Book a tour: 10+ Pu Luong By Motorcycle 2022 -2023 – All Things You Need To Know

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Pu Luong is a beautiful town in Vietnam, and for those who want to explore the town and its surroundings, this travel guide - "Pu Luong By Motorcycle – all things you need to know," will give you all the information you want.
It covers the reasons to get there, the best places to visit, and the best places to stay. For those looking for more information on the area, read on as we take a look at Pu Luong by motorcycle!

An Introduction To Pu Luong

Founded in 1999, Pu Luong is the north-western nature reserve of Vietnam. The region covers more than 17,000 ha, and three-quarters of this area is covered by tropical forests. It is located in Ba Thuoc - Thanh Hoa province, surrounded by three different districts of Hoa Binh province.

The region has picturesque views featuring a cluster of rustic villages in the valley, where Thai and Muong people live in harmony. The highest peak in Pu Luong is 1700m high. There are also countless smaller peaks surrounding this huge region, making it a sought-after location for nature lovers. Pu Luong by motorcycle 2022 -2023

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Pu Luong, Vietnam - Jun 7, 2018: Asian farmer carrying rice (and corn) bag cross the bridge go to home. Farmer planting rice in the rainy season (spring) and harvesting in the summer in Vietnam.

Why Should You Visit Pu Luong?

First and foremost, it is the nearest place to Hanoi. Just 145km of motorcycling to northwest Vietnam from the capital, you can experience the unmissable beauty of yellow rice paddies during the month of October. 

You can also stay with a local family for some homestay activities or relax at mid-ranged resorts and enjoy breathtaking views in one of the most tranquil places.

Another reason is it is also close to Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh, a town where travelers love spending their evenings and nights with delicious home-cooked meals from homes from locals. This place is known as one of the most interesting destinations in many Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. 

For those keen on experiencing the breathtaking nature slowly and who like to see Pu Luong Vietnam on foot, there are hikes that will take you to the best places in town.

Why Should You Visit Pu Luong?
Having dinner in the homestay, Pu Luong

When Should You Go To Pu Luong?

As you would expect of a highland area encompassed by forests, the climate here is moderate, even in the summer. No matter what time of year you visit, we think you can still enjoy yourself here:

Pu Luong Motorbike Tours in May and June; it's time to start new rice crops as the magnificent green terraced fields are extremely peaceful. During the later June, Pu Luong's terraced fields are vibrant with brilliant shades of green. 

Residents around here say that if you come during this time and look closely, you can see the rice plants start to become yellow after about a week. 

September or October, however, is the harvest time in which many local people participate and make for a spectacular view as the terraced fields turn yellowish. This change in colors in each period somehow represents their agricultural lifestyle, centered mainly on rice growth and harvesting.

Or else you can come when it's mid-summer. Although it may be uncomfortable with the rain, you can still experience and explore all of the tropical forests, limestone, and inhabitants in the region. 

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When Should You Go To Pu Luong?
Sunrise in Pu Luong - Thanh Hoa - Vietnam

What To Do In Pu Luong Nature Reserve?

Swimming in Hieu waterfall

Immerse yourself in nature through endless mountains and valleys, and passing through pristine jungle might be your new favorite escape from everyday urban living. 

Below, you will find the general tourist activities in this place, and we suggest you do each of them at least once. Let's rent a motorbike and take an open-ended road trip! 

However, it is best not to have a detailed plan. Just map out a route, then start driving; the other things can be filled in along the way!

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Visit Kho Muong Cave & Kho Muong Village 

Visit Kho Muong Cave & Kho Muong Village 
Riding in heaven of Pu Luong

Kho Muong valley sits smack bang at the heart of the Nature Reserve, so its abundant natural resources are protected from human activity. This place also acts as a home for more than 200 Thai ethnic people. 

The motorbike road leading to Kho Muong is challenging, but it's what makes it even more enticing for travelers who love discovering places off the beaten track!

Another must-visit destination here is the Kho Muong Cave - a feature that also attracts many campers and tourists to stop by. 

The cave was formed by its 250 million-year-old limestone stalactites and made a connection to the subterranean river system. This system results from the rocky plateau or Kart region- the ideal conditions for water and cave formation. Pu Luong by motorbike

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Visit Ban Hieu & Go swimming at Hieu Waterfall.

A beautiful village with Rice terraces surrounding in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. The terraces are farmed by Muong and White Thai ethnic minorities!

Hieu Village is situated by the Hieu stream from Pu Luong mountain. The villagers subsist around farming and raising on the steep mountain landscape that creates an idyllic panorama to be admired!

