Traveling to Vietnam by motorcycle is quite popular. Like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Ha Long, Ha Giang city, Hanoi often attracts tourists. If the experience by car makes the trip faster, the motorcycle tour brings a feeling that is difficult to describe. Perhaps that’s why Hanoi motorcycle tours are becoming more and more popular and loved than ever.

However, not all tourists know where they are going with so many choices. Right now, we would like to suggest a few ideal destinations that visitors should try to experience when Hanoi Motorcycle Tours. We invite everyone to read the following. 

Hanoi Motorcycle Tour 2 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Hanoi motorbike tour to Duong Lam ancient village

1.Who can join the Hanoi motorcycle tours? 

Anyone can participate in the experience of Hanoi Motorcycle Tours. You have enough physical ability as well as health. If your child is too young to ride alone, you can put them in the back. For those who want to explore, this experience is quite a great option. Of course, we can also invite more friends, colleagues or your family to join. It would be great if the whole family had a memorable experience like this.

If you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, you should go with someone. For your safety, you should be yourself. In addition, you should choose the right size, commensurate with your height and physique. That way, you can more easily control the bike when on the road.

1.Who can join the Hanoi motorcycle tours? 
Hanoi countryside

2. The ideal places to go when experiencing Hanoi motorcycle tours

Right now, we would like to share the top 5 places you should visit when you come to Vietnam and experience Hanoi by motorcycle. Please read the content below!

2.1. Long Bien Bridge – Hanoi Motorcycle Tours


It is a bridge associated with the history of the Vietnamese nation. It was built hundreds of years ago, connecting the two banks of the Red River. Every afternoon, if you ride a motorcycle through here, you will watch the sunset and feel the peace and comfort. At the foot of the bridge are upland fields, lawns that farmers in here grow and look after.

If you are experiencing Hanoi motorcycle tours, do not miss this place. The outcome here, sit down and eat lemon tea in summer. Don’t forget to enjoy the grilled corn and baked potatoes in the winter. Those will be unforgettable memories.

Long Bien Bridge - Hanoi Motorcycle Tours
Old Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi! When joining our Hanoi street food tours we will see this amazing bridge!

2.2. West Lake – Hanoi Motorcycle Tours


West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi. The air here is fresh and cool. On summer afternoons, people often ride bicycles and motorcycles around the lake to enjoy the wind and exercise. If you don’t have them, you can easily rent them for about 50 thousand dongs per day.

Around the lake are open and clean roads, very convenient for Hanoi motorcycle tours. Many visitors share that driving around the lake will bring a feeling of refreshment, fun and effectively reduce stress.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tour 5 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
West lake in Hanoi. Let’s join Our Hanoi Vespa Adventure Tour

2.3. Some central streets – Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, and Hoang Dieu are 3 of the most beautiful streets of Hanoi capital. The road is a clean and wide sidewalk. The two sides of the road are rows of old trees shady all year round, running parallel to the main asphalt road in Hanoi.

In the season of trees changing leaves, the road is full of yellow leaves, creating a bold beauty of Hanoi. So you and your friends and relatives can take pictures as a souvenir. The fresh air creates a feeling of relaxation and refreshment for those who are cycling on this street.

Some central streets - Hanoi Motorcycle Tours
Hanoi, Vietnam – Feb 18, 2010: Flower basket on bike of street vendor on Kim Ma street in Hanoi. Yellow leaf trees. Autumn or winter season

2.4. Ancient city of Hanoi – Hanoi Motorcycle Tours


Famous around the world is the ancient Hanoi street. This place is often noisy and crowded with traffic. Especially motorbikes used on all the roads in Viet Nam. So, driving a motorcycle will be a wonderful, enjoyable experience. When you are going on the road, you can slowly explore. You can see life here and stop to eat some delicious food or buy any items.

Riding around the old town by motorcycle is very convenient. You can stop at any time to take pictures with other members and save beautiful places.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tour 7 - Vietnam Motorbike Tours
The crazy Traffic of Hanoi in Vietnam, 25. November

2.5. Kim Ma Street – Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Kim Ma is known as “Hanoi’s most romantic street” with a unique construction design in the style of parallel double lines. Whether winter or summer, the rows of trees always create different feelings. Something that makes your heart flutter. Many tourists come here by motorcycle and for themselves. If you are going to Kim Ma stress, remember to save the photos taken with your phone or camera.

3. What do you note when Hanoi motorcycle tours?

To ensure safety and cost-effective for the trip, you need to prepare and note a few things:

First, you need to schedule and arrange the locations. 

Second, you should choose or rent a motorcycle that fits your body shape, height, and physique. You have to make sure it works properly and is stable. So, let’s find a reputable and trustworthy place.

Third, you need to prepare water, food in a small backpack

Fourth, don’t forget your protective gear. For example, gloves, sunscreen, sports shoes, hats, clothes.

Next, you have to bring some extra cash to use while driving on the road. If the motorcycle breaks down, you can give it to any shop and fix it.

Finally, you can prepare a phone or camera to capture beautiful moments and memories with friends, colleagues, and your family.

What do you note when Hanoi motorcycle tours?
Off-road riding Ha Noi countryside

4. Should you hire a guide? Where to rent cheap and quality motorcycles? Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Should you hire a guide? Where to rent cheap and quality motorcycles? Hanoi Motorcycle Tours
Honda CRF250L


You know Vietnam’s roads are complicated. Therefore, visitors like you will not understand the traffic laws or understand Hanoi’s culture. So, we recommend that you hire at least one more guide. You will have the opportunity to learn and research more about Vietnamese culture, foods, and people. Of course, if you are confident and want to save money on your trip, you can plan and discover without a guide.

Vietnammotocycletours.com is a cheap and quality motorcycle rental address. You can rent a motorcycle in Vietnam by accepting the website or calling the number phone to book your trip. 

The staff will support and advise you on suitable options. The number of motorcycles that we provide is safe, stable work and responds to your sightseeing and travel needs. So you can fully enjoy your Hanoi motorcycle tours with your family and friends.

Above content, Vietnammotorcycletours.com has shared a list of places to visit when experiencing Hanoi motorcycle tours. We hope that it can bring many helpful things for your trip.

If you and your family are preparing for the next trip to Ha Noi, please contact us at +84 945 918 68. We are always ready to advise you on choosing the right motorcycle with the most optimal quantity. Even if you want to experience Ha Giang motorcycle tours or anywhere, we promise to provide enough of your requests.

We hope you have an enjoyable and complete experience when going to Ha Noi. Thank you for your attention. 

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