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Ta Xua Cloud Heaven

The lengthy route is unquestionably advised if you have extra time for your Ta Xua Motorbike Tour. The beauty and places you’ll visit make the considerable driving worthwhile.
The meandering roads traverse over the mountains and the rooftops of Mong village, in addition to Ta Xua’s floating clouds, hold one of the most unusual beauty you have ever seen.
Here is our guide for the journey: Exploring the mountains of Ta Xua - 6 day itinerary!

The Mountains Of Ta Xua
Top view of Ta Xua by motorbike

The Mountains Of Ta Xua: Motorcycle Tours From Hanoi

Day 1: From Hanoi To Mai Chau Motorbike Tour (140km, 5 Hours Of Riding)

You can leave town swiftly and easily by taking this route. You can travel to Hoa Lac via the Hoa Lac Highway and then to Ky Son via the Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh highway (DT446).

After that, you board the QL6 to Hoa Binh City; here you can eat lunch and explore the Hydro-Electric Power Dam of Hoa Binh. Back on the QL6, travel to Muong Khen, Tong Dau, and then turn south towards the town of Mai Chau.

Not to worry; you can take several little pauses on this journey and still arrive at your destination with time to explore.

On this day, you might be able to reach Moc Chau, particularly if you go on the QL6. On the other hand, we advise that you take your time and go through QL6 Cu (Old Highway 6).

Alternative Option:

You can leave the thoroughfare and ride down a little road along the lake at Phu Cuong (shown on the map). 

It is a long journey, but it is worthwhile if you have spare time or have chosen to spend the night at Mai Chau Hideaway. This will take you past the Go Lao Waterfall, a fantastic swimming area, and eventually back to Mai Chau town or the Old Highway 6.

Scenic Ride To Mai Chau From Hanoi

Day 2 From Mai Chau To Moc Chau Motorcycle Tour (80km, 4 Hours Of Riding)

The QL6 Cu or the QL6 are both extremely straightforward routes to take. This riding to Ta Xua trip will give you ample time to start later or get in Moc Chau earlier to explore the Dai Yem Waterfall or the Bat Cave (Hang Doi).

There are numerous modest motels with comparable rates and amenities in Moc Chau. Pick whatever one you like; most are tidy and welcoming.

Recommendations For The Night:

  • The Meadow Moc Chau
  • Muong Thanh Moc Chau
Moc Chau off-road riding on brand new Honda CRF300L

Day 3 From Moc Chau To Ta Xua Motorbike Tour (120km, 5 Hours Of Riding)

It is preferable to complete your sightseeing in Moc Chau in advance and concentrate on covering the distance on this day. If you visit the Chieng Khoa waterfall, the time will increase by about two hours.

You burn rubber to the north on the QL43 for around 10 kilometers from Moc Chau to the Van Yen ferry. Next, keep heading north until you reach the QL37, which you will then follow west to reach Ta Xua Nature Reserve.

Apart from the Chieng Khoa Waterfall, today is almost on your motorbike, and there aren’t many sights to view. Instead, take in the scenery as you ride through Ta Xua by motorbike, and remember to take small breaks for pictures.

Recommendations For The Night:

  • Sao Mai Hotel
  • Dong Tam Hotel
  • Ta Xua Hills, Ta Xua Nature Reserve

Where To Eat:

  • Ta Xua Quan
Single track riding on Ta Xua peak

Day 4 From Ta Xua To Phu Yen Motorcycle Tour (45km, 2 Hours Of Riding)

This ride is quick and fairly simple. We recommend taking this course to help you move forward while making Day 5 brief. Still, you can skip this route and travel straight from Ta Xua to Da Bac.

To reach Phu Yen, return the road you came on the QL37 and go past the exit for the Van Yen Ferry. The town is only a few kilometers away.

Recommendations For The Night:

  • Hong Long Hotel
  • Linh Huong Hotel
  • Phu Hoa Hotel

Food Choices:

Eateries around Hong Long and Phu Hoa Hotel are the go-to places to explore Vietnamese cuisine. Just pick the one and let great food come to you.

Amazing Ride on top the hill of northwest Vietnam

Day 5 From Phu Yen To Da Bac Motorbike Tour (140km, 6 Hours Of Riding)

You will use smaller side roads to travel to Da Bia – Da Bac. Suppose you have the time, you can try to travel to the Hien Luong commune - Da Bac to shorten the distance of your motorbike tour the next day.

You may reach the DT433 by taking either one of the DT114s. To get to Da Bia from Cao Son, take the shorter road. Before arriving, ensure you call the homestay to let them know you want food and confirm there haven’t been any landslides.

The homestays listed below are part of an initiative called DaBacCBT that aids locals in breaking into the tourism industry.

Recommendations For The Night:

Inside Da Bia

  • Lakeview Homestay
  • Ngoc Nhem Homestay

Inside Sung Village

  • Xuan Lan Homestay
  • Thanh Tung Homestay

Inside Hien Luong

  • Huu Thao Homestay
  • Sang Thuan Homestay
Scenic Da river lake

Day 6 From Da Bac To Hanoi Motorbike Tour (130km, 5 Hours Of Riding)

From either Hien Luong or Da Bia, return to the DT433 and head to Hoa Binh. Continue tearing through the DT433 to reach Hoa Binh and visit the Hydroelectric Power Dam of Hoa Binh.

However, we advise you to travel north on the route indicated on the map to reach the DT316. It is due to the building on the DT433 towards Hoa Binh, which may be exceedingly muddy and hazardous.

Ride to east on the DT316 to catch the DT317 and the river. Afterward, take a short ride distance south. You may cross the river by taking a small boat, which you can carry your motorcycle onto.

You’ll go on the DT445 on the opposite side. You can go a short distance north on this before leaving to go to the Hoa Binh Hoa Lac Highway (DT446). Due to poor signage, it is recommended to traverse this portion utilizing guided Vietnam motorbike tours.

Peaceful homestay in Da Bac, Hoa Binh

Best Time To Travel

November to March is the perfect time to explore The Mountains of Ta Xua since the moistened air condenses into a cloud during this time due to the cool air temperature. Moreover, it is the blooming season of peach trees, plum trees, poinsettia flowers, and other wildflowers.

Note Before You Go

  • Riding with caution. Suppose you have little experience, avoid going at night. Don’t go too quickly, and don’t follow other vehicles too closely.
  • Weather check before going to increase your chance of viewing clouds. If feasible, speak with the locals at your stay to obtain the most precise information.
  • Remember: Driving after drinking is a no-no!

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