Half-hidden in a thick jungle, Hieu waterfall cascaded down into the heart of a green, tropical jungle and was surrounded by thick tree trunked broad-leafed flora. 

It lies about 25 km away from Canh Nang in Thanh Hoa province. In an area distinguished by its natural splendor and peaceful atmosphere, this waterfall is one of the topmost picturesque waterfalls in the central region, which both foreigners and locals love.

From the Hieu mountain peak, travelers will enjoy breathtaking views as they trek through many rice fields and grassy terraces before being shown towards various dreamy waterfalls coming straight off the peaks above. 

As visitors make their way to the lower ground, they can discover different sections with a tranquil dip in clear pools. Here visitors can enjoy cooling off with family and friends while experiencing idyllic natural beauty. 

It is a perfect location for those wanting to experience nature or simply escape the city life for the day. Pu Luong by motorbike

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Climbing Pu Luong mountain, Pu Luong sightseeing with a bamboo raft

Sightseeing in Pu Luong with a bamboo raft

This mountain is among the topmost fascinating trekking destinations in many Vietnam Motorbike Tours, which locals and tourists often reach as part of their exploits. 

Located at 1,700m, it takes approximately 6-8 hours of steady walking to conquer the peak. One can pitch a tent on the peak overnight before heading down the next day!

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Pho Doan Market

Pho Doan Market
Local Thai ladies at Pho Doan Market in Pu Luong

Pho Doan Market, located in Thanh Hoa, has been a popular trading site in the region since the colonial period. For many years, people from various ethnic groups have gathered here to trade with other nearby villages or simply walk around and meet up with friends. 

What makes tourists so attracted to Pho Doan Market is the unspoken rule that trades can be settled with items of equal value when buying or selling. Sometimes, they swap some things without trading money as well. 

For instance, instead of using money, chickens can be traded for vegetables depending on what both parties feel the products are worth at any moment in time.

Visit Son-Ba-Muoi Villages 

Dirt track to Muoi village

Son Ba Muoi is composed of three villages located about 130 kilometers northwest of Thanh Hoa. The temperature here hovers around 18-22 degrees celsius, which provides a temperate temperature throughout the year. Sometimes it will even snow in the winter and temperatures on summer nights also tend to drop.

This place is also referred to as Cao Son, located at the Pha Chien and Pha He peaks. Son Ba Muoi is surrounded by Pu Luong reserve and adjoins a Nature Reserve called Ngoc Son and Ngo Luong in Hoa Binh Province.

Because being remote from the city, the lives of the locals here are still full of living on stilts. Many houses are built on stilts, making a particular feature that preserves the ancient civilization of Thai ethnic people in the central region.

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What Dishes To Try In Pu Luong?

Specialities in Pu Luong

Grilled fish

Eating Pu Luong's culinary delights is quite a pleasurable and authentic experience. Thais tend to value their food above anything else, so choosing a restaurant or eating at a local's house is the most important thing when traveling through this area. 

Food is rich with herbs and spices, grilled or fried for added flavor, with many meat dishes partnered with herbs native to this region only. One example of such a dish is grilled fish served on a banana leaf. Pu Luong motorbike trip

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa
Grilled fish in Pu Luong, speciality

Lam Rice

When visiting Pu Luong, don't forget to sample their Lam rice. This dish is cooked from fresh, fragrant rice grilled in bamboo pipes which adds a unique aroma to the meal you won't find in any other place. 

It's not just characterized by its delightful odor but also its subtle infusion of sweet forest waters and the cool, calming fragrance of its bamboo pipes.

Phu Luong, Thanh Hoa
Com Lam, sticky rice cooked in bamboo

Co Lung Grilled Duck 

When join our Pu Luong Motorcycle Tours, Co Lung duck is one of the delicacies of this region. Considered a specialty, these ducks are purebred and considered to have succulent flavors! 

Of course, there are many dishes made with duck meat, but nothing beats grilling a duck. The crisp golden skin and the sweet meat of the marinated duck make for a fascinating flavor that will linger in visitors' minds forever.

Pu Luong
Co Lung Duck, special food in Pu Luong

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That's it for our travel guide on exploring Pu Luong by motorbike - all things you need to know! We hope this was helpful and gave you a good overview of the attractions in this beautiful region and what to expect when you visit. 

We would love to hear from you if you plan a motorbike trip in Vietnam here! Be sure to drop us a comment or send us a message with any feedback or questions you may have! More dates and info visit us at:

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