lived to the fullest.

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Mai Chau to Thac Ba Lake for Limited Budget

#8. Mui Ne to Da Lat and Nha Trang for Memorable Trip

Let’s move further down into Southern Central Vietnam. This four-day motorcycle trip from Mui Ne to Da Lat and Nha Trang will certainly diversify your experience of Vietnam terrains. 

Starting at Mui Ne – a vast complex of dunes, you will ride your way through to the Da Lat mountain pass after a short stop at the fairy stream. This pass overlooks the enormous hydroelectric power station, where you can observe the artwork of humans combined with the power of nature.

Upon your arrival in Dak Lak for the next day, you have the chance to visit the local plantation with fresh coffee hills, colorful flowers, and mushrooms. After that, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the endless green and waterfall music in the forest. 

The remaining two days will be even more fun with physical activities, for example, riding on elephant backs and trekking to the mountain rocks like champions. 

Even though it is only a short trip, its memory will stay with you for a long time. 

Mui Ne to Da Lat and Nha Trang for Memorable Trip

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#9. Hanoi to Mai Chau for Unforgettable Experience

If you are planning to get away from the hustle and bustle for a moment, immerse yourself in the lush green forests, and foster your love of animals, look nowhere else. Our Hanoi – Mai Chau motorbike tour can meet your needs.

The first stop will settle in Hoa Binh town, where you have the opportunity to visit the hydropower plant and marvel at this enormous joint effort of humans.

We also plan to guide you through Cuc Phuong National Park on the following day so that you can revel in its magnificent canopy, rescue center, and butterfly museum. It will be a mind-blowing moment to explore the hidden diversity around you.

Your last day will be spent on a three-hour boat trip from Tam Coc, which opens its way into large cave complexes. Later on, you can have lunch at a riverside restaurant before getting your feet busy again to Hoa Lu – the past capital.

Hanoi to Mai Chau for Unforgettable Experience
Traveler in Vietnam. Pensive Young man with backpack sitting on peak Mua Cave. Ninh Binh province, Vietnam.

#10. Hanoi to Saigon for Vietnam Discovery

This is one of the best Vietnam motorcycle tours out there. It gives you the ultimate taste of Vietnam, taking you to three regions with three distinct characteristics. At this point, we are referring to each of them as a persona.

While Northern Vietnam resembles an old friend with deep cultural nostalgia of the past, Central Vietnam offers you a trustworthy companion who lives a life of peace and tranquility. In contrast, Southern Vietnam is a young, noisy, and fashion-conscious friend who is constantly shedding her image.

However, getting to know all of them through only a motorbike trip is a long and even exhausting process. Yet only possible if you prepare carefully enough. Come with us!

After that, embrace yourself because once you do, you’ll find yourself madly in love with all of them.

Hanoi to Saigon for Vietnam Discovery
View of cruise ships and islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam.


That concludes our article. We hope that it will be of great help to you. We can already see your excitement about the upcoming Vietnam motorcycle tours from the other side of the screen. 

However, before setting off your trip, remember not to let your guard down even a bit, because the  Covid pandemic is still out there. You know what to do.

And when time comes, don’t hesitate any more second, pack your belongings right away, and off we go!

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