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We trust and use 100% Honda, Yamaha trail bikes for riding in Vietnam!

2022 Honda CRF300L Review

More power, more suspension travel, more fun on trails.

Where the dirt ends and road begins, the brand new 2022 Honda CRF300L is waiting to bring adventure bike capability to your everyday commute. The nimble design and plentiful low-end power combine with smart features for an ideal transportation solution through busy streets and bumpy epic mountain trails. The bodywork is inspired by Dakar Rally racebikes, which means it looks as good as it performs. The tall windscreen provides solid protection against the elements. And the long motocross-style seat gives you all-day comfort and allows you to easily move around in the saddle. If you have a dual sport that’s even lighter and more affordable in mind, make sure you check out our 2022 CRF300L by booking one of our motorbike tours in Vietnam today.

Honda CRF300L
The best for both, week days and hit the dirt for an adventure riding on weekends!

Honda XR 150cc ( Model 2022 )

The Honda XR is the most comfortable 150cc motorbike. A dual-sport bike designed to be both on the road and off the road!

We have a fleet of Honda XR150L bikes, we fitted them our with frames to hold our custom made panniers. We have upgraded the suspension and these are great trail bikes for the riding terrains in Vietnam!

Honda XR 150cc
New 2022 Honda XR150L

Honda CRF250L – Fatastic Dual sport trail bike for Vietnam Riding

The most popular dual-sport motorbike in the Vietnam! The Honda CRF 250L is a dual-sport designed to be a road and off-road motorcycle.

The Riders will feel much comfortable on basically all riding terrains in Vietnam with this bike.


Dual-purpose Yamaha WR 155R – Fantastic trail bike to ride in Vietnam

The term ‘WR’ indicates a wide-ratio gear box which is designed for enduro and trail rides. Built for heavy duty excitement and total control on any surface; the dual sport excellence of the series is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s signature off-road bike design that enhances performance in a variety of conditions. Experience these best-in-class machines that allows you to dominate every roads in Vietnam.

Dual-purpose Yamaha WR 155R - Fantastic trail bike to ride in Vietnam
Dual-purpose Yamaha WR 155R

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