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Northwest RESERVATION HOP is always at the top of the hottest biker choice for people who plan to ride in Vietnam. Not only possessing a winding pass, cliffs, and white mists, this place also attracts visitors with very special features.
What awaits you here? Scroll down and find the answer.

Northwest Reservation Hop
Dirt track to Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

Northwest RESERVATION HOP Overview

The Northwest Vietnam is an area with diverse landscapes, which change with the four seasons. Riders will surely be surprised by long roads winding around the majestic mountains along the Vietnam - China border and the terraced fields.

This place is an ideal destination for adventurers who love challenges and new experiences, where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the majestic landscape of the Northwest mountains
  • Take pictures with the most famous terraced fields 
  • Discover the cultural beauty of the H'Mong, Dzao, Lo Lo, Tay, and La Chi ethnic groups.
  • Have the opportunity to conquer the mountain peaks
  • Discover the poetic plateau and unique culture in Mai Chau
  • Enjoy the special local cuisine

Northwest RESERVATION HOP Schedule

Day 1: Ha Noi – Pu Luong Motorbike Tour

Distance: 180km (Ho Chi Minh Trail), 170km (Mai Chau road)

Ha Noi – Pu Luong Motorbike Tour
Lung Van valley ,Hoa Binh, northwest Viet Nam 2016

The route is normally from Hanoi through National Highway 6, then Hoa Binh. After that, there would be two ways to go through Lung Ban Lac, Lung Van valley, or Mai Chau.

On the Pu Luong motorcycle tour, there are many places that you should not miss, such as the Pho Do market every Thursday & Sunday. You can find local products and special treats such as brocade fabrics, cool melons, donuts, wild vegetables, and fruits here.

Hieu, Kho Muong, and Don village are other interesting places to visit. There are peaceful houses on stilts located close to each other, combined with mountains and hills amid terraced fields.

In the core area of ​​Pu Luong, the Hieu waterfall attracts many bikers. The Hieu waterfall isn’t high, yet the water pours into many wide and low floors.

Day 2: Pu Luong – Mai Chau by motorbike

Distance: 250km

From Pu Luong, there are many roads that lead to Mai Chau. If you are an explorer, you can choose small roads to add excitement to this journey.

Mai Chau motorcycle tour is the ideal option for those who love the serenity of the countryside. It has a fresh atmosphere and is home to many ethnic minority communities.

It would be a big mistake to come here without visiting Thung Khe mountain pass and Da Trang mountain pass on Highway 6. This place is often enveloped by clouds, painting a blurry scenery like hiding from a fairy. On sunny days, this is the perfect photo spot.

If you interested in learning the local culture, do not miss out Lac village - there are 100 stilt houses that age around 700-year old. Besides, you can stay at the homestays near there to experience at most. 

Pu Luong – Mai Chau by motorbike
Off-road riding in northwest Vietnam

Day 3: Mai Chau – Ta Xua Motorbike Tour

Distance: 190km

Ta Xua peak is 2,865m high and is one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. Surrounded by high mountains on all four sides, this place often appears dense clouds are covering and rolling like waves creating a sea of ​​white clouds.

From Bac Yen town to Ta Xua commune, about 15 km, winding the mountainside like the road to fairyland, the weather becomes chilly, far away, the clouds roll like waves crashing on the cliffs, creating a heart. The rattan pan is surprisingly beautiful.

The next stops in this Ta Xua motorcycle tour are Xim Vang and Hang Dong; you can admire the beautiful scenery on both roads. However, Hang Dong is an ideal place for hunting clouds. It is one of the best day riding in Vietnam.

Mai Chau – Ta Xua Motorbike Tour
Top of Ta Xua peak

Day 4: Ta Xua – Xuan Son by motorbike

Distance: 98km

Xuan Son National Park has over 4,000 hectares of forest on limestone mountains and a massive cave system (over 30 caves). In particular, some caves also have an underground stream flowing in the cave, such as Hang Lang, which is 7 km long.

Ta Xua – Xuan Son by motorbike
Ta Xua is one of the best motorbike routes in Vietnam

Don't forget the following activities on the Xuan Son motorcycle tour:

  • Explore and conquer majestic waterfalls: 9 clouds, Ngoc waterfall, Mo waterfall, etc.
  • Stream bathing experience: Filled stream - Coi
  • Visiting community tourism: visiting villages of Dao and Muong ethnic groups, watching cultural performances, and building campfires.

Day 5: Xuan Son – Da Bac

Distance: 60km

Saying goodbye to Xuan Son National Park, we will visit another famous place in Hoa Binh province. There are many ways to start the Da Bac motorcycle tour, but the small, winding roads will probably suit most.

With activities like kayaking, trekking, motorbiking to discover the lives of ethnic minorities, and attractive homestay services, Da Bac is an ideal place for vacations. It has poetic natural scenery, lakes, rivers, mountains, villages, hamlets, etc.

Besides, the cuisine of the Muong in Hoa Binh with Da river fish, ban chicken, bamboo shoots, and can wine will also imprint in your mind forever.

Hoa Binh lake, Da Bac

Day 6: Da Bac – Ha Noi Motorbike Tour

Distance: 83km

It's time for us to return to Hanoi. From Da Bac to Hanoi, there are two roads:

Road 1: Follow Highway 6 with great backroads and off-road riding back to Hanoi

Road 2: Follow Thang Long Boulevard easy road riding back to Hanoi, faster to Hanoi if you want to go back to city early.

In the capital, you can also start another short trip - the Hanoi motorcycle tour, before officially shutting down the engine. 

Kayaking in Hoa Binh lake, Da Bac

Good Time To Explore 

August To September

This is the best time for your motorcycle to start rolling. This is when the weather is stable, and the fields enter the ripe rice season. The rice fields shine bright yellow in the whole area.

However, this is also the season that coincides with the hurricane season of the year. While they are infrequent, they can come at any time. To avoid that, you should check the weather in advance through the news or ask the locals before exploring the site.

The storms here come and go very quickly, often lasting only a few days. Thus, don't let a few storms interrupt your experience. Rest assured to rest and wait until the storm clears to continue the journey.

Good Time To Explore 
Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Vietnam. Rice fields prepare the harvest at Northwest Vietnam.

March To May

The weather is relatively stable and favorable for outdoor activities.

June To August

Wet rainy season.

December To February

The temperature here is so low in winter that you can even see snow falling in a tropical country. You should wear clothes with many layers, even bring a heating bag to keep yourself warm might be necessary.


Above is information about Northwest RESERVATION HOP. Overall, the Northwest of Vietnam is always a promised land for those who love to experience and want to immerse themselves in nature. If you are looking for new places for your trip, do not ignore the suggestions above.

Hope you have good memories here. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next blog!

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