Best Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours – A Guide For 5 Days By The Local

Looking for the best tour to visit those majestic mountains and charming rice fields in Vietnam? Click on this blog for the best Ha Giang motorcycle tours!  

Here is the prospect when you are on Ha Giang motorcycle tours: You ride a motorbike towards the wilderness along the northeast loop of Vietnam and enjoy one of the best adventure moments in life.

Believe us; this trip will be a one-of-a-kind experience to admire the extremely incredible scenery in the mountainous area of the country. Read on for more details!

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours – A Guide For 5 Days By The Local

Best Time To Enjoy Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

Before diving into the main part of this blog, let’s note down some essential information for your trip to this country!

Ha Giang paints itself with different appealing colors in each season around the year. However, the most suitable time for a motorcycle tour here is in or after the Lunar New Year (or Tet holiday).

At this time, Ha Giang attracts more tourists with its magnificent mountaintops and blooming wild peach flowers. The weather is also more comfortable during Tet so that you do not need to use raincoats while riding!

Best Time To Enjoy Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours


The following list includes some of the most critical things that you need to prepare for a motorbike tour in Ha Giang:

Motorbike Rental 

When it comes to a tour in Ha Giang, Ha Giang city is commonly the first port of most visitors. In case you do not have motorbikes of your own for the tour, we suggest hiring the motorbikes as soon as you arrive in the city. 

Kinds Of Bike

There are two types of bikes to rent for the tour, including the semi-auto and manual ones. The cost often ranges from 150,000VND to 600,000 VND per day for each bike. The discount will be available if you take a longer rental term (one week, for example). 

Safety Gear

You can never enjoy the motorbike tour safely without wearing a helmet. Besides, our recommendation of safety gear also includes knee, elbow pads as well as a raincoat in case of bad weather. 


Besides safety gear and bikes, there is also a need to prepare things such as sunglasses, durable shoes, trousers, mosquito repellent, and cash (of course). 

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours Within 5 Day

Here comes the core section of the blog – five days with motorcycle tour in Ha Giang! We consider that this is one of the best routes for any Ha Giang motorcycle tours: 

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours Within 5 Day

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Ha Giang – Quan Ba (65 km)

Leave the town and head towards the rural territory. During the journey, the road becomes much narrower with cleaner air. The only thing that accompanies you on the road is the wide range of flourishing rice paddies sandwiched among extremely large limestone cliffs. It has such a wonderful taste of natural beauty!

Firstly, the first destination is the Bac Sum Pass, with the breathtaking sceneries of valleys. There is a tourist introduction point where you can enjoy some coffee at a spot situated near the Bac Sum Pass. 

Temporarily saying goodbye to the Bac Sum Pass, it is time to pass through the Quan Ba Pass. At this place, you will have a chance to admire the majestic sunset.

Quan Ba – Yen Minh (78 km)

On the second day, the route will lead you through numerous picturesque roads along with mountain villages of the local ethnic minorities. To learn more about the life and culture of the locals, you can take a break and talk with people here. 

On the Quan Ba Pass, you are not far from an interesting destination named Yen Minh Pine Forest. A combination of majestic mountains and green forests will surely amaze you a lot.

Since it is impossible to reach the next town before nightfall, we suggest staying in any guest house for the night!

Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van (115 km)

The first destination on the following day is the Sung La Valleys. In fact, not many tourists know about it because it stands slightly off the beaten path. You will surely regret not paying a visit to this site!

We view the valley as a hidden gem of the area. In particular, the mountains are located 1500m above sea level and stretch along with the flourishing fields. 

Next, you continue the journey towards the Lung Cu Flag Pole, which is one of the famous landmarks of Vietnam. It represents the northernmost area of the country. 

After a great day to admire wonderful sceneries, you can spend the night in Dong Van. There is also a small market where tourists often drop by to buy numerous local goods. 

Dong Van – Du Gia (130 km)

Waking up in the early morning, it is a big fourth day waiting for you ahead. After having a local breakfast, you will be on the road to explore many more picturesque views in Ha Giang. 

Leaving the Dong Van Town will lead you to the iconic Ma Pi Leng Pass with an amazing grandeur. This road has a length of around 20km and comes with the title as one of the most beautiful roads in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. 

There are numerous tremendous cliffs of limestone surrounded by a flourishing valley. Also, you will drive along the Nho Que River. After reaching the end of the pass, come to Du Gia and spend a night here.

Dong Van - Du Gia (130 km)

Du Gia – Ha Giang (81 km)

Sadly, it is the last day of the Ha Giang tours on motorbikes. In the morning, we recommend you walk through the mountainous landscape in Du Gia and immerse yourself in nature. The warm greeting of the locals surely makes you feel like you will come back to Ha Giang in the near future. 

Besides, we suggest relaxing at local waterfalls and taking some photos. Here is a small tip: It would be better to ask local people for advice and guidance about good places to explore here. These lovely and friendly people will be absolutely happy to tell you more about their beloved country!


Without any noise and dust like in the big cities, Ha Giang wrapped itself around the natural beauty. 

Ha Giang motorcycle tours will give you a chance to enjoy the whole beauty of this place. Although there are strange routes and some dangerous pass roads that may challenge visitors a bit, the unique experience the trip brings is worth your time spending here!

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