Laos Motorbike Tours

Introduction Of Laos Motorbike Tours

As a landlocked country, Laos is known for the natural beauty of mountains, lowlands plains, and upland plateaus. It will be a big mistake not to visit this country if you are someone who admires the genuine aesthetic of land.

Due to its mountainous geography, tourism activities are on land. That led to the formation of tours by land vehicles. At the same time, it is also the reason that gave birth to the form of travel by motorbike.

If you are one of those interested in Laos Motorbike Tours, this blog is for you! Read on for more!

Introduction Of Laos Motorbike Tours

Laos Motorbike Tours – Best Travel Experience Ever: 

When arriving here, you will find a lot of motorbike tours. We will present you with three of the best-rated routes for the adventurous! Come along with us!

Northern Laos Motorbike Tours (7 days)

As the name suggests, this tour takes place in the North of the country, with the starting point being Luang Prabang and ending at Vang Vien. Our route includes Luang Prabang, ViengXay, ViengThong, Xaisomboun, MuangKham, Phonsavan, VangVieng.

We highly recommend you pay a visit to the Pak Ou Cave – Luang Prabang once you come to Laos. To be more specific, this site is home to more than 4000 ancient Buddha statues aging over 300 years ago of all sizes and shapes!

The story of these statues started from the time when the city capital was invaded in the past; Lao people rowed boats at night to escape the enemy and found this site as a safe place to protect these Buddha statues.

You can then enjoy the nature of the Sam Nuea mountains and forests, as they are also beautiful spots on a trip to the North of Laos. Besides, the countryside stretches along the limestone mountains is what makes the scenery breathtaking on the road ahead.

The northern region of Laos is also one of the areas that still keep the most war records. In particular, Vieng Xay is considered the cradle of the Lao republic during the Indochina war. This place is also the headquarters of the revolutionary army of Pathet Laos. There is also the ThamPiew cave. It is a beautiful cave that carries a sad story where more than four hundred Laotians were killed during an American military attack in the 1960s.

Move to the land of Phonsavan. We will encounter a surprising scene – the Plains of jars. More than hundreds of stone jars, large and small, besides those jars, there are still bombs and mines of the US army. Such an impressive yet melancholy site!

Next, we will go to the plateau of Laos in Vang Vieng. Enjoy a peaceful day with the natural scenery here, the charming landscape, and activities with the people.

On the last day of the trip, you should take the time to explore a bit before setting off back to Luang Prabang. Let’s observe the nature of this historic land of a glorious time in the North one more time.

Northern Laos Motorbike Tours (7 days)
Pak Ou Cave – Luang Prabang – Laos

Southern Laos Motorbike Tours (10 days)

When traveling in the South, follow the route from Vientiane to Thakhek. This motorbike tour includes Vientiane, Lak Xao, Phou Khao Khouay National, Bualapha, Pakxane, Sekong, Xepon Dong, Savannakhet, Attapeu, Champasak, Thakhek. It would help if you spent time visiting Buddha Caves in the first place.

Take a day to stop in Pakse. This place used to be the capital of Champasak, one kingdom in the history of Laos. Today, Pakse has become a major commercial center of Laos.

One of the highlights of this route is that we will go back to the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail. Starting from Lak Xao to Attapeu. We will proceed to follow the border of the Vietnamese nation. This road has been a witness to the friendship of the three Indochinese countries. In fact, the sacred forests that record the arduous battle of soldiers still exist.

Going further South, coming to Champasak, you should stop and rest at the Boleavan plateau. You can then watch the process of making coffee beans at the fertile coffee fields here as well.

After leaving Champasak, move south along route 13 to get to Savannakhet. It ranks the 5th largest city of Laos. Once you see the long urban road, the food, and luxury accommodation, you will understand that it’s a reward that you’ve left the jungle for a rich city!

Finally, from Savannakhet, you ride your motorbike to the North. Your destination is Thakhek. The ancient temple of Nabo or houses with French colonial architecture is one of the tourist attractions here.

Southern Laos Motorbike Tours (10 days)

Motorbike Tours to The Infamous Golden Triangle (7 days)

One tour you can go by motorbike is the Infamous Golden Triangle. The terrain here is rugged, suitable for skillful riders and adventure lovers. During seven days, you will experience beautiful sights.

Starting from Luang Prabang, ride along the Mekong River. There are some landscapes you can see on the road. Take time to rest before you come to Pak Beng! There is a boat stop when coming to Huay Xai.

The next day, ride through the trails. You have to cross the mountains hidden behind the fog, and then the destination is Huay Xai. This is the best place for you to experience the simple and peaceful lifestyle of the Lao people. Also, don’t forget to stop at Fort Carnot- one famous attraction in the French Colonial era!

There are actually many roads to get to Muang Long. Driving from morning to night, you will come to a remote town. Although it is remote because of the rocky cliffs and rolling hills, please pay a lot of admiration for the wonderful nature. The hustle and bustle of the market possibly make you forget that you are in a faraway place!

The capital of the golden triangle is located right at Luang Namtha. You can enjoy a fresh atmosphere because of the immense rice fields, as well as the tranquility of the wild place.

Enjoy the peaceful natural scenery in Luang Namtha before moving to Oudomxay. At Oudomxay, you have a comfortable rest after long journeys. Departing from Oudomxay, come to Nong Khiaw. You can go sightseeing the beauty of the Nam Ou river and the breathtaking rocks, mountains, and hills around it.

On the last day of the tour, let’s go back to Luang Prabang. The pleasant atmosphere is the best experience you can earn after this trip. Trust us, the beautiful images, the friendly and gentle people, will forever be imprinted in your minds!

Motorbike Tours to The Infamous Golden Triangle (7 days)


In this blog, we’ve provided you with useful knowledge about Laos motorbike tours. You will surely fall in love with the beauty of history and nature in Laos! Do not forget to take note of all the attractions we’ve listed above to experience the best of Laos traveling! We wish you a safe journey.

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