Dirt Bike Trails: Why you should try it?

Dirt Bike Trails: Why you should try it? Dirt bike Trails Vietnam | Vietnam Motorbike Tours

What are dirt bike trails?

While dirt bike racing and motocross is normally done on designated tracks that are set out and predefined, dirt bike trails are the equivalent of free ride. In some areas you can just head off to a decent dirt bike trail and ride how you want and where you want. Obviously there are usually some pretty basic rules to try and encourage safe riding and lower the risks of dangerous accidents but if you see a better route, you can take it.

There are many different difficulties of dirt bike trails; ranging from beginner trails to difficult trails and if youíre new to trailing then you should start at the very beginning and work your way up as you gain more confidence, skill and exposure.

What are dirt bike trails?
Honda CRF250L Trail Bikes


What are trails bikes?

Trails bikes are different to other types of dirt bikes, because they are designed for use both on and off road and while the ride on the road can be quite bumpy the bike gives you the perfect way to get you from one trail to the next. Obviously, this compatibility for both road and track means that the bikes are an all-rounder; they are good for roads and good for tracks but not exceptional at either.

The freedom that trails bikes and trail racing offers means that trail riding has a massive following and many trail bikers will tell you that itís the only real dirt bike riding there is.

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What are trails bikes?


Can anyone try dirt bike trails?

Trails are an easily accessible form of dirt bike riding but in order to ride your trail bike on the road you will, of course, need the same license, tax and certificates as you would with a standard road bike. To ride them on a trail, though, this isnít necessary although some more organized trails will only consider experienced riders so check before you travel. There are many trails all over the world, and in some areas of the world you don’t have to use the predefined trails, but you should always take care when riding anywhere that there may be unseen obstacles or pedestrians.

There are groups of people all over the world who travel together to find the best Dirt Bike Trails and even a cursory glance on the Internet can find a plethora of sites offering details, directions and even rider ís guides to some of the best trails in the world. If you’ve got a bit of money to spare you can sign up to a premium site and get new trails added as and when they are opened or discovered. These have details of some of the more obscure trails in the world sourced by professional die-hard trail bikers.

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Dirt Bike Trails: Why you should try it? nha trang by motorcycle | Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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