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With the ancient ox-browsed grassland, the marvelous landform, and the vast water areas, the Ta Xua – Son La province has gained a high reputation in recent years with these extremely wonderful wonders and natural scenes.
Our Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone By Motorbike – Off-road Experience will guide you with helpful tips to travel to the only place on earth where we can find a dinosaur spine remains in the open air!

Ta Xua - The Destination Of Mountains And Clouds

This place is a breathtaking and largely untouched nature reserve located in the far reaches of Son La province, which is open to tourists who love the unknown. 

Despite being considered to be a top tourist attraction in many Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, it remains largely off the radar for foreigners. This beautiful region is spread over a large area that is difficult to traverse (unless you're riding on motorcycles) because it has poor-conditioned roads and paths. 

The highest mountain in this landscape is 2865 m high above sea level. However, if you travel from Bac Yen, it's much easier.

Ta Xua - The Destination Of Mountains And Clouds
Off-road Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

How To Travel To Ta Xua by motorbike?

Prepare At Least A Semi-automatic Motorcycle!

Though the roads here aren't great, it doesn't mean you can't take a trip to the Ta Xua Nature Reserve and check out this amazing destination. It's not too hard to access as long as you own a motorcycle (the semi-automatic type, at least).

Ta Xua sits high above at 1500 meters and rests on top of a winding, sprawling tea field. The highest point one can reach via motorcycle or motorbike is a beautiful, white church where clouds seem to sleep and from which one can look down upon Ta Xua's sprawling rice terraces.

Not to mention that this is the home of Hmong - ethnic people who live in houses on stilts. Ta Xua is sure to be a great place to visit if you're looking for some Vietnam Motorcycle Tours that combine unique culture, thrilling adventure, and stunning views.

Prepare At Least A Semi-automatic Motorcycle!
Ta Xua, VietNam, february,20,2016: Children in Ta Xua, Northwest VietNam

Let's Start From Bac Yen Town!

The Vietnam motorbike adventure journey exploring the "Dinosaur spine" will start from the beautiful Bac Yen town, as we've said before, for the easier road.

You can catch a perfect photo of a landscape cloud hovering above lush green hills with misty fog at the Nature Reserve. It is also one of the most well-known destinations for cloud hunting. 

However, not every moment is the right time to go cloud hunting here. It is a place where the weather can change from beautiful sunshine to dense white fog and back within minutes! 

Let's Start From Bac Yen Town!
Ta Xua is a famous mountain range in northern Vietnam. All year round, the mountain rises above the clouds creating cloud

A View Worth Your Effort!

You can stay at Ta Xua Village, 12 km from the "Dinosaur backbone", the closest stop you can find on the route. Of course, you might prefer to stop at Bac Yen. The food in many restaurants here is delicious, but they don't have a wide selection for you to choose from. 

The road to the dinosaur spine is a fascinating route that will take you through some beautiful landscapes, but some areas are in great need of repair, and some sections of the road may get even worse.

A View Worth Your Effort!
Kids are going home with their buffalo in Ta Xua

Other Possible Ways To Get To Ta Xua

Bac Yen is where you start your journey. This town is a peaceful, rural place with limited numbers of tourists passing by. As far as arriving there is concerned: you can reach there by a motorbike or opt for public transportation.

There is a local bus stop at Moc Chau to take you to Bac Yen for public transportation.

Another option for those who live in the capital, if you choose to go from Hanoi, the duration will be much longer (about four hours) because you'll have to switch buses twice - once in Phu Yen and then again; in Bac Yen! 

Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai province, Northwest Vietnam

Conquer The Route With Your Motorcycle

If you're going with your motorbike, be aware of a strenuous ride over 12km from Bac Yen to the village. You might not know what you'll find in terms of road quality (but prepare yourself because it's usually very bad). 

The road can be under construction at various points, but the views certainly can make up for it. To reach the "Dinosaur Backbone", you must travel another same distance route. There are many majestic waterfalls you might see before reaching your final destination. 

The road leading to Ta Xua peak is rocky at a few points and requires good motorbike handling skills to scale safely. Therefore, we only encourage those who have some experience with riding motorbikes. However, it's worth taking a risk if you can handle it. 

Epic riding in northwest Vietnam

What Is The Best Time To Visit Ta Xua?

When visiting Ta Xua, there are two seasons: the rainy season and winter. It's important to keep on top of weather conditions here as they can often change rapidly. 

During the winter months, you should expect lower temperatures and less rainfall, whereas, during the monsoon season (summer), you'll be hit with a likelihood of more precipitation and potentially larger landslides.

As for the best time to visit Ta Xua, we recommend going from December through March! 

A key consideration before visiting the Ta Xua is to check on weather developments as they happen. If it looks as if there will be heavy rain or fog, it's better if you stay at home! 

Sure, some say it would be interesting, but not much adventure since the views would be blocked and the roads impassable due to landslides. It makes more sense to stay home and wait for better weather conditions to enjoy your trip fully in such a scenario.

Ta Xua, VietNam, february,20,2016: Children in Ta Xua VietNam

What Places To Stay In Ta Xua?

What Places To Stay In Ta Xua?
Homestay in Ta Xua

The offer in Bac Yen focuses primarily on smaller guest houses. There are no extra luxuries, but rather a basic accommodation to rest one's head. But there are also some larger hotels, though most of the establishments are small and medium-sized. 

You can dine on the local fare or find Vietnamese cuisine in Bac Yen, but don't come here expecting to be able to dine at a Western restaurant with the kind of European dishes that you might expect to find in big cities.

There are also many options when it comes to places to stay. The first option is to stay at Ta Xua village. There are homestays and resorts in the area, but there aren't many services available in this quaint little village. 

However, we advise you to accommodate in Bac Yen if you want more choices and comfort. Most hotels here offer a motorbike renting service. Here are our suggested accommodations for you:

Places to stay in Bac Yen.

  • So Mai Hotel
  • Nhat Vuong Hotel
  • Dong Tam Hotel 

Places to stay in Ta Xua.

  • Ta Xua Lu Tre Homestay
  • Ta Xua Clouds Homestay
  • Y Xoa Homestay


We are excited to share with you our Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone By Motorbike – Off-road Experience and hope you are able to make it for an adventure! 

If you want to discover this majestic land, don't hesitate to contact us for more information on available tours and an early booking! Visit us:

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