Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours – Must-try Experience For Every Traveler

When it comes to Vietnam tours, we can’t help mentioning one of the best places worth visiting first, Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Specifically, Hanoi motorcycle tours are undoubtedly interesting enough for every traveler to try once in their lifetime. It will be a great time to review the famous icons, the people, and the food here. 

Of course, you must stay well-prepared for this long journey, that’s why our article below will help you out. Let’s get started!

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours - Must-try Experience For Every Traveler

Top 3 Best Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

It is quite effortless to explore Hanoi on your own in a few days. But the matter is that there are many aspects of this old city that you might never figure out. Here are the top 3 exhilarating tours that you can select one and experience. 

3 Day Hanoi Motorcycle Tour To The North:

Full-day Hanoi City Tour

A full-day Hanoi city motorcycle tour around some historical monuments will be ideal if you are a history lover. 

Compared to Ho Chi Minh city, the capital might be older and more crumbling in some ways. However, it is the romance of French colonial architecture and tree-lined boulevards that other cities sometimes miss. 

In this tour, you can visit and explore the historical and architectural details of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where Vietnam’s former leader rested. Its flawless beauty when standing far away and taking a closer look is the same. 

It is also a great chance to look at some of the oldest pagodas, including One Pillar Pagoda and Tran Quoc Pagoda at West Lake. Do not miss out on taking around this city’s major attractions, such as local pottery at Bat Trang village, 1 Day Tour to Duong Lam ancient village, the Temple of Literature, National University, and especially the Old Quarter.

A motorbike tour around these destinations might end soon, but it can be the most precious time for you to look back on past events of Vietnam. 

Full-day Hanoi City Tour

Hanoi Classic Rosa Motorbike Tours

A Hanoi traveling tour on a saddle of a scooter is the real experience every traveler aims at. Bypassing a trip to historical stops, you can enjoy an authentic trip like the native people. 

Some typical destinations in this tour will consist of Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi Flag pole, Thang Long citadel, Long Bien Bridge, local wet market. They are popular yet still close to people. 

What will be better than riding a motorcycle on the Long Bien Bridge, along with a dense stream of people and observing their daily lives? You can also take the opportunity to eat some local rustic typical street food during the break. 

At the end of your wonderful trip, let’s ride around West Lake and view the breathtaking sunset. 

Hanoi By Night Foodie Motorbike Tour

Last but not least, it will be your biggest regret if you do not experience the Hanoi-by-night foodie motorbike tour. 

The nightlife in the city after the sun sets comes alive and is more fun than ever. Lots of bustling markets open with the help of lively sounds and lights to fill the night air well. The best thing to try on this trip is nothing other than food. No one can deny the delicious taste of Vietnamese cuisine, especially Hanoi specialty.

You can start your evening street food tour at Dong Xuan market and learn the historical backgrounds of popular northern dishes besides trying a few dishes of snacks. 

Weaving through the streets and moving to the Old Quarter, you can have a dinner meal at outdoor barbecue stalls or eat the famed Bun Cha, Pho, or many other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Do not forget to enjoy the stunning views of the capital under cover of the night over the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake with a cup of egg coffee.

What To Take Note Before Enjoying Motorcycle Tours In Hanoi

Hanoi By Night Foodie Motorbike Tour
The Long Bien brige in Ha Noi Capital, viet nam

Learn The Traffic Rules And Regulations

This is the first thing you must prepare yourself for before having a trip. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, that’s why the traffic rules and regulations are done strictly. 

Learning these things will help you avoid any accident or paying a fee due to unnecessary fault. Do not mistake that a police officer will let you go because you are a foreigner traveling in Vietnam. 

Just respect the rules, drive in the acceptable range of speed, and enjoy your vacation. 

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours Mekong Delta Motorbike Tour
Vietnam Traffic

Prepare Necessary License 

You had better bring a driver’s license, travel insurance, along with your identity card, to show in some situations. If you intend to hire a motorcycle in Vietnam, you must have a lease about rent to prove the damage that is incurred during your traveling on a motorcycle.

Check A Motorbike Before Driving

Checking the motorbike that you have hired carefully will diminish the risk of a breakdown in the vehicle. Remember to check out the blinker, brake, tire, rear-view mirror, petrol-driven engine, and others at first. 

A precaution before a trip is always better than self-confidence, although we believe that you will not go far from the center of Hanoi on these tours. 

Check The Weather To Wear Suitable Clothes

Also, do not forget to check the weather in Hanoi prior to your journey. The climate in Vietnam changes so frequently that you cannot predict yourself. Self-preparation will help you wear suitable clothes and motorcycle accessories. 

For example, you should pack a waterproof yet warm jacket, a pair of shoes, a high-quality helmet, sunglasses, and also sunscreen. 

In A Nutshell

Hanoi motorcycle tours are definitely one of the worthy trips no one can deny. 

If you come to Vietnam for the first time, let’s concentrate on exploring the old and historical characters in this capital city instead of traveling around to the highlands or the beach. It might not be adventurous and stimulating enough compared to other destinations, but it leaves an unforgettable memory for tourists. 

Have you made up your mind yet? We do hope the answer is yes. Do not hesitate to pack your bags and start a new journey in Hanoi.

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