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Have you ever immersed yourself in the divine sensation of Vietnam's strong gust sweeping over your face on upper hills? Yes, this strong and lasting impression is what most backpackers still recall about motorbike tour North Vietnam!
With vast highways and stunning landscapes, it would be a crime to sidestep such experiences if you ever set foot in this lovely country. Let's delve further into details and explore why Vietnam motorbike tours on the northern shore have become a sought-after attraction among international travelers.

Motorbike Tour North Vietnam
Da River (the largest tributary of the Red River) flows through Hoa Binh city, Vietnam

Why Northern Shore?

( Da Bac Motorcycle Tour 2D 1N )

Northern Shore is a less-explored site than its southern counterpart 

Northern Shore is a less-explored site than its southern counterpart, which makes this destination all the more intriguing and enigmatic - even to Vietnamese locals! On its tranquil roads, breathtaking vistas and sceneries line up one by one to deliver a satisfying visual feast seldom seen elsewhere.

Even better, most motorbike tour packages to these regions cover accommodation in local villages, equating to tons of golden opportunities for valuable lessons about Vietnamese cultures!

What to Expect About Motorbike Tour North Vietnam in the Northern Shore


Day 1: Hanoi to Da Bac Motorbike Trip

Da Bac motorcycle tour from Hanoi offers various routes to choose from. Still, for a more engaging experience with the motorbikes, it is advisable to pick a longer and more scenic path. Such directions often trail along Red Rivers, then curve into Black Rivers before running further into the mountains. 

Another approach is to start early from the Black Rivers, wind down to Hoa Binh on more serene roads and head straight to your homestay!

From here, there are two open choices for accommodation: you might opt to stay near the lakes with Thai People or reside on the hill with Dao communities. Assess the weather, current budgetary limits (and, of course, your own preferences) for optimal decisions!

Day 2: Da Bac to Hanoi Motorcycle Route

Similarly, options for routes back to Hanoi are abundant. Bikers may indulge in a short Hoa Binh motorbike tour before heading back to Hanoi, or traverse the Hoa Binh Lake along the shorelines. Both alternatives are equally amazing! 

Regardless of your chosen path, the way back to Hanoi usually entails a vibrant mixture of highways and smaller roads, all intertwining with each other.


Our guidelines have detailed the fundamental specifics for motorbike tour north Vietnam

Lauded customer services, spectacular sceneries, mouth-watering cuisines, and a dash of adventurous sensation combine together to give you the best vacation ever! Feel free to contact us for more advice or support if needed.

Now, it's time to pack your bag and brave the dirt roads!

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